We Are Number One live but it's the live version with a interview 12.11.16

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Grandayy : Stefan you've already gone down in history <3

FireDudeYT Nothing : The earth is 4 billion years old and we lived on the same time as stefan, that's a miracle in itself

hypxx c: : He lived a villain. Died a hero.

Kane Bravo : Stefan understands internet culture better than most politicians. We make jokes, we make memes, but we do it out of love for the source material. RIP Stefan. You are Number one.

juan pablo Chacon Vargas : Don't cry because he is gone, smile because he was here :"")

DinoCola : You either die a villain, or live long enough to see yourself become the hero ❤

Enmøbiøus Fantabbles : HE DID IT!!!

Jman 51 : *Dad: why you crying so loud?* Me: watching this

Doge This! : disliking this is a sin, those 1700 people are *sinners*

FruityPuffPie FPP : He is better than Sportacus

NPT Music : Let's get him the gold play button that he wanted for his family !

Jman 51 : "We are Number One" but I'm crying during all of it

HH-Chan : If only he did a better live one in front of a stadium or half show... would have been more emotional for everyone.

technoshaymin :/ : Cancer could have hit Logan Paul, Jake Paul, Justin Bieber, Jojo Siwa, or some gay pop star but no out of all the poor souls in the world it had to be Stefan. Why Lord Why?

PORKYPINE TV : Its sad how logan paul has more subs than this guy

Bryce McKenzie : Rest in Peace, Number One.

Vaddix 99 : Why is he not at a million subs already?

Xarvis90 : Stefán got his wish. He has one million subs

SkeletonSyskey : Congrats on 1 Million Subs, RIP Stefan

Rylan Heasley : This the Hardest celebrity deaths ever bc he was so pure and thinking about the singing video makes me cry every time

Damn Dog Games : The shows villain. Our hero. Good bye villain number 1 :(

Lishook Hearteu : *_E.U banning memes_* *Bombs E.U* "You must not ban this legend" *Mess with the legend, you'll see your end*

Shallowprune 076 : Who ever disliked this video has no heart for this man

Jake Keegan : Thank you Stefan, you made my childhood. You played as a villain and died a hero. Cancer is the only villain here. Rest In Peace.

ProBlueDragonFT : A real legend who doesn't take jokes seriously. Rip Stephen Karl Stephenson

WhoPlayeditBetter : Rest in peace, legend :'(

Chris Virtuoso : 16:52 The "NO" gets me everytime! RIP Stefan, you are No. 1!


Zak 1151 : Goodbye everybody and keep memeing... rest in peace

Stars_and_Cringe 360 : 20 seconds in, and I'm already crying a little.

Taste : Stefan We're supposed to love when the vilain lose But this time, we only lose you, and i don't love that Make eat unhealthy foods and capture with your net those angels, buddy

6.18.18 : Rest in peace stefan karl <3 Let's get him to 1 million subscribers

KuragariNoKaze : RIP a man with a big heart. I just heard about his passing and it makes me sad. I loved watching LazyTown with my nieces. I hope he gets his last 51k subs. <3

Saharan Spy : Rest well, great man.

6969 Subscribers With No Videos Challenge : I love so much how he loved the memes people made for him Truly number one..... RIP :(

George Minton : In our hearts, you will always be Number One. R.I.P Stefan 😢

Dill : Just 4 men having fun with a song. Makes me so happy how happy this guy was to perform and act and make children’s lives better. You’ll live on forever in the memes, Stefan

skelts : Those 1.7k people who disliked are going to die within 5 days from one of the top 3 worst ways possible to die from except 1000 times worse and their family and friends would not care ever in history. Lets be honest

Dark Wishes : He was born a legend, & died a legend.. & out of all the legends... he will always be number one..

⦃⦓𝕄𝔼𝕋𝕋𝔸𝕋𝕆ℕ 🅴🆇 ⦔⦄ : NEXT STOP 10 MILLION!!! Let's get this man a diamond play button!! <3

YTSunny : Farewell, Stefan. May you rest in peace.

De spiegelers : Im crying, but not Alone i now that more people like you cryed SO keep subscribing and get HIM the golden playbutton

Gamer Side : You will always be number one in our hearts :')

Madballoon Roblox and more : Stefan... you will always be number 1 in are hearts ♥️

Dope_ _Asf : This man had a beautiful soul :'( ❤💔

Jökull Tinni Ingvarsson : He was truly number 1...

Jman 51 : He looks better with a beard

n00ber d00ber : He might be dead but he will always live in my heart

Jackson Shroyer : Stefan, YOU are number one!

Jman 51 : This channel is a time machine to a better place where he was alive