Pilot nails sideways landing in 40-knot crosswinds at Bristol Airport

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yujirorasy rush : amazing piloting skill, knowledge and experience. this pilot has it all.

Quill Maurer : They always say it's uncalled for to applaud the pilot for a landing ... this might be an exception.

CMF : The pilot is Captain Brenda Riepsaame. She's awesome.

RE : This is your captain speaking... Can the passengers in the far right rear of the aircraft please let me know if we are central to the runway..... Thanks 😎

Rodney Dielenberg : Planes can't drift......'Hold my beer'

Markus Magnon : Imaging being one of the passengers looking out of the window thinking: That can´t be right.

Thefrench Fancy : If all passengers can collect their complimentary free clean underwear on exiting the plane the security staff would be most grateful

Annie : Is that even possible?? Bravo! ....Pilot to Airline boss: Can I get a pay rise NOW?!

Rus K : Пацаны ваще ребята!!! В натуре Класс, за..бись. Чётко! Умеете! Могёте!

Mitchell Rogers : Amazing landing, well done lady😀

Brian Buckmaster : That was a textbook crosswind landing - great job!

aaronomahony1095 : This wouldn't have happened if the runway had a gun

Steve : Good flying by the pilot. That's experience coming through.

Андрон Андроидов : Классно, хули ещё скажешь! (Cool!)

Николай К : Пилот молодец. Но стоит ли рисковать жизнями? Я считаю бредом посадку в таких метеоусловиях.

Theoriginalct Theoriginalct : Holy $hit! Chuck Norris flies planes?

Casual Observer : Been through a landing like that... The passengers started applauding afterwards. I had a little brown stain in my undies.

FoxTV : Ебанистически нереально круто! Учитывая сколько ты сзади себя жизней ведёшь. И это даже не автомобиль, а здоровая хуйня с крыльями в воздухе, качающаяся на сильном ветру!

S V : Thats a Great pilot!

Александр Творец : Восхищён мастерством и мужеством пилотов ! Герои ! Молодцы ребята ! Плавных взлётов и мягких посадок вам !

MaliKA : wow! this amazing!! congrats pilot

Anirudha Rayakar : Landing skills to the extent of perfection...... WOW

Marina : После докторов и врачей .по мне .гениальные это пилоты..какие они молодцы!

b0wgey : It's like Tokyo drift in a plane

Yari S. : LANDED LIKE AN OG (like a boss)... I used to work for them FLIGHT ATTENDANT "in the world of TUI" 👍💓

tucker3601 : Hope this guys my pilot for my upcoming 14 hour flight

BIG Sergey : Вы че ебанулиьс-обычная посадка с боковым ветром, угол относительно осевой линии ВПП называется углом упреждения, да он тут достаточно большой но в этом нет ничего сложного и необычного

Poh Seng Wong : Hats off ! ♥

C. Lassard : Wooooooooow! 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

Craig Purvis : Superb airmanship! I can't see an autopilot pulling that off. Soft landing too! Text book.

Jon Lowing : A beautiful thing to watch!

lexas4 : Always amazes me how the undercarriage doesn't break.

Gan Freeman : я когда с друзьями нахуярюсь водяры в падике, так же домой захожу.

Nora Sheffield : To top it of, this is a FEMALE PILOT! Not a single MALE pilot circling in the stacks would attempt to land!! Amazing Women!!

Rusty Shackelford : BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO

EarlyTrail ET : I think i can land the plane to, but im not sure about it, maybe if i try it, and really really do my best?!

xtreme1982641 : Pay that pilot millions in cash 💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵

Robert Martin : BOSS 😎

HybridChoky : WOW!!!

Robert PINTO : A hero pilot as far as I'm concerned.

MrGraymo : Wow awesome female pilot 👍

Matty Ed : Like a Boss.

ontheedge33371 : Nice work :)

Djone Tan : wow.. brave pilot

АиМ : Ахренеть из самолета потом устали кирпичи выгружать!!!

Brandon Waldo : Was probably a computer assisted landing.

Rob Wilkie : Never get an autoland to do that!

OceanSeaMaster : Misleading Tittle...it should read: "Airbus A320 advanced flybywire systems keeps it cool during heavy crosswinds" EAT IT

Fim Bulstran : Kinderspiel,was ist da jetzt besonderes bei,mit meinen Moped 25ccm mache ich bei Windstärke 1-2 das selbe! Childplay! 😜

Radu Blanc : What's so special about this