We Try Finding the Best Sheets in Bed Bath & Beyond | Inc.

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TRL : If everyone had this type of pride and knowledge in their jobs. America would be great again. lol

Alexis Aguero : Percale is actually better for hot sleepers NOT sateen!!

Jared Shadduck : It should be noted that percale is for hot sleepers NOT sateen.

Ursula. M : Very informative!

amy m : I will not buy sheets from them again. They shrink in two washes.

Heidi Blinks : I regret not knowing you before I bought 4 sets of sheets and still 🔥🌡 & suffering! GREAT JOB! Thanks

ceciliaIFY1 : My favorite video by far on this channel. There are so many of us who aren't educated when it comes to bed sheets. We do spend most of ours times sleeping, so a good quality of sheets is a must.

Meow Meow : 4:43 "FIVE HUNDRED - and that's basically as low as I would go" WRONG: I think some of Frette sheets are an example of 300-count that are expertly weaved in Italy. It really should be noted that you look at the COUNTRY in order to figure whether you should accept the lower thread count. Look at Brooklinen's 270 thread count as another example.

Music Lover : Higher thread count sheets are very overrated; they are thick, slippery, heavy and hot. Percale sheets are very soft around 300tc are great for hot climates and hot sleepers.

Sam : How much are they paying you for acting like this? I fell for this just to find out these are the worst sheets I ever slept in.

Aaron VanDeventer : Go jets!