Hutch is a True American

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Assumption College student displays patriotism through this intense self-assault for the American people's viewing pleasures!!!!


「Rami Stando」 : Turns out Hutch was a loyal Canadian spy

RS : This is how you get citizenship in America

finny : This perfectly sums up America

EpicDonutDude : Hell yea brother

10000 subscribers without a video challenge : It's me trying to get regretted by clicking on this playlist

Ryan Pepper : Whoever downvotes this video is a communist.

Ollie Levine : This is a good demonstration of America, punching themselves in the face again and again

Kunjo : Are you american?Because you seem to *only have 2 brain cells left*

Moodick : Gotta love the 10 year old comments

Fresh Prince of Memes : the only thing that would've made this more american would be a stray Mcdonald's wrapper in the background somewhere

Subscribe for a free Thanks. : SHOW HOW AMERICAN YOU ARE!! *this morning in colorado elementary school...*

Jocast Wong : Show them how it's done in mother Russia

Digital_Static : Completely true. Can confirm Source: I have a bloody forehead and freedom sounds really good right now.

Ingamar1 : Certainly explains a few things

Milko 7002 : Doctor why do i have tumor?

LillyBillyDilly _/ _/ : This is America.

the great space goat : WHO STEAL'S SOAP?

Vaibhav Shewale : and then he took out his shotgun

Girls Force U12 : Our forefathers would have been proud

Jordan Diskin : I T S R E C O R D I N G

Alcer The Demon : Show how american you are: I have a Tumblr account

Kevin Wheeler : Great example of the Master race I hear the guys on fox news proclaim can't be replaced.

shartnita zodkeesian : [ Internal patriotism INTENSIFIES ]

TheCounterWolf : I really think he was about to show his supreme collection

The James channel : The top 10 characters that can beat thanos with his infinity gauntlet

felipeeira : If i punch myself in the head and knock myself out, am i too strong or too weak?

WasGehtSieDasAn : 0:01 GESUNDHEIT

O Filósofo : This is america...

The End Is Near : You forgot about the oil

Kittyco Gamer : Them:YO! SHOW THEM HOW AMERICAN YOU ARE! Me: *pulls out maple syrup on some snow*

OneToughCookie TheYouTubeHero : *THIS IS AMERICA*

AaronTheSorcerer : Literally every jock in highschool


cpk17 : Footage of an American citizenship test taken at the Secretary of State's office (circa 2018)

William Young : (づ。◕‿‿◕。 づ) Make This A M E R I C A N because it's J A P A N E S E please!

zme244 : @bgwil2001 Hutch bleeds....

Keaton Williams : i really need to prove my worth as an american after watching that

cottagecheez : haha that was legend, u guys know chris redd?

Phil Saidnawey : haha my sis lives right above this kid...

Newch : cza makes me proud to be an american

Vincent Spinella : steve, mad funny ic ur studyin real hard at assumption lol

pballer785 : haha fuckin hutch

Too Vertical : Is it recording?

PewDiePie's Legs : Me when it's 3 AM and I'm trying to sleep

LPTV : I've never seen a primate act like this before. Amazing.

Jlipper : It’s recording...

Dirk McGough : This was uploaded ten years ago...

Ben Weinstein : Hehe! another good slaper-roo in the books!

urfhorf : Time to drop in the middle east again bois