Touring A Massive $188 Million California Mega Mansion | Ryan Serhant Vlog #038

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Ryan Serhant gets a chance to tour one of the most expensive mansions in the United States. From helicopters on the roof to suitcases made out of extremely rare stones, Ryan gives you an inside look at the 8th wonder of the work. 924 Bel Air Rd ORDER MY BOOK SALES & BUSINESS HERE: DON’T FORGET TO FOLLOW ME: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Website: ----- Ryan Serhant began his first day in the real estate business on September 15, 2008 – the same day that Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy in the wake of the subprime mortgage collapse. While the real estate sector has steadily recovered, Serhant himself has quickly become one of the most successful brokers in the world, with agents under his leadership in New York City, Los Angeles, Miami and the Hamptons. The Serhant Team has been named by WSJ Real Trends as the #1 real estate team in New York for two years in a row, and the #2 team in the country, selling close to $1 billion in real estate last year. Ryan is consistently the youngest broker to make the Journal’s top ten list each year. Ryan stars in the popular Bravo series “Million Dollar Listing New York,” which just wrapped its seventh season. On September 18, 2018 – the week of his 10-year anniversary in real estate – he will debut his first book, Sell It Like Serhant. When pre-sales were announced, Ryan was #1 on Amazon’s daily list of “Movers and Shakers.” As star and producer, this year he also debuted his new Bravo show, "Sell It Like Serhant," started a successful vlog ( and launched an app (Agent Empire: NYC). There is nothing Ryan can't do. His motto communicates his professional and personal philosophy, "Expansion. Always. In all ways."


Emil : Ironically, the one thing missing from that house is the genuine feeling of a home.

George Boulos : The toilet probably flushes with purified Swiss Alps spring water.

M0NK3Y - : Me: Honey we got 2 million dollars, we could buy a nice house The realtor: So do you want the bathroom or the staircase

? : When you need to go to school but it takes 30 mins too get out of your house..

Leol Paladin : G1: This is the rug G2: Crazy G1: This is my butt G2: Insane

jman : Him: Hey hunny! Meet me in the 17th guest bedroom! Her: Sure! Let me get an Uber!

Spirit Wolf : Guy1:This is my Poop Guy2:That's insane

Andrew Zavala : Guy1: this is the wood floor Guy2: That's insane

Andrew Zavala : Guy1: This is the toilet Guy2: That's insane

te0pa0k : quick drinking game , take a shot everytime this dude says the words : insane ,crazy , speechless

Hossein Nadimi : Guy 1: the house comes with a 2 liter Pepsi Guy2: that’s inane!!

Brandone : Guy 1: "Here's my toothbrush." Guy 2: "That's crazy!"

Michael Walsemann : I would not feel comfortable in this indecent luxury.

AKM : The plan Meet someone rich Be his bestfriend Let him buy it Be the allen to Charlie in "Two in half men" show ..

cuntxcore : All the Louis Vuitton and brand logos everywhere make the house look so tacky lol

Mladen Milosavljevic : "watching super bowl with 40 of your closest friends" That pretty much sums up my impression of owner of this house. Deluded.

Melaninbae 14 : I love how there’s just casually playing beyonce in the background

Raul Bura : Serious buyer here, I’ve got air pods to prove it I have just 1 question: Is there a bus stop nearby because I need to be in McDonald’s pretty early for my morning shifts

Tupac Shakur : You can rob his bathroom and make millions

Mike Hawk : Rick: best i could do is 50 dollars, i mean i'd have to package it and it would take 6-8 months to get it ready for auction.

EJ games : Guy1:this is my chair Guy2:thats insane!!

hiems : Guy 1: The toilet can flush. Guy 2: THATS INSANE!

S.K Skittles : Judge: I'll Send u to house arrest Me: ok

Kana : "40 of your closest friends" I can barely count 4 closest friends

Head Banga : I bet like most construction workers/construction company owners, are looking at this and laughing how overpriced it is.

Vile Nation Gaming : 40 of your closest friends. 10 years later goes broke. Cant find 3 "Friends" to help you move.

717 famous : What’s the use for that many bathrooms🤣😂🤔

Jonnie Brim : That one CLOSET was bigger then my entire apartment

Car TV : This mansion looks like a typical gta 5 players house!

Team VICEION : I wouldnt dare to play hide and seek there😂

Captain T-Rex : Such beautiful houses I’m not even worthy to step in

Dillon Jaglal : No One: At 3:30, as soon as I saw that bag I was sold.....

Y 27 : Imagine having this house but having no friends, that must feel terrible. If i buy this house, i’ll make sure i have plenty of fvcking friends first!!! Haha

Beer Money Forum : I don't like it because there's no airport for my private jet I don't have.

Nick Sitro : "Rich people who buy expensive boats are dumb" "Here's a half a million dollar sink"

n0ztic : Realtor: "So this is water" Ryan: "INSANE"

SweetPea Gaming : We're watching this although we could never afford this in a lifetime

Moonlitshadow0929 : i dont blame the dude for saying" thats crazy "every 2 seconds id say it too if a pillow there costed more than my rent !

Zakatak : 90% useless art 10% house

Ayush Gupta : The big thing is that the house is occupied by someone!!😂

John Irk : Does the owner even have AirPods? Broke boi🤘🤤😏😘🤑🤑🤑

Imo Bach : Crazy, insane, crazy, insane. ..needs some vocabulary

lvl. 4999 Soldier : If I ever live there, I'd carry around a map all the time. 100000000000000000 IQ

OG Anvel : Their like Only 188,000,000 Million Me: *._.* _Cant even afford McDonalds_

Lucas Mckenzie : Or you could get 180 million chocolate bars. Are you spending your money right?

brace face ïndy : "Having 40 of your closest friends"

Unnamed Profile : "So you're watching the Super Bowl with 40 of your closest friends" Are you kidding me? 40 of your closest friends????? 40???????????

DavisAutoSports : Someone give that guy another adjective.

Razz : the staircase is worth more than my 2 houses. lol