Tiger Woods wins TOUR Championship for 80th victory on PGA TOUR 2018

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ShadowAkatora : 0:13 - Looks like Moses is leading his people out of Egypt again.

Taco Stacks : HE'S BACK!

R LI : The king is back!

The Gardening Channel With James Prigioni : Here before 1 Mil

L Johnson : Despite hitting rock bottom and being told to accept his fate, Tiger Woods decided to ignore everyone and fight back instead.

eddieg1230 : Look at that crowd! Only one man can attract this many people to the golf course. The sport needs Tiger...

James Jefferson : Can’t believe I watched this victory. Didn’t think I would ever see it again. Congratulations to Tiger. He earned it.

Tyson : Gotta hand it to Nike for standing by his side .....

Dylan Smith : My boy hit rock bottom so hard he bounced back to claim another PGA title keep on keeping on Tiger. here’s to seeing you on ESPN not CNN

Neo : Golf needs TIGER more than TIGER needs Golf. Truth.

ProdigyAc : Never seen something like this in sports and I can confidently say we will never see it again with another golfer. No one has ever been more influential to a sports popularity than Tiger Woods has been to golf. One of the greatest comebacks of all time. I think the world is excited for the 2019 golf season.

THE Funky NinjaMaster of Peace : Tiger represents, for all of us- that we should never give up! Because no matter how low we are- We can, with hard work, determination n dedication and belief in ourself- we can always come back, rise up, persevere... and achieve greatness! Tiger will be awesome in 2019!

reelkena : Welcome back to Tiger, Golf.

Molly .S : Man the feels. Brings me back to being hung over in college but still waking up Sunday morning to watch him with the family...just like every other generation x kid at the time. Welcome back Tiger!

Vivek Kapur : Best Golf news I've heard in years! Congrats Champs! Win us the Ryder Cup!

Patrick Cc: : im glad they let the gallery come on the fairway, a legendary moment in sports history..

KSLE NEWS 33 : Greatest most exciting athlete ever. The game of golf needed to see this. Congrats Tiger!!!

Colin Baldwin : Next EA sports is gonna want him for another game😎😎😎He's Back!!!

Gus Lascola : 2018 Tour Championship: First: Tiger Woods Last: Phil Mickelson Phil’s gotta get his game together for Thanksgiving

Alberto Entertainment : GOAT!

Efrain Entrertainment : Was I the only one who teared up a little bit?

Truth : Forevermore the 23rd Sept should be known as Tiger Woods Day.

Darrel Eddings : Up Yours Haters. Next year is going to be very interesting.

Ali A : Tiger is the best ever! The haters must be smacking their heads against the wall like crazy.

braiden45 : Tiger Wood IS GOLF, PERIOD!

Vic Rattlehead : Most amazing part from this win , he did it after 4 major back surgeries.

Cara Vaggio : I've always said you'd better not bet against him...actually had to dump a bunch of friends over the years for being so righteous and hypocritical. Crow is a very good meal.

Ziphe Sithole : I still don’t get golf but this is still cool to see. It’s like everyone is following Michael Jackson. GOAT

Jestic : you know Stephen A. Smith even said that Tiger Woods is washed up...."look at him now!"

Andrew Waples : I'm not crying, you're crying.

jamesdeansghost55 : When Tiger passes Sam Snead's record of 82 wins, it will never be broken again.

Lester C : I cried when I watched this, unbelievable

dyedie1 : Time to boot up Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 for old time's sake

David Ellis : YES!! YES!! TIGER WINS!! The haters muted. GO TIGER!! TIGER IS THE CHAMPION !! 🏆!

Quentin Basil : the greatest of all time

FREE WILL DEFENDER : This is why golf needs tiger look at this crowd

G-Dub 85 : The only reason why I watch

Ahmed Ibrahim : Tiger Woods > Jack Nicklaus

Gerard Wilson : Finally. Redemption feels sooo good.

Jedi King Pudge : 2019 PGA Tour season should be fun

Matt Tweedel : You see the crowd behind Tiger? That's how you can easily tell he's one of the Greatest Golfers of All Time! Ever since I was 3 years old, Tiger was my favorite player. To finally see him win again is the coolest thing ever!

Eshika Arora : The sea of people......its unbelievable what self belief n crazy amount of hard work can do

Frodo Baggins : This was emotional for true Tiger Woods fans

Michael Torres : Congrats Tiger Woods, long road to 80 wins, we the mere spectators, admirers and followers have always believed in your abilities to will win again and again, until you say it's time to retire from golf, but with all the times' writers, golf analysts, sports analysts, and pros who envied you were all wrong about Tiger Woods because of their biases and envy of your achievements which have overshadowed their achievements, now I have to find out from these bias times' writer, golf analysts, sports analysts, and pros who envied you so much, HOW DO THEY WANT THEIR CROWS COOKED!!!.

Fullmetaljango unchained : GOLF IS BACK !

GTC : Kind of strange...I used to intensely dislike Tiger....I loved Phil .....all that has changed after all the bullshut Tiger has been through...love Tiger now...so strange

Jadon Noble : The goat! Truly amazing to see tiger back to winning! Congrats on number 80!

Pat L : Back to those childhood memories similar to Rafa vs. Federer and Phelps and Usain Bolt in 2008

stephen kost : Vintage Tiger Mob coming up the 18th fairway! I never doubted he would win again. It was just a matter of when it would happen. Sam's record will be re-written before the next Masters. Bet it up. The way he played this week I do think he will win a major or maybe even a couple next year. His body and mind are back, no pun intended. He's got a great looking swing again. 2019 will be EPIC for Tiger.

InkedAndArmed : Love this!!! Time to get 5 more Majors and pass Jack's 18 Major victories!! Time to grind Tiger!!