Crazy Man Enter the Lions Cage in Hyderabad Zoo

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Shanaya shanaya : I think this lion is vegetarian..

pallav : These lions get meat everday... they don't need to hunt down that psychopath

Dj Prabhat Mumbai : Pahili baar dekha sher insaan se dar gaya 🤣🤣

Abdul Rehman Khan : He just got saved from lions and unfortunately beaten by humans 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

The NIGHT SHADE : पिंजरे मे रहेके शेर भी गाण्डु हो गया.. साला शिकार करना ही भुल गया...!!

Vergil the legendary dark slayer : The people sound like the seagulls from finding nemo

*Pirate *Blackhawk down : See how the lioness called the male lion when in danger.

Aasimr 04 : He saved by lion but not from human., Ab maar hi khate rahe bhai ,Ab pura life human ke Sath😅

Shawn Vue : They thought the lions were going to kill him, but the lions didn't so they got mad and beat his ass lol.

Lil, Charmander : And of course They beat him up instead of taking him away like they would do in other countries **Cough cough. *Western Countries, 1st world countries etc.*

Arun Sukumar : At 0:50 . That's the same posture that I had when my girlfriend's dad caught us and fired at me while roaming around in a mall.

Ramneek Sethi : Lions be like , no bro not today , I'm on a diet so just go away

messi jr : Lions were 911

Abhay Kumar Singh : Legends says : Public noise are more dangerous then lion's bite !

Ajitesh Thawait : Legend says he was a tik tok user

Michael Washington : The Lions was confused. they were like Man I don't know what to do this human freaks me out. peace we out of here! LoL

Fran 351 : New movie: "How to train your lion"

arun surjith : Everyone are blaming that person!!!! But im looking at his courage rather than the craziness!!!! Its kind of appreciable.... Good interaction between man and the wild....

Nawang Sonam : Lol That man saw death from his own eyes and then came back

Jean-Naté Coombs : They gave him a whooping after they got him out😂🤣🤣.

Harshdeep Ahuja : Did someone said: "Sher bolra mere muh se nivala gya" 😂😂 Ekdum kishmat hai!

yo yo bigs : the real Ace Ventura Pet Detective

Ajitesh Thawait : When you know the lions are on diet but you are not

carlitos valverde : Hey Hey Hey Hey heyheyeeeeeeey Hey Hey 😁

nawaraj90 : That's really scary ..

Baconfatt : He was safer with the lions..

Doperise tv : Here's the Indian Hercules tight in desi daru 🍷

Sailaja Saila : Weeds are working!!!

suryakant Tiwari : Sher 🦁 socha hoga 😒 is chutiye ko ager mai khaunga to mai maha chutiya 😂 ban jaunga

Nouredine Cheniki : this is peaceful lion of asia if it was africain lion this man should be humburger !

Smita Vaidya : Animels bhi shrabi ke moo nnahi lagte

sanju Ghosh : 0:50 i am the father of mogli

TheDinoNugget : That man put the lions in danger by making people worry and if something happened to him workers probably would’ve had to kill the lions, remember harambe?

Michael Bryant : Maybe he’s perfectly sane and it’s the lions that are crazy.

Mirza Rizwan : MashAllah jis ka Allah nighbaan ho

Abhishek pandey : Ek selfi hi le leta bsdk ese hi vapas aa gya

Ms T : Maybe not interested to eat drunk arse

Shilla Ose : One bait from the lion can make him concious

Venkatesh Nelloore : Selute to alcohol brands

Saurav Karmakar : They shout They help but most importantly they hit him bacc

Stock Market का Commando : Lion ka fast tha... 😂

shaggy rogers : No te cómo porque estoy lleno

K Wilson : Hope no lions were hurt

Andres uruguayo : A very lucky man indeed

Enrico Reyes : I think these lions are more scared with all the screaming people if he was all alone in the savanna they wont think twice.

NavaIMTutorial : *LION: "Do You think We want eat something Like You?? SHAVE MY HAIR!!"*

Rob Jackson : I guess Animals are more courteous . 😂

Isabella Isabella : Estava bêbado,ainda bem que foi salvo.Que loucura

Dos XX : Gotta love India nobody clapped not even when the cop stuck him!

Charles Johnson : Lol they saved him then started whooping his ass afterwards..he deserves it tho