The Wacky World of Tex Avery Cartoon Intro

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fanny3211 : Fart jokes... I really wish Tex was alive during this so he could bash the heads of whoever the goddamn fuck thought this was a good idea.

GamerBorg : A group of people sat down and made this.

Cyberguy64 : This is the definition of trying too hard.

47Cartoonguy : Tex Avery would roll over in his grave

HyperSonicNation45 : What is this abombination??!

Sean S : this cartoon has nothing to do with Tex Avery speaking of him he must be Rolling in his grave because of this cartoon

Gabriel Barsch : 0:52 I say, lets make a meme out of it

Gray Tenebris : Fun fact - this show only exists because Tex Avery's daughter had to pay for her kid's college, and at that point you realize how little one of the most influential cartoonists of all time made in his life. Even worse, the people who made this tried to shaft her in her payment, saying that she was lucky they were asking her permission at all to use her father's name to sell this piece of shit. So, she enlisted the help of Chuck Jones to help her out.

Oc Savage 2nd : Looney Tunes On Meth Anyone?

Michael J. : Did you know that Tex Avery's daughter Nancy approved this show only to get her children into college?

BrawlTheMan : This isn't the wacky world of Tex Avery, it's the wacky world of John K

David Smith : is the cartoon as bad as the intro?

Mallory P. Maggiore : There's something that bugs me about the theme song. Well, one of the things that bugs me, that I don't think anyone else has mentioned: why the hell is Pompeii Pete, of all characters, playing the straight man in the theme song? Possibly the most insane character on the show, inexplicably the straight man, just trying to sing the theme while all the other characters, including the one guy who usually played the straight man to Pete himself, are harassing him. Like, why not choose almost ANY OTHER CHARACTER for that part? Then again, it's not really the biggest problem with the show. Hell, not even the biggest problem with the theme song. Just a little thing that just bugs me.

TheAngelic1 : Okay, who put LSD in my yogurt?

Liquid Snake : "wacky wacky wack wack" Nothing short of poetry lol

lethauntic : I've seen a load of shit shows, but this is pretty damn bad. More sad than anything though, basically making fun of Tex Avery.

imthinkinwacky : Just imagine the Nostalgia Critic's reaction to this show.

Jade Bu : The original teen titans go!

David Carlton : Jesus Christ. I vividly remember watching this in the morning before school while eating French Toast Crunch cereal. How the hell did I cope?

videogamehunter820 : A homage to Tex Avery? More like a bad take on Ren & Stimpy.

pablo amador : After seeing Bubbles say "no me gusta", this doesnt make me cringe that hard. only slightly

Primadonna Queen : who's here because of Rebel Taxi?

MattBooProductionsTM : I used to watch this show every weekday mornings for a while. Now I just realized how terrible it was.

Jack McMorrow : I do find it stunning how the intro animation in no way resembles the animation of the actual show.

Lego88fan : I hate to say it but I like this theme...

Austin Reed : This is what people who hate Animaniacs think Animaniacs is. It's hypnotically bad.

wolfmantheimpaler : This is an insult to an animation legend, I mean say what you want about some of the modern incarnations of stuff like Looney Toons and Tom and Jerry, at least they don't plaster the names of Chuck Jones or Joe Barbara on the titles, this is just despicable

Daluigi208 : 0:24 Can we just stop for a moment and appreciate the really poorly looped animation? And how the soldier was somehow dismembered even though we never saw it?

Waluigi Wario : "Cartoon and Horror" this falls into the latter.

Felix Catora : It must have been fun to animate this.  :D

westley : it's all so badly paced... everything is moving constantly even if it shouldn't be . it's hard to explain but some parts (esp that part where they were rolling their lips) looks like a high school animation student trying too hard to get an A and kept putting in extra frames i hate you pan

Ciirnos : end my suffering


Conversus W. Vans : "These doggone, legend-disrespectin', crazy galoots are makin' Tex Avery roll in his stone. I'll get ye for producin' this." - Yosemite Sam to DiC

Yerald makmule : noise noise noise NOISE -grinch

Stoneth : You know what's sad is that Cartoon Network actually had a show called The Tex Avery Show years before this ... abomination came along that was actually showcased Tex Avery's cartoons. Of course trying to recreate the charm of Tex Avery's work without actually having access to it was just asking for trouble.

TheMEATman : Pan was right..

Olivia Spayd : animaniacs gone horribly wrong.

Falcovsleon21 : Damn you, Pan Pizza! Not only did I not keep myself from cringing but now the damn song is stuck in my head.

The Simple Mister Morning : i think that mr avery would never do something as a fart joke, maybe something like sex but, farts?

Jairo, the Cow : The animation... is so cringe worth... they are trying to be energetic but they just can't move... just loop the same animation over and over...

pigeon pal : You win Rebel-Taxi!

ArtofMore : This makes Teen Titans Go look like Gotham.

Shanicorn : Am I the only one that liked this? XDD

TheLoneLoony : I have been searching for this for so long.  Thank you. 

Ethan Ciotti : It sounds like a big middle finger to an animation god.

Kyle Campbell : How much do you want to be Tex Avery is rolling in his grave

Dragoncam13 : I loved this show when I was younger

The Fightin' Hobbit : He doesn't even look like Tex Avery.

HIDHIFDB : Best anime intro 🈵💯 Japanese aproved