Welcome to Clusterfest 2018

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Nicole Parreira : So excited for this years announcement!

lucrative lyrics : jon stewart & amy schumer both pulled out (john mulaney replaced them..

Lag Swag : Welcome to Clusterfail.

Gamooch : Dope vidya yall

Matthew Bryant : this is the worst ad ever... I bought tickets for this and now looking up info and now I'm like concerned... If I was producing the marketing for this and someone delivered this to me I'd be like... no. you are fired, go work for the onion tv network or whatever (and then someone would put hepes in my starbucks or something right? I don't know though, I saw some pretty hardcore ad creatives at J. Walter Thompson be dicks and like, Jon Yi is a dick like that so maybe that is normal?) This Clusterfest better not be a clusterfuck is all I'm saying... I hate nepotism in this industry, leading to unfunny video production is what I'm seeing, 7 years out, but then again, health care is so bad now I expect lowered quality all across the board... I better have a spot I can smoke a j if this event sucks. I really think this might suck now based on this promo video.