We Are Number One live but it's the live version with a interview 12.11.16

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On December 11th we hosted a live event with a reunion of the cast members of Lazy Town performing the song We Are Number One. More then 50.000 people watched the event in a live streaming on Facebook. "This is going down in history". This event was hosted by Stefan Karl Stefansson the actor who played Robbie Rotten in the kids TV show Lazy Town and Lazy Town composer Mani Svavarsson. This event was organized to honor all the meme artists and fans out there who have made the song WE ARE NUMBER ONE legendary, also as a big thank you to all the supporters who have donated to Stefan Karl in his cancer battle through his https://www.gofundme.com/2tm9tqk page set up by his friends. SUBSCRIBE


Luky Duky King of the Duks : R.I.P Stefan Karl Stefansson A great man From July 1975 to August 2018 Loved by all A truly amazing man May he rest in peace He is with God now

Random Person Who likes Memes : "Dont cry because it's over, Smile because it happend." -Dr.Seuss

- Xirus : "this is going down in history" it sure is...

Peri : "This is going down in history" R.I.P Stefan Karl

DinoCola : You either die a villain, or live long enough to see yourself become the hero ❤

Original Shitposter : I can’t be the only one that comes back to this video just to remember the good old days.

Nadieyya 61 : 16:05: " Oh,look, he change His voice"<3 16:11:"No......This can't be possible" :0 16:15:"Yes,it Is " :')

xT Alex : Hey guys, when i die i want his autograph in heaven

Chain Pain : Whoever disliked have no souls and are going helll burn he did nothing to upset u

Damn Dog Games : The shows villain. Our hero. Good bye villain number 1 :(

I am a disappointment to my parents : We got you to a million after all, you were always meant to be number one. Rest In Peace, Master of Trickery

zellty : I got chills when I saw him so vibrant. I watched lazy town for all of my early years, and I just want to say RIP

AND : Memes, such a powerful but non lethal weapon. A wepon that can cause destruction or can create something amazing. I watch memes instead of news or other types of media's because they just criticising everything.

Waluigi : My hero. My inspiration. My father.

pitioti : this warm my hearts everytime I see them so happy in the end X3

RedExtream Xl : R.I.P Stefan Karl stefenson The number one memer of all time. He was the light that killed the darkness in my heart -This is go in down in history You shall always be remembered in our hearts.

Agustín Ortega : I never met him, but im sure that he was one of the nicest persons that ever lived

DJGalaxee : RIP Stefan you will be extremely missed and I love all the hard work you put in for the production of lazy town and the enjoyment you put across a lot of peoples lives

Will Vogt : Absolute legend. He'll truly go down in history.


POTATA KING : RIP the old days when we used to watch this every day before the show ends Number 1 villain will stay number 1 in every one heart

Fantomex-Undertale Music,Smash Bros and More! : People may call theirself number one, but no. This, guy is NUMBER ONE! R.I.P. Stefan Karl Stefenson ❤

Tae Tae Kook 2008 : R.I.P Robbie Rotten (Stephen Karl) Best childhood villain in my 7 years ago past even today a ten year old who hasn’t forget about lazy town when she was 3

Kallantheboss 123 : The meme changed his life and he was such an amazing person

A Highly Visible Ninja : How do we know you're not just Robbie Rotten disguised as Stefan? I'm on to you, Robbie!

Meliodas :3 : *Thank you to all of you meme friends thank you so much* I am also thank you for being part of my childhood god bless your soul Mr Robbie you have a good memories of us ❤

Ivana Moon : This was in my recommend and now I'm crying

Fabio Gunanda : This should be a fun video, but why am I crying

Jota Octavius : When you’re having a bad day, just watch this. Because not even Robbie Rotten would want you to feel rotten yourself.


Mercury Shadow : This video makes me so sad considering how happy the subject matter is. The legend never dies.

товарищ мартин : If they want to make a monument for him, There isnt an amount of gold to fill his heart

Otavio Bertocco : He was a great actor He was a great vilain And He still the number one

Cornn Flaek : look at this tissue box that i just found when i say go get ready to blow

Nem0k : You either die a villain or live long enough to see yourself become a hero

Bzlongshotz : This is the most legendary event in history, Stefan was amazing

The Soviet Octopus : He will always be number one in our hearts

Darthvader 3217 : When I was a kid I actually loved Lazy town then when this was a meme I got nestalza

Eva 01 : i cried when Stefan died R.I.P

Elisma 0 : the villian of my childhood has become the hero of the rest of my life

GlossyTupa : One word: thankyoustefankarlformakingmychildhoodsoamazingwishuwereheretoday<3youwillalwaysbenumber1 :3

ABRAHAM DUNN : Rest In Peace karl be sure to teach everyone in heaven how to be number 1

Devin Bates : We miss you Stefan! You’re in a better place now!

DAT ONE BOI : You will still in our hearts...

90sGamingNetwork : This man is a hero No joke, He's a hero, surviving cancer, making kids laugh, making kids education entertaining. Thank you for being number one. EDIT:After learning of how Stefan's cancer has progressed, I wish him and his family the best of luck, and I hope he recovers soon EDIT 8/17/17 Hearing that Stefan has been healed again is a true miracle. I hope that the cancer stays away from him for good! EDIT 9/7/18 It’s clear this comment hasn’t aged well. My comments above were not meant in any way to disrespect Stefan. I’ve been meaning to get around to correcting this and it sucks having to correct it. My final condolences to Stefan and his family. myself and thousands of other people grew up watching lazytown and getting to know him. Rest easy, Mr. Number One

ItzGachaGreekFreak UwU : Rest in piece you holy man 💖

Ronnie Salazar : So heartbreaking watching this 3 years later :'( R. I.P Stefan Karl..you will always be number 1!

goth boi clique gang : You will always be loved Stefan. You Are Number 1. <3 R.I.P

Cosmic Potato : One of the only shows/companies/people who embraced becoming a meme