Look At My Horse Song! {HD}

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Канал Глюка : *Перевод просто сводит с ума))))))*

lily de fina : My crush was singing this at school....

Andrew Bowers : What is this and why is this

frying pan : im in this part of youtube again

chitin122 : that part of youtube again...

n y o o m !!!! : It's the Jean Kirstein song

pikapikachu99 : God i remember how popular this was when i was in like 5th or 6th grade, everyone ran around singing it

Mad Hatter : Crack brings me to interesting places.

DuQey : "Come on, Roach!"

Lyrakae : so this is what youtube in 2012 looked like....

Tôkugawa : Look at my horse, my horse is amazing Give it a lick Hmm, It tastes just like raisins I have a stroke of it's mane It turnes into a plane And then it turns back again When you tug on it's winky Ohh that's dirty Do you think so? Well I'd better not show you where the lemonade is made Sweet lemonade Mmm sweet lemonade Sweet lemonade Yeah sweet lemonade Get on my horse I'll take you round the universe And all the other places too I think you'll find that the universe pretty much covers everything Shut up woman get on my horse!

Laitoshoe : Jacksepticeye anyone?

Lucas Mueller : I looked at the horse. You happy now? Lol.

Lola Woes : i miss this song so much

Joseph Mort : I kinda want a mug with "Horse Pop" on it...

ManolisGr2001 : i came here because of Full Movement Speed Hecarim :3

Nord : I came here from a porno... Don't ask

Zoey Berrier : I was coming to show this to my 8 year old sister until his "winky" popped out...

JohannesGames04 : am i the only one who hates the voice of that woman?

Angel : LOL Kotilainen17 on YT brought me here lol (troll video 5)

MostlyAFK : why is everyone trying to show their kids that are under the age lololol

NextGenRager : Who came here because of Jack?!

Maya Salfarlie : me: *puts arm around Jean* Jean: uhhhhh wha- me: *points to jean* LOOK AT MY HORSE MY HORSE IS AMAZING

comatose kitty : Here from Efukt?

Aby : Jean's theme song

RenOfRBLX (MLG) : SMG4 Here

алекс угрантович : Who is from 2016?

Teebs : Pineapple apple pen has NOTHING on this, this right here is what dreams are made of.

MDLGaming75 : this is what Albert Einstein listened to before he wrote the bible.

LARA 00 : from attack on titan on crack😂

its-not-my-fault : This is Hecarim's song

PotatoGhoul : Eren: Hey Jean listen to this song Eren: LOOK AT MY HORSE, MY HORSE IS AMAZING Jean: *Input Armin scream*

LampY : #tanarurtwitch

Christian Vogt : 36 and finding this funny, what does this say about me?.

MrNastyMind : "Ooooh that's dirty" - reminds GIR from Invader Zim O_o

coolcupcakes 89 : watch at 0.75

Brenden Dusen : everything in this song is sick

Reavan07 : Still a classic

mpitt0730 : "Shut up Woman get on my horse!" Hahahahahahaha

LouTheLoo : one of the best internet songs ever

SushaMusha : It is bueatiful!!

Yyyyzyyy : Um, wow. I am a kindergarten teacher and I thought this would be a cute video to play for my students before recess. Little did I know how inappropriate this video was. When the "winky" shot out of the horse's underside, some of the students started crying. I tried to stop it but the computer malfunctioned and the volume only went up, while the "winky" part kept looping over and over. I have received dozens of angry letters from parents and I am under review. This video is disgusting and should be taken down.

FAKENEWS : Nostalgia ... straight fire

Russian Beaver : Category: *c o m e d y*

de3nnie : play this at 2x speed xD

scoot life : i almost pissed my pants watching this

gflol : Castro_1021 m8

Radosso : Bardzo Fajne

VLADY 666 : 2018 anyone

Kelly Addison : Great! I went to show this to my 1 year old cousin thinking it was for kids till the horses winky popped out !?!?! .... never laughed so much in my life :')