BTS: Boy with Luv (Live) - SNL

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hankakah : I'm 63, and remember when the Beatles were on the Ed Sullivan Show. It was then that they got America's attention. This SNL performance reminds me of that. More Americans now know about BTS. What I love about them is that they perform a new song, and it's immediately catchy. They perform their choreography, their singing, their style, their charisma shows, unlike some artist just singing a new song , this is like a concert. It also made me realize that I don't like rap or hip hop, not into those girly boy bands, but this band has won me over. They are not the stereotypical boy band which only attracts teenage girls, they actually are someone I would like go to see. Kudos to BTS to becoming the next world wide phenomena we can now call BTSmania. Give a like if you are 40+ and listen to them now, I really am interested in knowing how much of the older generation is listening in on them now.

Denies Priantinah : I'm 45 yo and lecturer in university. I enjoy BTS music so much.. Nothing but big respect to the very talented, hard working, good singers and great dancers like them.. and yeah, good looking too.. What a teamwork.. They brighten my days, I feel happier when listening to their music..

Baking Koala : Not a fan, but their songs and the way they dance are quite entertaining,

TheJellyFish1000 : New ARMY here! Just have to hide it from the wife.

Decimo : i'm not gay but heck i'm always get mesmerized by v's looks especially now with the blue hair. he's my bias too and been fanboying this group over a year ago.

dreåming dølån : I'm starting to fall in love with these guys aaahhhh

Done with life : Saw this on trending and damn they sing live too.

문선영 : I am a Korean. There are lots of boy groups in Korea. But BTS is special, so special.

AJL : It's not a surprise that these handsome boys sell out world tour stadiums, arenas etc

참망치 : I'm 50 years old, but I love them BTS ARMY

SY P : Wow this boy group from South Korea slayed it

Andreea Z. : Jimin dancing with a hand in his pocket is a goddam mood 😂

Kendra Clo : After seeing this performance, I'm officially a girl with luv!

fleet : I made my mom watch this and she immediately fell in love with BTS.

Sniper CRAM : Wow!? How can they sing and dance at the same time???

you gotnojams : as a Korean, I’ve never imagined that I’d see Emma Stone introduce BTS... feeling so weird but proud of them at the same time!

MUBM ZEAAZAJ : I'm 59 years old,but despite at my age,I like BTS, I love their songs.The songs are amazing as they are.And BTS аre cool dancing

Janet Lamont : Saw these guys in concert in 2017 with my daughter! They are so talented and gorgeous. They also love and appreciate their fans! Always will be an ARMY mom!

Karyn Smith : These young men are phenomenal. One if not the best SNL musical performance ever. Bravo BTS

Muhiim Khadar : I am proudly saying I am a new army😍😍😍😍

nerdy bird : they have such a charismatic heart-fluttering presence on stage its INSANE and also AMAZING

Touma Joon : This is better and different than any other kpop act.

boi : The live band really makes the song better!

Mecredes S : So impressed with their talent, charisma and performance! Amazing!

Carole M : Dang, this song is really addicting. Love, love, love it !!

redlexus04 : Great performance!!! That being said, I ain't blind and at 31, I wanna cougar the hell out of all seven of them😎

Dragoneel Natsu : Not a fan. But looks like I have to check them out. Their choreography is really amazing.

doctor leaf : They look so happy performing this song and it's so contagious.

BTS WEBTOON : I'm from the United States and a Mexican-American 19 years old been a fan of BTS since 2015 so 4 years now soon to be 5 years. Edit again:OMG wow thank you

dreåming dølån : I feel like this is the one song that's turning non-armies around like I always thought they were overrated but I'm starting to see why people like them so much. They're so sweet and humble!

FUGP : Haven't seen a performance like that on SNL since Neil Young's Rockin' in the Free World.

gali : one of the best performances on this show. this and mic drop made me a fan!!

bryan isr : im just so happy that a different language is being showcased on SNL. and well, .. because BTS.

Maxmilian Schönbäck : i didnt like the orignial much but this instrumental version is pretty good

Alan C : This is by far the easiest choreo they have of all their songs. But yet majority of other “boy bands” would struggle doing the dance and sing live. Shows how talented they are

spiegel : As a middle aged white guy, they make me wish I was a 25 year old in K-pop boy band. Looks like fun.

The Bear : Now I see why BTS are so popular

Anna Banana : Jimin is just overflowing with sexiness

Des Sky : Damn they FINE AF.. never been so impressed by a boyband

Harmonia Ares : For people who don’t understand their success or why their fans are so devoted. When you first discover BTS, it’s normally via a song that you quite like. When you delve further, you will find there is an amazing 6 year back catalogue of such high quality music, it feels like you’ve found buried treasure. I’ve got 80 tracks on my BTS playlist and they’re all so unique and different. And this is just the music, haven’t even mentioned the amazing choreography that accompanies it

Marti : I'm not really a fan and definitely not a part of the "Army"(?), but I have a ton of respect for groups like them because they all have to work really hard to be idols. Like being good and singing, dancing, and public appearances is pretty amazing and we don't have the same standards here in the US.

Habibi K : I came from Korea in the 70s and experienced a lot of ignorant racism and now I’m hearing a Korean song on snl? Thank you!!!!

Laura Kyoko : Im 45 years old and love BTS! Army!

Porsha Lewis : I was half asleep when I saw this performance the first time live but even in my hazy state I was blown away. It was like a dream.

Rikuri Sakurakouji : BTS sing and dance LIVE are very awesome and stable. They dont lipsinc. For me this is the best Live eventhough the set is so small .

Shayndel Tan : Even though they were dancing and jumping around they still sound so great im proud to be a army.

The Venom : i love how this choreography is so carefree. the song sounds so good with a live band!

Fitria khusnul khotimah : The best part is : they really enjoy the performance, all smile for the whole song...and the live music making it better

LJENNY : I love Ji-min's dance and voice (pink hair).