Snapchat vs Instagram | R.C. Startup Rap Battles

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Dr.Schrutes : What the fuck, no uploads in 5 years, and then yesterday I had the chorus from the Mac or Pc rap in my head, and now an upload. I'm not saying i'm God but I might be

Frak Music : Was hella fun snappin in this one

Ty Turner : Holy shit it's been a minute haha I subbed in middle school. Glad to see a new upload!

Justin Devessia : really good rhymes. crazy that when mac v pc came out, instagram and snap didn't even exist

PandaGirlNewYork 5780 : Insta won

Katie Walker : Snap

Eric Kraus : Damn snap destroyed this one

Christ Representers Praise dancers : Intsagram

A1000wtp : Elon musk vs the "big 3"

Giovanni Ezeigbo : Snapchat wins well done am a big fan of snapchat

Ultimate Savage : Snap

KingShoter007 : Wow, after 5 years of inactivity, Pantless Knights are back. Well, under a new channel name. Actually, is anyone from the original team still present?

OT4KUBoi : both loose because of privacy guidelines

sissy lala : snap

cocamoca : #snapchat

Largepro21 : #ig

Nour for Gaming : Snapchat is the best app all the other app copy Snapchat