Tiger Woods wins TOUR Championship for 80th victory on PGA TOUR 2018

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ShadowAkatora : 0:13 - Looks like Moses is leading his people out of Egypt again.

R LI : The king is back!

Taco Stacks : HE'S BACK!

The Gardening Channel With James Prigioni : Here before 1 Mil

Tai Tin : Despite hitting rock bottom and being told to accept his fate, Tiger Woods decided to ignore everyone and fight back instead.

eddieg1230 : Look at that crowd! Only one man can attract this many people to the golf course. The sport needs Tiger...

Neo : Golf needs TIGER more than TIGER needs Golf. Truth.

Tyson : Gotta hand it to Nike for standing by his side .....

Dylan Smith : My boy hit rock bottom so hard he bounced back to claim another PGA title keep on keeping on Tiger. here’s to seeing you on ESPN not CNN

James Jefferson : Can’t believe I watched this victory. Didn’t think I would ever see it again. Congratulations to Tiger. He earned it.

ProdigyAc : Never seen something like this in sports and I can confidently say we will never see it again with another golfer. No one has ever been more influential to a sports popularity than Tiger Woods has been to golf. One of the greatest comebacks of all time. I think the world is excited for the 2019 golf season.

reelkena : Welcome back to Tiger, Golf.

KSLE NEWS 33 : Greatest most exciting athlete ever. The game of golf needed to see this. Congrats Tiger!!!

Molly .S : Man the feels. Brings me back to being hung over in college but still waking up Sunday morning to watch him with the family...just like every other generation x kid at the time. Welcome back Tiger!

ᑭᕼᑌᑎKᗩᗪEᒪᒪIᑕ Şᑌᑎ ᗯIᘔᘔᗩᖇᗪ : Tiger represents, for all of us- that we should never give up! Because no matter how low we are- We can, with hard work, determination n dedication and belief in ourself- we can always come back, rise up, persevere... and achieve greatness! Tiger will be awesome in 2019!

Gossip : Forevermore the 23rd Sept should be known as Tiger Woods Day.

Andrew Waples : I'm not crying, you're crying.

Darrel Eddings : Up Yours Haters. Next year is going to be very interesting.

Patrick Cc: : im glad they let the gallery come on the fairway, a legendary moment in sports history..

Gus Lascola : 2018 Tour Championship: First: Tiger Woods Last: Phil Mickelson Phil’s gotta get his game together for Thanksgiving

braiden45 : Tiger Wood IS GOLF, PERIOD!

Ali A : Tiger is the best ever! The haters must be smacking their heads against the wall like crazy.

Quentin Basil : the greatest of all time

Vivek Kapur : Best Golf news I've heard in years! Congrats Champs! Win us the Ryder Cup!

Efrain Entrertainment : Was I the only one who teared up a little bit?

Ziphe Sithole : I still don’t get golf but this is still cool to see. It’s like everyone is following Michael Jackson. GOAT

David Ellis : YES!! YES!! TIGER WINS!! The haters muted. GO TIGER!! TIGER IS THE CHAMPION !! 🏆!

Ahmed Ibrahim : Tiger Woods > Jack Nicklaus

G-Dub 85 : The only reason why I watch

jamesdeansghost55 : When Tiger passes Sam Snead's record of 82 wins, it will never be broken again.

Vic Rattlehead : Most amazing part from this win , he did it after 4 major back surgeries.

Colin Baldwin : Next EA sports is gonna want him for another game😎😎😎He's Back!!!

stephen kost : Vintage Tiger Mob coming up the 18th fairway! I never doubted he would win again. It was just a matter of when it would happen. Sam's record will be re-written before the next Masters. Bet it up. The way he played this week I do think he will win a major or maybe even a couple next year. His body and mind are back, no pun intended. He's got a great looking swing again. 2019 will be EPIC for Tiger.

Gerard Wilson : Finally. Redemption feels sooo good.

Alberto Entertainment : GOAT!

Frodo Baggins : This was emotional for true Tiger Woods fans

Jedi King Pudge : 2019 PGA Tour season should be fun

Jestic : you know Stephen A. Smith even said that Tiger Woods is washed up...."look at him now!"

TheLtrain85 : The Return of the King! No other player can generate that kind of fan reaction! #KingTiger

Lester C : I cried when I watched this, unbelievable

FREE WILL DEFENDER : This is why golf needs tiger look at this crowd

Fullmetaljango : GOLF IS BACK !

Matt Tweedel : You see the crowd behind Tiger? That's how you can easily tell he's one of the Greatest Golfers of All Time! Ever since I was 3 years old, Tiger was my favorite player. To finally see him win again is the coolest thing ever!

Cara Vaggio : I've always said you'd better not bet against him...actually had to dump a bunch of friends over the years for being so righteous and hypocritical. Crow is a very good meal.

Miami Hurricane : And you thought AMERICA was racist...............we love this guy, half Thialanese half Black!!!!!!

Eshika Arora : The sea of people......its unbelievable what self belief n crazy amount of hard work can do

dyedie1 : Time to boot up Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 for old time's sake

john mac : Hes human. He deserves this. No one is perfect. But this week, he was pretty darn close.

Jenny Titus : People like seeing and being around greatness. Congrats to Tiger!

Sean Amos : They all said he couldn’t do it !!!