Mark Knopfler on Guitars

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Mark Knopfler Russia : Happy birthday Mark!

Brad Coleman : Pardon me while I play 5 different genres of music in just a few minutes, and with such ease that you'd believe anyone can do it. ;) Great piece of time with a great guitarist.

Mustafa Can Kaya : i found myself watching this over and over again every night lol!

martyn spooner : He just seems like such a nice guy. Its like talking to the guy next door who plays guitar and is giving a few tips.

Andrew Cook : can anyone tell me what song he starts playing at the 2:00 minute mark?

Kenny Anderson : I find it impossible for there to be so many "thumbs down" on this video. Mark was just walking through the various types and styles of guitars, which, as a keyboardist, I found very interesting. Well done, Mark, and thank you for sharing your knowledge.

robi : fingerstyle wizard

Rudraksh & Nishil's : Uploading this video on Pornhub.

Tablature Butler : I'm guessing this lad will go far...

POP CORN : He can play the honky tonk like anything. 😮

Dagger 323 : Frankly, Mark's '58 is quite possibly the nicest Les Paul I've ever seen.

Secundino Delgado : The Best

Acoustic MK : I loved this guy..1 of the best guitarist i have ever heard..

Chris Bishop : I don't think even Mark realises what an amazing musician he is. Superb 👍

Roy B : "The guitar is your friend. Just play it and it sounds great." ....Damn it Mark.

CANTSiR : A lot of people criticize simplicity. I am glad this documentary concludes with his acknowledgment to simplicity.

satori1312 : Mark, you are a genius!

Rob van Unnik - Amsterdam : I saw a band called "Dire Straits" with an awesome great guitar player, this guy looks like him!!

Badness Bob : Absolutely captivating. Master and magician, charming gentleman with humility and an obvious deep love of his craft. Truly inspiring. Thankyou for all the excellent music Mr Knofler. Bob.Australia

Benjamin Smith : This man alone is the reason I forced myself to stop using picks. I can't express how much of an inspiration this dude is.

Tool : If you could say anyone has "mastered" the guitar.. It's this dude.

Irma Rosyada : wow, i just fall in love with the way he shares knowledge.... never bored watching !

Jack Spradt : 4:20 - pulls a $275,000 '58 les paul standard - first thing he does is kiss it....

Elysmar Antônyo : You is champion, champion!!!Sou faz desse ícone incomparável na guitarra. Mark knopfler.🎸🎸😌🇧🇷

ZX R-CADE : Very interesting and educational video from one of the greatest guitarists of all time

Sweet Pea : can't get enough of this kind of brilliance combined w/that great humility.

Chris Stone : Wait that steel guitar actually EXISTS?

Mike Kopf : He is a superstar and yet so down to earth. It's like he has no idea nor does he care how awesome he is.

Roy B : I just can't imagine what it must be like to be so in the beat with what you were born to do. I wonder if Mark K and others like him are aware of their gifts.

Sweet Pea : what He calls not always simple to the 'average' self taught picker wannabe

Jim B : Mark could make a 2.50 cent guitar sing:) Genius!

Hear Pal Here : Wow, all I can say is that I knew Mark was an incredible guitar player (if all he ever did was record Sultans of Swing), but I had no idea how incredibly diverse his playing technique was. He seems to know just about every kind of musical style there is. Incredible to see him go through so many different genres in such a short video. Awesome! And for someone who says the jazz stuff is not his type of music, he seems pretty at home with some tasty changes at the end of the video too! Rock on!

Andrew Power : "It's not my thing"....*plays it better than most whose thing it actually is*

MobiusBandwidth : "Fun for young and old, in this case, old" lol. Love this guy. one of the best. Brothers in arms is one of the most powerful pieces of guitar music of all time, simple, soulful, heartfelt, pure gut-wrenchingly emotional melody. (the lyrics help too).

Miguel Canepa : Genio!

VintageTexas59 : My favorite guitar player, what a talent !

Susannah Hayward : Lovely video of my all-time ever favourite guitarist. Thanks for sharing. xx

ToddAndelin : very intelligent, very humble.  creates beautiful music.

ZX R-CADE : One of the all time great guitarists playing some of the worlds most beautiful guitars 🎸

Maurício Júlio de Oliveira : Genius!

dar km : I like the way Mark appreciates his instruments.

Helton Oliveira : SHOW de bola! SC Brasil!! Dez,-2017!

scrotzki789 : This video should come with every starter guitar.

sparkynight73 : I could watch this guy all day!

NeptuneReturnz : Inspirational to beginners (like me!!) 👍


Magnus Skeide : Stumbled upon this by accident. Not the biggest DS/MK fan even though I know he's a great guitar player, but this is some of the best stuff I've seen in a while. Great video!

Oliver Dolgener : When he kissed his guitar it brought a huge smile to my face. You really can feel the love he puts into the music. Such an amazing musician!

Steve McIlroy : I just want to smash my guitar now, I'm rubbish. Mr Knopfler, you make it look so easy. Respect

M. M. : Was this recorded in 2016....? He's looking pretty good for his age ...