Pilot nails sideways landing in 40-knot crosswinds at Bristol Airport

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yujirorasy rush : amazing piloting skill, knowledge and experience. this pilot has it all.

Quill Maurer : They always say it's uncalled for to applaud the pilot for a landing ... this might be an exception.

CHAMPAGNE MURAT : The pilot is Captain Brenda Riepsaame. She's awesome.

Rodney Dielenberg : Planes can't drift......'Hold my beer'

RE : This is your captain speaking... Can the passengers in the far right rear of the aircraft please let me know if we are central to the runway..... Thanks 😎

Markus Magnon : Imaging being one of the passengers looking out of the window thinking: That can´t be right.

Thefrench Fancy : If all passengers can collect their complimentary free clean underwear on exiting the plane the security staff would be most grateful

Rus K : Пацаны ваще ребята!!! В натуре Класс, за..бись. Чётко! Умеете! Могёте!

Annie : Is that even possible?? Bravo! ....Pilot to Airline boss: Can I get a pay rise NOW?!

aaronomahony1095 : This wouldn't have happened if the runway had a gun

Mitchell Rogers : Amazing landing, well done lady😀

turbulencja : How you know that's good landing? It was against Boeing Manual, Airbus Manual, generally completely wrong... with danger of damage in landing gear... If we assume that good landing is when aircraft can taxi without full power it was perfect landing :)

Steve : Good flying by the pilot. That's experience coming through.

Casual Observer : Been through a landing like that... The passengers started applauding afterwards. I had a little brown stain in my undies.

Theoriginalct Theoriginalct : Holy $hit! Chuck Norris flies planes?

Brian Buckmaster : That was a textbook crosswind landing - great job!

Николай К : Пилот молодец. Но стоит ли рисковать жизнями? Я считаю бредом посадку в таких метеоусловиях.

Андрон Андроидов : Классно, хули ещё скажешь! (Cool!)

FoxTV : Ебанистически нереально круто! Учитывая сколько ты сзади себя жизней ведёшь. И это даже не автомобиль, а здоровая хуйня с крыльями в воздухе, качающаяся на сильном ветру!

Александр Творец : Восхищён мастерством и мужеством пилотов ! Герои ! Молодцы ребята ! Плавных взлётов и мягких посадок вам !

Anirudha Rayakar : Landing skills to the extent of perfection...... WOW

O X : Thats a Great pilot!

b0wgey : It's like Tokyo drift in a plane

MaliKA : wow! this amazing!! congrats pilot

Yari S. : LANDED LIKE AN OG (like a boss)... I used to work for them FLIGHT ATTENDANT "in the world of TUI" 👍💓

Jon Lowing : A beautiful thing to watch!

Hook Eat Up : As a pilot, I know she's seen this video and thinks: (I should have kicked out the crab earlier and landed square)

tucker3601 : Hope this guys my pilot for my upcoming 14 hour flight

Marina : После докторов и врачей .по мне .гениальные это пилоты..какие они молодцы!

Craig Purvis : Superb airmanship! I can't see an autopilot pulling that off. Soft landing too! Text book.

Poh Seng Wong : Hats off ! ♥

BIG Sergey : Вы че ебанулиьс-обычная посадка с боковым ветром, угол относительно осевой линии ВПП называется углом упреждения, да он тут достаточно большой но в этом нет ничего сложного и необычного

EarlyTrail ET : I think i can land the plane to, but im not sure about it, maybe if i try it, and really really do my best?!

C. Lassard : Wooooooooow! 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

lexas : Always amazes me how the undercarriage doesn't break.

Rusty Shackelford : BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO

xtreme1982641 : Pay that pilot millions in cash 💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵

Robert Martin : BOSS 😎

Victor Grasscourt : I think some credit is also due to the ability of the 757 to have enough control to land in such a crosswind

Nora Sheffield : To top it of, this is a FEMALE PILOT! Not a single MALE pilot circling in the stacks would attempt to land!! Amazing Women!!

Gan Freeman : я когда с друзьями нахуярюсь водяры в падике, так же домой захожу.

HybridChoky : WOW!!!

Robert PINTO : A hero pilot as far as I'm concerned.

MrGraymo : Wow awesome female pilot 👍

ontheedge33371 : Nice work :)

Matty Ed : Like a Boss.

Djone Tan : wow.. brave pilot

Naty Shi : I can hear all the passengers clapping

АиМ : Ахренеть из самолета потом устали кирпичи выгружать!!!

OceanSeaMaster : Misleading Tittle...it should read: "Airbus A320 advanced flybywire systems keeps it cool during heavy crosswinds" EAT IT