Mark Knopfler on Guitars

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Taken from “Soundbreaking” documentary © 2016 Higher Ground LLC

Comments from Youtube

TIM Grills : This video needs to be about 30 hours longer

Martin Cameron : "If you get to the end of a vocal and you've got nothing more to say, but maybe the guitar has..." Fantastic.

Austin Kirkpatrick : I love how Mark has a hard time articulating what he’s wanting to get across, but his guitar always finishes his sentence for him

joey bloggs : Looks fairly straightforward. I'll buy a guitar and do all this

Simon Wotton : I just love the way he gets carried away as soon as as he strikes a tone

Tablature Butler : I'm guessing this lad will go far...

Michael Robinson : "It's a friend to you all your life". Nothing could be more true about an acoustic guitar. Young people, pick one up and learn to play it. It will change your life forever. It did mine 50 years ago.

Eric Gilbert : I'm glad this video isn't 72 hours long, or I would have to call into work tomorrow and the next day...

Mario D : I have a new appreciation for Mark Knopfler after seeing this video.

Arunaditya Basu : Oh when he kisses the Les Paul at 4:20!!!! Such passion 😢

Rombizio : He is not afraid of sharing his knowledge. He is humble and a gentleman. A true master.

bs27v1b : It is nice to see you didn't misplace your admiration for a musician you liked 35 years ago. You end up finding out they are actually more impressive than you originally thought.

Electric Eye Slide : He’s a better guitar player than Clapton and some people will never know who he is... totally underrated.

RICH 1971 : Totally got lost in this video,I could have just carried on watching,what a real gentleman and musician this man is!

contrast principle : "Brothers in arms" is still a great album to this day!

Jack Spradt : 4:20 - pulls a $275,000 '58 les paul standard - first thing he does is kiss it....

John B : This man's music has brought me a lot of joy over the years. Thank you for that, Mark. Such a down-to-earth and easygoing guy.

Paul Stewart : This man is a inspiration, he's not in it for the fame or the adoration or money or recognition or anything, he's simply in it for the music - Thanks Mark you've been with me throughout my life, long may you continue

doogledangleberry : He should be knighted. Awesome influence and impossible to replicate

The Magic Rat : I have the 1, 4 and 5 chords nailed... it's all that fancy shit in between I'm struggling with!

Brad Coleman : Pardon me while I play 5 different genres of music in just a few minutes, and with such ease that you'd believe anyone can do it. ;) Great piece of time with a great guitarist.

Simon Simon : The longer this went on, the farther he left me behind.

Martin G : At 4:20 - "It's a '58" (kisses guitar). Love is a many-splendored thing.

Chris Knight : Wonderful - my blood pressure just dropped into the green zone watching this. When I first heard Sultans of Swing I was a 20-year-old lonely student on industrial placement in a small town in Belgium. SOS came on the radio and I have never been so gobsmacked! Never heard anything like it before and the musicianship was just off the scale - all wrapped up in some unique guitar licks from Mark. Decided there and then to spend my first pay on an acoustic Yamaha which I still play 40 years on.. A guitarist's guitarist if ever there was one.

michavandam : I like the cut after 5:16, where you can really hear the difference between a Stratocaster and a Les Paul.

scrotzki789 : This video should come with every starter guitar.

Giles Marino : This guy is one of those amazing legendary players that makes me hate gain even though I love it... lol.

Matheus Marca : VERY EASY! For a fantastic guitar man like you!

D. Leigh : I saw the Dire Straits in the 1980s, and Knopfler made 13 guitar changes throughout the show. After the first few, I started keeping count. It was THE thing that I came away with. His ability to move from guitar to guitar while seemingly not caring as he chats on a beach is in full force on the stage. This video captures well that essence.

poptillidrop : He makes me laugh like a kid he's so good. Anybody else lol.

Andrew Power : "It's not my thing"....*plays it better than most whose thing it actually is*

Daniel King : I've watched this video probably 10 times by now, over the last few months or so. I don't listen to Dire Straits, I'd never heard of Mark, but I just love his warmth and his way of explaining things.

Klaus Pallesen : I really enjoy hearing Mark Knopfler, he’s honest and truthful about who he is. A guitar lesson that for me, is more a human lesson

rrvasanth 2007 : Love to see Mark and Gilmour play in the same stage!!! I Know Blues and Rock would be different...but they r gods of Guitar!!!

MechanicalMartialArtist : He stated that "he is TRYING to make the thing speak"??? What a humble statement! He makes it SCREAM!!

the buill : 1.4k failed guitarists disliked this video thus far

Woody Woodlstein : This is such an amazing lesson. If you are learning how to play. You should watch this 20 times. It’s all so dead on. He explains perfectly how to learn. Accelerated yes but still this is how it’s done. If your fingers aren’t tough enough yet. Use an electric Switch back and forth. Till they get hard like rocks

Martin Anthonyo : Still has no idea how he is able to bend 3 strings at once

dean bagley : haha.. great,. i love this guy ,,your fkin great..,, class & id like to have an ale w/ him

michaelpsmusic : My favorite part is the "That's my thing" comment at the end.

The Apostle Pipe smoker : Love him. Such a great guy. Thanks Mark for all the great music. -Stephen, Ohio U.S.A.

clearyourthirdeye : 4:19 only guitar players will understand-

David Power : A humble master of his craft is a rare and splendid thing.

Mike Kopf : He is a superstar and yet so down to earth. It's like he has no idea nor does he care how awesome he is.

Rob Jetton Music : Great tuition Mark, Thanks for this👍

THE CRINGIEST TIMECOP1983 FAN ON PLANET EARTH : I love his stare, how he looks tired and battered by life, the calm and collected way of his talking. As if he's almost dead inside, but then a few cords bring a faint but wholly genuine smile to his face.. It's good to be alive.

abhinav pant : Legend !!! ❤️ from India

Rabauke4u : 1:54 Speedmaster Professional. And he leaves the chronograph running. Bam

Oliver Dolgener : When he kissed his guitar it brought a huge smile to my face. You really can feel the love he puts into the music. Such an amazing musician!