BBC's Perfect Human Body

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c : how the perfect human body gonna not have all the benefits of melanin they playing games lol im sleep

Ahkilalah : The legs are better equipped for women to jump to conclusions

Ronasia : This is an episode of Black Mirror

PrezSteej : If she got that swan lung, she can do that swan neck boiiiii

Robert Roy : I think I just threw up 🤮

ryan veira : I died at how many times they replayed "beneath her breastless chest"

Front Page : What in the lord of the rings is this? SMH 🤢

E. Seraphim : But it can still get skin cancer for lack of melanin.

Daniel C : Why her ears look like dat for snitching 😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣

Brainy : The perfect body can't breastfeed her child ?

TaiTai : Congrats on the Showtime deal ballbags!! Hope we still get YouTube clips of the new show once it’s out. Also hope there’s a bigger table in that contract.

c : nah fam chill

your mother's favorite. : so....the perfect human body has animal parts. lol gtfoh

PrometheuzReturns : A chokeproof windpipe..... I'm out.... *ROFL *DEAD!!!!!!!

TheDinomite360 : She watched the movie *SPLICE* and said *"AIGHT BET"*

Jeremy Holloway : White skin and a dog heart. That sounds about white.

Burnt Nike Sock : "Underneath her breast-less chest...." Mero: "0_0 *Her What* ...oh, I'm out"

You All Ready Know : Fucking yakubians

Anthony Sclafani : *if she has a "breastless chest," why is she wearing a shirt?* 🤔🤔🤔

Dam Pham a.k.a. Buc Nasty : Yakubians pushing the agenda to a whole new level.

Tianna Perry : *Mero is so happy to shock and appall someone. He acts like he won a prize lol **4:31*

Alex Povich : "It has a choke-free neck" "Im out" LMAO agreed

Andrea624 : Another unrealistic body expectation for women 😂

Memo C : Lmao what in the world of war craft

BITCOIN KUSH : Showtime gonna get so many more subscribers just cause the brand is so strong and viceland gonna be straight garbage when they leave.

C RICH : Yo Fam there's saliva falling on me 😂😂😂😂😂

Ty Holmes : Plastic surgeons in Miami about to get some WILD requests

Ocean City : Alien invader reveal, operation desensitized humans

Carlos : "a choke proof windpipe" Desus: I'm out dead

Jai T : only white people see themselves as the “prefect human” while they’re skin burns in the sun.

ELON PUFF : That's a soulless ginger with crab feet

Alex Davinci : Lol nah, this just one of them mf’s fetish

Jai T : 3:20 The prefect human has no lips🤔🤣

mrschrisbrown416 : Sansa Stark and Gollum's daughter is out here living her best life. Get it Sis.🤣🤣🤣

Einhänder Zero : If that thing were real it wouldn’t even be human, let alone the perfect human...

AllHailCell : That title is WILD.

Shane S : How tf is a perfect human body made up of animal parts?

ArhGee : That body is not superior... like WTF. Look at it! It has weak knees, no ankles. Sure it can run faster, but it's can't walk/run from the time I wakes up till the time it falls asleep. Fun fact, Human beings technically are the fastest land animal, as long as the distance is far enough. Human leg joint and S curve backs mean we have near unlimited endurance if in good enough shape. Also those legs and feet mean this superior human can no longer climb or swim well. Also that body has sacrificed all of it raw lifting strength. Weak knees. Humans have a powerful frame, just like other Apes. But why would you go with the stronger C shaped back of a Chimp, that is good for climbing trees, if you add feet/legs that can't climb? This thing is more like a gazelle or rodent.

Sonya Jackson : That Great Dane comment took me out💀 Also Mero’s laugh😛😍

Chris Hernandez : Yakubians needa stop 😂 imagine how much was invested into this "project" that coulda gone to something more productive

MR J : Congrats bodega boys on the new show. With that being said it's a no for me dog. Look like an impala or something. Ima stick to sista with melanin.

BLVCK Atlantian : That is what nightmares are made of

B1 Intellectual X : Prefect Body Shaming

ahegao kill yourself : Yo, fo'real R.I.P X

yeahmicah : Death Stranding looks amazing.

Marvin the Martian : What's the red hairs function?

mike pride : Slobber from the toppy dropping on the baby's head!!!! I'm dead hahahaha!!!

Lashae January : I see you got your 3 toes done, looking good looking good lmao

C S : I see y'all going back to the rawness of the DvM days on this clip! Lmao I guess it's the last hoorah! What's Vice gonna do; tell y'all to chill? Fire you?

John Nada : I read the title wrong