Tiger Woods wins TOUR Championship for 80th victory on PGA TOUR 2018

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Kamp Gumeson : He rose and fell and from the ashes of the phoenix, he rose agian!

iOnsteins Engineering Group BMW BENZ AMP REBUILDERS : This is one of my favorite moments in sports history I'll never ever forget it.

victor Silvestre : This is going to be a great Bio Movie or Netflix series whenever comes out.

Nora Peace : Who came here from Inside the NBA?? Lol

Kingston mweene : Tiger Golf

Brian .H : Not gonna lie I thought he'd never be able to come back and win. Odds were all stacked. But that's greatness for you.

LowFatMuffins : Everything is normal again.

Mike Heath : I know it’s been said, but that crowd is ridonkulous

Fernando Burgos : Never seen anything like this in the sport of golf. The most powerful athlete in the world hands down.

LeCarnage : The hundreds of fans following him after he finally wins again has to be maybe a top 20 moment in sports history, no?

ShadowAkatora : 0:13 - Looks like Moses is leading his people out of Egypt again.

Richard Dantz : We got our Wood back!

RV103 : Rory looks tiny next to Tiger. TW looks like he couldve played a contact sport

madkent99 : One man


meboneme1 : And, like I said a hundred times, ONLY an IDIOT would think TIGER WOODS would never win again,if he played! CHAMPIONS NEVER give up.I keep reminding people that this man was #1 in the WORLD before his back issues started in 2014! Didn't he win 5 TIMES in 2013?! "the younger generation aren't intimidated by tiger"! WHAT HAPPENED to ALL the "next greats" that became #1 while TIGER was out? ALL OF THEM MELTED!!!!!!!

Cristhian Macias : Surpise Surpise M-fers the king is BACK!! #Tiger #Win #Champion

hankakah : How many people across the country and maybe the world tries to hold back a tear or two.

Justice Obeng : You can’t take the holes away from tiger. He will keep putting his balls in them.

mdooms76 : Tiger looks like himself again with a touch of Denzel. Glad he's back in the game.

Lester C : I cried when I watched this, unbelievable

Erika Frauendorf : Congratulations Tiger i knew you would win again

Cr8ive Amboy77 : congratulations TW, but gotta be the one who says it, imagine the crowd if he made that birdie putt!!

Nicolas Shane : Best ever dude tiger woods can achieve the same with wooden clubs so it's a losing argument for most wins he will get it You never lose skills like that !!!

Incognito Yo : Correct ...... 🎺🎷🎷🎷🎺 Mental control !!!

Matt Tweedel : You see the crowd behind Tiger? That's how you can easily tell he's one of the Greatest Golfers of All Time! Ever since I was 3 years old, Tiger was my favorite player. To finally see him win again is the coolest thing ever!

Cassian : It's incredible to see him make a comeback!

Laurie Guthrie : Great win Tiger 🐅

Yvonne Gacheri : 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽🏌️😎💥

ExarKenneth71 : Even Tiger is winning again under Trump.

Dirty Bird : Don't you like how everyone has their phone in the air recording? People can't just enjoy the moment anymore.

Gloria Davis : Congratulation Tiger Woods! It's about time! 🤗😉😊

J C : Redemption! Love it! I hope he continues to keep this focus and doesn't go back to bad habits. 🙏

Neeko Toney-Elite Chatham : Augusta, Georgia Masters Golf Course, TIGER IS COMING!!!!

The 3rd Option : Jesus Christ is King of Kings✝️. John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 1 Thessalonians 2:6 6 Nor did we seek glory from people, whether from you or from others, though we could have made demands as apostles of Christ

FREE WILL DEFENDER : This is why golf needs tiger look at this crowd

MJ W : Not a fan of his but I was happy to see him get back up ✌🏻


jhaz89 : Only thing that would have made this cooler is if he made that birdie putt. On the other hand, you could say that those extra few seconds were memorable, in that "holy shit, tiger seriously just won this tournament"

Nate McGraw : Good for you 🐯

Josh Lacey : Anyone else watch this an unhealthy amount of times?

Jeff Parcells : Way to go tiger congratulations bud

Hadley Pleasanton : Test for steroids. 😉

A1PandaSauce :/ : Here B4 1 view

Isreal Judah : get em Tiger. yup you are an Israelite**.

Vyshakh Vathielil : Wow what an inspiration to us all. Thank you for not giving up Tiger! #TheGoat

Sand Stew : Tiger has been lost since his father died, I believe his family kept mess at bay he always played for them, its taken him a long time to learn to play for himself. Congratulations

Mishael Willo : hes back and better, congrats tiger.

ThePersianTenor : Reminds me of when Federer beat Nadal in the 2017 AO Final

Conor Barry : That's one fine looking goat