Carzy Man Enter the Lions Cage in Hyderabad Zoo

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Ivica Efendić : He is lucky that lions don't like water..

Olider Shitawa : This man have to be taken to the police station for attempts of his life

Radioactive Zombie Might : What is this dude doing what to have a death wish

Juganta Sonowal : Kaun si brand ka piya hoga isne?

Commoner's Perceptions : If the people wouldn't have shouted and pelted stones at the lions, this moron would have ended up in the lion's tummy.... BC, chu

MUVI BW : He showed No fear so he is still alive. It's the power of confidence.

promise amelia : They should have given him a better hiding for increasing people's high blood pressure mxm

Sam R : Lion: What is wrong with you hooman, I just want to say hi and chit chat with him

Sheryl Martin : The angels were working overtime and of course people who truly cared enough to keep the meat eaters at bay with rocks! God is good!

Rajendrasinh Motisinh : Asli sher to ye he

Lalith Krishna : Sad thing is that lions did nothing but the people hurt him after saving😑

manish Tiwari : Haath ke ishare kahi na kahi sher ko aage badne se rok raha hoga .haa ye baat he if people couldn't shouted and throwing stones this boy become lions dunk after few hours. 😁😁😁😁

Shaziya Khan : Allah ka shukar hai


63r0n1m0 [] * Mu * [] : Ah re loco !!

Shaziya Khan : Mast Hai video Pehli Dafa Insaan lions se bacha hai

Grove Street : 😐

Radioactive Zombie Might : I think the lions know this man in this before

Sayed Tamanna Perween : Pani se bahar nikal beta

universal projecto : I think he's drunk

AZN MGTOW ALLIANCE : If these are Tigers screw that crazy man!

rock angle : Are vo lion khud usse dr Ra hai

Nishath Begum : Koi itne pagal kaise hosakte hi 😠

cerby martinez : The lion waz like dam is tht Tarzan so the legend is true

Piranha man : Why is the other man being hit with a stick?

Khairil Aqmal : Conquer haki lol..

Fati Tima : Yamkan msti

Jamila Farooq : He man is the lucky man,

meme vlogs : Fence mtlab🤣

Glory Of Word : Kaun hai ye log ? Kahan se aate hai ye log 😂😆😝

Andres Ham : Just trow him back with the lions jajaja

Action Bey : Why people are throwing stones stupid this act can make them more aggressive he is lucky to be in water if he was with tiger than he was finished as tiger are good swimmers

Mohan Raj : These sort of people deserve to die

sarasusan peter : He may be relaised later

Mohammed Jaweed : Thank god

Серикбай Болат : Не хуя себе обкуренный да

Bhabu Das : Mar kutta ko

Naveed Afaq : drunk man

Vander Magalhães : Let him be a meat today!

VINEETH SAI 222 : Vamvw

RaJa RaJi : Ah ga seru...!!! Kirain bakalan diterkam

Candle Light : I think he lost his mind he behaves a mad

samir Khan : Maar bhosdi wale ko sala apni jaan khud de raha hai bad me public bolegi zoo walo ki galti hai

Jim Cameron : Crazy

Balari Shisa : Love from arunachal pradesh

Sumeet Vyas : Fence matalb 😂😂..

FARHA : Nyi zindagi mili ise

Rachna Mishra : Brave man

mustafa sedki : He is very lucky because he is still alive Allah saved him

Some One : الله ستر عليه قسم بالله