Parcels - Live @ Eurockennees 2017 (Full show)

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Rafael Niebla : best band on the planet...

Robert : Chic, Daft Punk, Supertramp, level 42 all in one, i love it.

Tanner Smith : first time seeing a full live gig... this is MASTER CLASS BOYSSSSS

Hänger : better than the recordings :000000000

Vivek Acharya : The guitarist looks like a 14 year old Paul McCartney with a moustache....

Daniël Schoemaker : funky as hell

ClassicAlberto : I love them so much, amazing vibe and tunes :)

Sapi Delivery : Gran banda 🎶🙌 saludos desde méxico señores

ijules - Allihoopa : My Favorite band 😍

Skum Bagras : Cant wait for a full release of Comedown, Getup and Tropical.

Embo : 26:59 reminds me of the end of Short circuit by daft punk

Lottis :

Irving Medellin : Setlist (0:14) Intro (1:14) Myenemy (5:56) Hideout (10:56) Allaround (16:26) Overnight (20:33) Tropical (22:44) Gamesofluck (27:39) Getup (32:47) Clockscared (39:15) Older (43:05) Anotherclock (48:05) Comedown

Meriem S : They are sick, MY GOSH!!!!!

Bastien Charp : 48:18 "Eh tu me casses les couilles hein !"

bortolivinicius : My new favorite band, I'm just loving you guys!

Emily Wong : Is this an Urban Outfitters ad?

Kwality Kontrol : These guys love Chic.


Fabio Bustos : Que viva la buena música!!!!

Leo Serafin : Só esperando o show deles no Brasil pqp

Graduated Engineer : I'll stop making music.

Daniel Valadez : Los conoci en una historia en instagram de Midnight Generation y me clavé con su música, desde MEXICO.

Sharky156e : Very good but roosevelt nails them!!!

taviyo : Love this band. Did not know what they looked like. Thought I was looking at America band from 70s. I might be too old for this... still dig these cats!

Вова Ленин : The music is incomparable, the vocals leave much to be desired ..

Yates Webb : Camera only shows the guitar though and does a lot of weird zooming in on instruments, which is lame because they're all about the group dynamic! Needs to show more face time of the other guys!

José Castillo : Come to Mexico plz

Hänger : 21:03 The face when you fit that extra lick in

David Miral : Pls come to Spain!!!!!!!!!!. I´ll be there!.

Örni D. : Sometimes like LEVEL 42. I like it. Thank s :))

Elio Avila : La mejor banda del planeta tierra para fumar y volar!

Abhishek Lehaan Jankee : Amazing musicians :)

Youness Saoud : What a great band !!! Pur music, pur sound !!! All that's FUNKING amazing !!!

Hilary Corr : Better than studio versions. Blew up the Ally Pally last weekend

Jafed Gilmour : Style type the whitest boy alive yes that great band reminded me 😪

PRYSM Managemnt : Ban the sound dude who is adding the vocal delays plz

Erwan de Kermabon : 48:17 "et tu me casses les couilles" haha

Dband Band : Them and Breakbot should get together

mj12official : Amazing live !

Craig Barbour : I love watching these guys winning an audience over. Watch the crowd at the start and the end.

Cuchulaynn : I love it!!!! Can't wait for an album!!!!

Indie Shuffle : Very goosepimples

VICTOR : La dernière musique n'est toujours pas sortie ? ???

prod. by messina : ol boy on the keys always act a fool when they play gamesofluck

carlosalberto rosado : Best band of Indie Dance!!!

VPN Deluxe : This is sooooo cool. Great !


julie rinaldo : amazing

Vivek Acharya : That intro was heart warming...