We Are Number One live but it's the live version with a interview 12.11.16

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Taste : Stefan We're supposed to love when the vilain lose But this time, we only lose you, and i don't love that Make eat unhealthy foods and capture with your net those angels, buddy

Kane Bravo : Stefan understands internet culture better than most politicians. We make jokes, we make memes, but we do it out of love for the source material. RIP Stefan. You are Number one.

Yung Circumcision : I'd say something mean about the 1.7K dislikers, but Stefan wouldn't want that. Always No. 1

ThomerTD : I am not crying... We are crying

hypxx c: : He lived a villain. Died a hero.

NPT Music : Let's get him the gold play button that he wanted for his family !

Cody Thatcher : in one year, we lost both stephen hawking and Stefan Karl, god damn, we've witnessed losing 2 of Earths greatest people

Jman 51 : *Dad: why you crying so loud?* Me: watching this

PokeCraft Tim : Evacuate Youtube Engage all the memes And get this man a Golden Playbutton!!!

juan pablo Chacon Vargas : Don't cry because he is gone, smile because he was here :"")

Bryce Mckenzie : Rest in Peace, Number One.

Vaddix 99 : Why is he not at a million subs already?

Nemo // Topingman123 : Remember, his friends helped make this recreation and the song. Don’t forget to give them some love and recognition, because they suffer from this too. As always, thank everyone who made Lazytown possible, and R.I.P Robbie Rotten, our number one villain and hero. ❤️

Jon Animates : Why were people more woke about a dead gorilla than this national treasure dying

Fabi Petrozza : 18:52 We will Stefan *sniff* we will .. :(

Dino : You either die a villain, or live long enough to see yourself become the hero ❤

THE ONE : Roses are red Violets are blue Robbie rotten Your core is true May you Rest In Peace My true number *one*

Jman 51 : "We are Number One" but I'm crying during all of it

Pocket Pybro : In the future kids will learn about him in school

HoLy WaTeR : I'm not crying You're crying

WhoPlayeditBetter : Rest in peace, legend :'(

TurboBOV : A legend shall never be forgotten. Stefan, you'll always be number one. Even if you were sick, you didnt give up, you stayed up until the last moment, you tried as hard as you could... I guess life isn't fair. You motivated your fans at all times, well at least you tried. You are the best, no matter what. Forever in our hearts. You'll be missed so much. I hope you have a better life in heaven.

Comm1e SOB : I'm glad this is in my recommendations. Rest in peace stefan.

Ice Ban : As I watch this I remember first watching him and it was greatly I nearly burst out laughing Now as I watch this I cry, as I have seen both the top and the fall of a great man Im crying and can only say Rest in Peace

Natasha Sartorius x Stephanie Meanswell : awww hes so sweet and humble:') he has purest heart. im so sad that i havent watch lazytown as a kid. and i came here because of his memes tht day. idk why but i want to go back on that day when hes still alive and cheerful and then i watch the tv shows. i just found out that the song really entertaining.. im jamming on it rn. but cooking with the book still my favorite though. also RIP Stefan Karl, you will be missed:') you will always number #1 on everyone hearts especially my heart. you are the best villain i've ever seen. you may become villain at first but dead for being a hero. i nearly cried when he says "keep memeing":( he rlly deserve the world. srry my bad english btw

Damn Dog Games : The shows villain. Our hero. Good bye villain number 1 :(

Beep Boop : I listen to this everyday and cry. Man he was an inspiration. He embraced the meme our community has made.

Bennett Miller : take Jake Paul or Jojo Siwa instead

StreetZ NBA : We love and miss you Karl. You'll always be #1.

santi : He is the only number one


MrEthanPalmer : Stefen Karl is proof of God

FireDudeYT Nothing : The earth is 4 billion years old and we lived on the same time as stefan, that's a miracle in itself


HH-Chan : If only he did a better live one in front of a stadium or half show... would have been more emotional for everyone.

George Minton : In our hearts, you will always be Number One. R.I.P Stefan 😢

StaypuftGaming : It’s not us that are number one, it’s all you. You went down in meme history

DBolle Animations : 16:10 so you dont have to.

Lps_ Alex : He might be out of this world now, but he's always with us in our hearts

bel_ laa : Rest in peace stefan karl <3 Let's get him to 1 million subscribers

Grandayy : Stefan you've already gone down in history <3

Manuelord 74 : He is the number one 😣😣😣😣😣

Saharan Spy : Rest well, great man.

FruityPuffPie FPP : He is better than Sportacus

Xkurt _22 : He dosnt deserve the golden play button... he deserves the ruby play button :') @newlands for reminding me about that

juice : if you smile at the meme world, the meme world smiles back.

Nicho : Don’t be sad that it ended but be happy that it happened and cherish those memories for if we do that then he will never really truly die and continue on to live in our hearts

De spiegelers : Im crying, but not Alone i now that more people like you cryed SO keep subscribing and get HIM the golden playbutton

Rylan Heasley : This the Hardest celebrity deaths ever bc he was so pure and thinking about the singing video makes me cry every time

Chris Virtuoso : 16:52 The "NO" gets me everytime! RIP Stefan, you are No. 1!