We Are Number One live but it's the live version with a interview 12.11.16

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DinoCola : You either die a villain, or live long enough to see yourself become the hero ❤

SkeletonSyskey : Congrats on 1 Million Subs, RIP Stefan

Enmøbiøus Fantabbles : HE DID IT!!!

ale haim : 18:35 the speech in the pewdiepie's 2018 rewind video if im correct

Xarvis90 : Stefán got his wish. He has one million subs

Grandayy : Stefan you've already gone down in history <3

Doge This! : disliking this is a sin, those 1700 people are *sinners*

Videos of adorableness Btw I'm Rohan man shakya : "Have you ever tried a disguise?" He was disguised as a villain but was really a super hero.. #bringbackrobbie

Cole S : To the 1,800 people who disliked, I will personally shit on your pillow

Shallowprune 076 : Who ever disliked this video has no heart for this man

Damn Dog Games : The shows villain. Our hero. Good bye villain number 1 :(

Logi Björnsson : My mom worked at the studio and Stefan karl had the time to play ps2 Lego games with me some times, we will never forget him 🤧😭 rip karl

nat sauce : It’s amazing that he even knows he is a meme

technoshaymin :/ : Cancer could have hit Logan Paul, Jake Paul, Justin Bieber, Jojo Siwa, or some gay pop star but no out of all the poor souls in the world it had to be Stefan. Why Lord Why?

Lishook Hearteu : *_E.U banning memes_* *Bombs E.U* "You must not ban this legend" *Mess with the legend, you'll see your end*

Bryce McKenzie : Rest in Peace, Number One.

Alaska Hunters : It’s been exactly 2 years from this, I’m crying actual tears

Sapphire-X : mom why do legends die mom: which flower would you pick in the garden me: the best one

Clarence _0703 : Even the meme is still alive And stefan died No one will forget it

GAY GAY : that like/dislike ratio is so damn low, anyone know of a lower like dislike ratio on a video similar in size

WhoPlayeditBetter : Rest in peace, legend :'(

Dill : Just 4 men having fun with a song. Makes me so happy how happy this guy was to perform and act and make children’s lives better. You’ll live on forever in the memes, Stefan

Chris Capers : In a world where you can trash anyone and dump all over people for silliness and exposure/popularity, I find this man very difficult to dislike. He's just a genuinely decent human being, which I wish we had more of.....and I wish I could be like him. Maybe if Ive stopped to imagine it, maybe theres something good in me and the world hasnt robbed me of my soul. Very sad that he died, but we all die. He lived. He accomplished things and was good.

Coral the doggo : There ain't enough people that were made into memes that are mourned THIS MUCH by the entire world. This is special kind of meme. This is the BOB ROSS of memes.

Em McClell : Trump being a meme: GET THOSE LIGHTS OFF! NO! Stefan being a meme: Thank you so much! I can’t stop commenting and crying my flipping eyes out. Gotta watch some vines- can’t watch memes, they’ll make me cry more- so I can sleep. Or watch some asmr to get me to sleep. Probably asmr cuz it’s late and I have school tomorrow. And yes there’s no way I’m gonna stop memeing

Taste : Stefan We're supposed to love when the vilain lose But this time, we only lose you, and i don't love that Make eat unhealthy foods and capture with your net those angels, buddy

Linus Newman : The cameraman is just shaking from pure joy in the presence of legends

⦃⦓𝕄𝔼𝕋𝕋𝔸𝕋𝕆ℕ 🅴🆇 ⦔⦄ : NEXT STOP 10 MILLION!!! Let's get this man a diamond play button!! <3

Waahaa _1 : Even though he was an actor. There was no act in how great he was

Miguel Aceves : don't worry guys, even though he is gone from earth he is now in heaven as everyone's guardian angel and he's protecting us as Robbie rotten

YTSunny : Farewell, Stefan. May you rest in peace.

Tanner Troolines : I was going to do a long paragraph about my sadness, but nothing can express the pain that everyone close to Stefan went through, and Stefan himself. RIP 😢😢😢

Kyle : He didn’t even put adds on this, what a man

n00ber d00ber : He might be dead but he will always live in my heart

Resold Baby : His turtleneck suits him. I wish i could give him a hug

NPT Music : Let's get him the gold play button that he wanted for his family !

Mystic Bros. : We did it. 1 million subs. Now he will forever go down in history.

ZecKcamp 4 : We finally got him his gold play button

OliFBX : R.I.P to the nicest man on the planet🙁

W0T : Don't cry because it is over. Smile because it happend. Thanks for helping me when i was sad!

PowahSlap Entertainmint : This death hit me harder than most mainstream celebrities.

Alexander Song : There are one thousand and eight hundred soulless people that disliked this video...

Rhys Crocombe : He will always be missed

used_car_salesman : Why is the camera shaking so much

Liberty Prime : Why did it have to be him?

juice : if you smile at the meme world, the meme world smiles back.

am i patrick_ : I'm so lucky I was born when he was on earth

Will Vogt : Absolute legend. He'll truly go down in history.

E H : Congratulations Stefan!

Nadieyya 61 : 16:05: " Oh,look, he change His voice"<3 16:11:"No......This can't be possible" :0 16:15:"Yes,it Is " :')