Touring A Massive $188 Million California Mega Mansion | Ryan Serhant Vlog #038

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Ryan Serhant : First person to accurately count how many times I say the word "Crazy" in this video gets a free signed book and a video message from yours truly ;)

Car TV : This mansion looks like a typical gta 5 players house!

Advested _ : I guess it's cool Already built it in Minecraft though

Poppa Doodle : Bald guy: My father was shot and killed in this mansion. Ryan: That's cRaZy aNd inSanE.

spllitz : My gta house is bigger. Gg

Kana : "40 of your closest friends" I can barely count 4 closest friends

Beer Money Forum : I don't like it because there's no airport for my private jet I don't have.

Elwène Llp : Am I the only one who doesn't really see the point with that house ? I mean it's a great house, it looks nice and everything but I would be scared to even walk on the floor because everything costs millions. And it's a house, sure, but it's definitively not a home. I wouldn't want put such a huge amount of money in a place that feels cold an distant and doesn't feel like home. Maybe it's just me. I don't know

chettee : And how much is the house without all this tasteless stuff?

Jenix Lifestyle : The fastest bike in the world stands on a stage inside a room and probebly will never be sad

David Canada 1975 : If I won that Mega Millions Jackpot for $1.6 Billion I wouldn't buy this House I'll have my own Mega Mansion built from the ground up for $20 million and it would look way better than this House!!😂😂 👌🏽💵💲💳💰💯

DavisAutoSports : Someone give that guy another adjective.

Darubah : Tasteless, tacky and "modern" are the words that immediatly come to mind. 2Mil. staircase that looks like it's a 5$ bargain find. Sorry to break it to you, but Louis Vuitton does not equal good taste. The entire house sadly screams made envisioning what someone would spend close to 200million $ on. But the polished steel doesn't invite anyone, it's just like buying a hospital. Sterile and unpersonal. If i had 200mil to spend on a house i'd most definately just pass through this in 5min and go: nah.

TexasTakeover : 2:18 he wipes his boogers on the stone

Pandarrow : Lets face it. No one's gonna buy this Edit Thanks for beating my likes record of 88

mashroob : And then it burns in the wildfires... Womp, womp...

Wealthbuilderz TV : What in the world do you do with 21 bathrooms 🚽?

Lordnoah7 : "This house has everything.." *wheres the water slide*

m.r soh : Too many toilets for a one "Ass hole". Oh sorry i forgot the 40 close friends.

Kriz Garcia : 300 grand sink 4dollar mic for the video haha

Ryan Michael : If GTA 5 has taught me anything, I know I'd need to start gun running or selling drugs on a massive level to afford this place. Or spend $1,000 on Shark Cards.

Maximus ! : Money doesn't buy happiness. It buys freedom.

steve stiffler : Has it burnt Down yet?

Peter Martin : 80k for a boat anchor???

Skitorial : Lots of people are criticizing this house as if they wouldn’t want to live there... come on.

xman870096 : That house is cold and lifeless and has no soul; you couldn't pay me to live there.....

urmaker : Personally, If I were to spend $188 Million on a house I would want to design it from the ground up. This one is amazing. Just not my kind of thing. Well, obviously with a price tag like that!

Valentino Rabanne : Who cares? Be content in life with what you have. Money comes and goes. Keep it in perspective

Peter Martin : Sell one house like that and you can retire comfortably on the commission.

Mudri : For all those "Noone will buy this" comments: people who can buy this don't waste time on youtube.

Delightful Experience ASMR : While Beyonce is casually playing in the background

Linkmon99 : It’s amazing, but there’s so many unnecessary parts in there that drive up the value a ton by themselves (like the $2M staircase, that price can purchase a literal mansion in itself). Still I guess if you’re a multibillionaire then it’s whatever 🤯

wirina holstein : Its like walking through a hotel lobby, glass, shiny surfaces, clean cold curves and shapes and weird tasteless art that makes everything even worse. And then the giant pool with a beach club length of sun chairs and the rows of table inside the hall/foyer/hotel lobby/entre/whatever you would call walking into that house. It looks like an entire dining area for a mall or something or like a study hall with all those table and chairs. The odd stone sculptures are just .. odd and without any artistic idea or red line through other them being stone and expensive. Its all too weird. How would one decide which chair to choose in front of the pool and which table to eat at and where to go in that huge house and which area to hang out in ? I mean its not even a home its like a model of something more like it?

Beardmania : Tear this motherfucker down and build some real houses. An entire neighborhood could be built over this waste of space.

Giovanni R Alejo : Wheres the kitchen so my gf can make me a sandwich

OreoMask : I probably couldn't even afford the rain that falls on the building

Dick Cheneh : ok but does it have a dedicated jerk off room

HOW TO EARN FROM 1000 DOLLARS A DAY : Thank you for the useful video!

supgod : 5:00 he is an expenive asf mansion and this is what he does???

Robnekaj : Jesus, Ryan needs to stop looking over his shoulder... Looks disrespectful like he is looking for something more interesting.

Jazmin L : I don’t know why but it seems tacky and cold to me. The huge LV syringe doesn’t help, logos cheapen everything.

Silent Hill : That's not a house, its a freaking Mall !!

Sarah E : This house is definitely a house I wouldn't want to live in. A modern house is nothing but glass, pools, hot tubs, and Jacuzzis. Unless the room is in the middle of the house, there is almost no privacy. Even if I just want to sit down outside there will always be a feeling inside of me that I'm being watched. Id rather buy a $500k house with rooms that aren't blinding white and full of glass. Not to mention the onyx is in the most random places ever. Decorating is fine with me, its just the fact that there's random giant cameras and walls of onyx all around the house. The bathrooms feel uncomfortable and the rooms look like plain hotels with no taste. The world has more colors than white. These houses make me feel better that my room is pink filled with girlish furniture.

ReFuR : Weird flex but ok.

AnonymousNoName : Imagine living alone there...😂

T Kh : Even if someone is worth more than a 100 billions, I still don't get it why would anyone want to live in that freaking mansion!! It really is not meant to be occupied by a person. It's cool to shoot movies inside it though. Anyway, I guess capitalism also has its own downs sometimes. What a waste of capital indeed... Sad!

Lester Diaz : Nice, 21 different bathrooms where you could cry, one each day for the crazy bastard that spends $188 million. If I work really hard on my channel and online business I know one day I’ll be able to afford that custom made bathroom sink 😂

Daniel Bochkov : If u can listen closely you can hear my non existent bank account crying in the background 😭

Сергей Волков : Why you didn't show personal zoo?

J A : biggest problem with the house is what makes it impressive - it is custom and full of expensive furnishings which cannot be easily disposed, but anyone paying 188mils will want to redo the place to put in their own stamp. so sale unlikely.