Touring A Massive $188 Million California Mega Mansion | Ryan Serhant Vlog #038

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Ryan Serhant : First person to accurately count how many times I say the word "Crazy" in this video gets a free signed book and a video message from yours truly ;)

DavisAutoSports : Someone give that guy another adjective.

AzureDog49891 : When a sink is worth more then your house 😂

A A : You can rob his bathroom and make millions

Zakatak : 90% useless art 10% house

Guanskies : Why do I feel like the guy is just throwing out random high price numbers lol 😂 “ oh you like that? It’s 4 million dollars”

Beer Money Forum : I don't like it because there's no airport for my private jet I don't have.

Manpreet Sahota : “Watch the Super Bowl with 40 of your closest friends” lmao bish I have 4. 😂😂😂

Hidde Emmen : Maybe if all of my friends put all of our money together we could rent that house for an hour

D R : Just bought it today. They gave me a 10% discount.

David D : I honestly, HONESTLY would rather have the 188 million dollars to use going around the country in an RV helping make people's dreams come true.

Wealthbuilderz TV : What in the world do you do with 21 bathrooms 🚽?

iAm : When the architect designs an amazing house but the one who decorates completely fuck it up... Like really, the decoration of this house is way overly saturated to the point it actually kills the cozyness of the home. Even if I was a trillionaire, I couldn't live here.

Ryan Boniello : This degree of unnecessary wealth display suggests a deeply incomplete person... who tf needs this

zahk k. : use code james for 10% off

wickywills : The porn I would watch in that cinema room...

sam : ok but does it have a dedicated jerk off room

Monda Chewon : On the post card it says $250m and now he’s selling it fir $188m... $62 m less!!! Wow that’s real depreciation... something tells me it ain’t a good buy!!!

CusWeAre : This whole house is way too impersonal. If I had this, I wouldn’t sleep or live in it, maybe just use it to host social parties so everyone else can enjoy the cool shit.

Alexandra Shaw : it's so sterile and cold. I'd never want to live here.

dappa311 : This is what you do when you have as much money as a small countries gdp . Too much money and nothing to do with it but to build things that aren’t really practical ,but for the sake of shocking and awing those who are less fortunate. Carry on.

Car TV : This mansion looks like a typical gta 5 players house!

Sofia D'Acquisto : Why can’t people like this pay for my college tuition

DeeP`-_PerspectivE : definitely a house to be a get rich fast - die young person. I couldn't imagine a respectful , highly skilled and intelligent person who made their money out the mud.... wanting to buy this money pit of a house. Rather i could see a rock star or rap 'artist' who went from 0 to headlines in a years time buying this house and inviting different thottianias every night railing lines off their ass while on a cocktail of xanax , oxy , and valiums.

ArshKFilms : I could probably make a mansion 100x better with that much money

Warren Currier : Interesting how these people filmed this on a totally overcast day. Overall the entire place is a pathetic like so many people in LA.

Maximus ! : Money doesn't buy happiness. It buys freedom.

Biduut Entertainment Limited : Did anyone counted how many times Ryan says "Crazy or Insane" LOL

kunal gawade : This is more like a resort than a private house 😂😂🤣

TheTigerZoey : I will need 188 b views to afford this house

Anthony Bortolazzo : Jesus...who needs to live like this

urmaker : Personally, If I were to spend $188 Million on a house I would want to design it from the ground up. This one is amazing. Just not my kind of thing. Well, obviously with a price tag like that!

smart water : So many people Coping by saying "it doesn't feel like home" " it's too big" lol

Nicole Collins : Holy mylanta that house is amazing. You will never even have a need to leave that house. The only that's missing is a Starbucks and a Target.

Jason O leary : $188 million and no private stripclub????

twisted1800 : His comments were, "INSANE, CRAZY, AWESOME, INSANE, CRAZY lmao

Linkmon99 : It’s amazing, but there’s so many unnecessary parts in there that drive up the value a ton by themselves (like the $2M staircase, that price can purchase a literal mansion in itself). Still I guess if you’re a multibillionaire then it’s whatever 🤯

Chanse Fyffe : You can't buy taste


EnergyShock : I hope if I become any type of rich, I don’t develop trash art taste. Just because you’re rich doesn’t mean you know art. Sure, you can *buy* art, but you don’t know what you’re looking at lmao

Patrick Barnes : The price of this home is laughable. 2 million for stairs? Lol pass!! The biltmore estate would cost only 168 million to build and thats way more impressive.

Nate O'Brien : Imagine the tax bill on a place like that...

Thomas Mattson : If I hear "that's crazy" or " that's insane" again today anywhere I think my head will explode. If I was the realtor I would have thrown him into the pool, and said no that's insane.

Mark E : 5:10 right on point.

Apollo Brown : you know the price of everything...but you dont know the value of NOTHING,....

Gabriel Braido : There should be a Walmart inside the house

Silent Hill : That's not a house, its a freaking Mall !!


Ar Hu : Lmao I just wanna know who chose Beyoncé to be the music in the background

David Burton : Proof once again that money can’t buy taste