Mitsubishi Eclipse "Days Go By" commercial

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James Valt : Tears man, the nostalgia. We getting old 90s babies..

qmto : My brain is weird. I still remember this commercial vividly. And I always think of it whenever I hear this song. Apparently Arin from Game grumps is the same way.

torres3800 : I just think Chappelle show when he made fun of this. LoL


Ahsharya : this commercial got me to love dirty Vegas song

Eoken : Every time I hear this song I think of this.

JacoZawinul : Commercial was filmed in Long Beach, Port of Los Angeles and San Pedro.

shaddyhacker : Days really went by Mitsu :(

Rachel R. : HAHA, I love how I can tell after all these years that the next commercial that showed up for a millisecond at the end was that McDonald's one with the Spice Girl's song Wanna Be.


LeBron Jackson : Damn I remember seeing this on TV when I was a lil kid time flies by quick!!!

tisdaec2 : I still want a 2003 eclipse 💃🏼🤗💁🏿

ObscureChan : the best part of this video was the surprise at the end 

Kameron Green : I remember this commercial in 2003 I was in the first grade,now I'm 19 going on 20..can't believe how fast time flies..

Clesarie : This is like the only Mitsubishi commercial I ever remember seeing.

Wax Frog : I'm blessed/cursed with a great memory... heard the song on a one-hit-wonder web radio stream and immediately thought, "Oh, spastic woman in passenger seat ad!" ;) Eight years, and that thing came back to mind with perfect clarity after not being thought of at all in that time.

Ally Marie : Outta nowhere I heard this song in a store for the first time in 15 years and immediately I thought of this commercial. Now that's good advertising 👌

Crazy Mateo : Dose this video remind any one about gta 4 and city xxl

Jeremy Poe : Let's all take a step back and realize how cheap cars were and groan...

Voltie Art : Days go by and still I think of this commercial.

ManAboutTown : If she pulled that stunt in a car with me on a date, she'd be put out on the street with bus fare home.

Debra Williams : I remember the parody Dave Chappelle did on his show!!!

E Sumerlin : she was getting that sh!#, I like her style

Mickey Romine : C'MON TITTY!!!

Leticia Cuello : I have been searching and searching and searching and searching for this video. i couldnt remember the car nor the song only that the song was great!! All hail the mighty itunes for showing me the light!!

CZRXCZR : Chappelle made a skit for this


Adam Brooks : I happen to be driving that kind of car same it is Silver but mine is a convertible with a black roof.

Gabe Daignault : As a guy who used to own a Eclipse I regret my decision of selling it

Kaiser Soze : i saw this on chappelles show

Christopher Valencia : great commercial but this wasn't from the 90's

Walter Nunez : She's a cute girl, digging and dancing to this song! This is a cool song!

BIG PUMA : 14 going on 15 when this commercial hit the airwaves. My how the days do go by..

Emilio Coppin : has anyone ever found out the girl name cause i wanna know

Hakeem M : 2003 was an amazing year! Classic ad!

supremeNundftd : Vivid memories of this showing during (just changed) WWE Raw on TNN. I know I'm not alone on this one.

jawz117 : I've always wondered where this commercial was filmed?

Vun Lee : 99 GSX over all the new models anyday.

Sarah McFarlane : Only 90's kids will pick up the Spice Girls "yo" at the end

TheIcecoldorange : u all can hate on this commercial all u want. as a 90s kid, this commercial was OP af

DCBARNONE89 : Where is my convertible?

Cesar Cortez : Chappell show anyone?

Mi Da : God I remember this commercial like I was 12 years old!

Emilio Coppin : damn this give me memories 

Kyle Adrien : I thought this was the greatest commercial ever growing up lol

pvtrichardsonbr : Ok so gta led me to the song the song led me here and this will lead me to dave Chappelles skit of this.

ungratefulmetalpansy : That cute fun girl now weighs 200 pounds and has three kids...

Mike Oxlong : Dave Chapelle brought me here

freshPrincess626 : This was mah COMMERCIAL! :D

Wis Dom : Pop locking was long dead by time. She was LAME!