How did Tesla make 13 Billion Dollars in 13 Days?

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nickt : tesla didn't MAKE 13b, its valuation rose by 13b. huge difference. Smash that dislike button to show that this clickbait behavior is unacceptable

Warzed Arcanist : SEC takes away 20million from Elon. **Elon gets 2.8 Billion in 13 days like a B0sS**

EpicZantetsuken : Always bet on Elon Musk. The guy has a serious knack for success, it honestly never stops impressing me.

Tong Tran : Teslas valuation is now higher than BMW. This is wild!

Aristhotle Dungo : damn i need to smoke weed too. i felt sorry for those who sold tesla stocks when elon smoked weed.

francowabongo : Something else happened during this period, investors realised that although electric cars are picking up fast, there is a big shortage of batteries. Samsung, LG, Panasonic don't have enough capacity to supply the demands brought on by Audi, Jaguar, Benz etc...put simply there won't be enough batteries to make the electric cars the world needs for another 5 to 10 years. Only one company has invested enough to get an adequate supply of batteries for their cars....Tesla This means by the time other manufacturers can compete it will be 5 to 10 years down the line. Imagine that, 5 years of near zero competition (cue in evil laugh)

A2k L : I bought 2 shares at 255!! 😬

Johnny Schmegma : Tesla *shareholders* made 13 billion. The company itself didn't get any money. None of the money was invested in capital

Michael Glass : Honestly I doubt Apple will actually be a player in any new markets. Sure they have the funds, but have consistaly struggled with keeping any project that isn't MacBooks, iPhones, or closely tied to iPhones supported. Their Mac Desktop PC's rarely get updates. Apple TV cannot really be considered a player. They've killed their router. HomePod's kind of a flop. Apple just can't produce enough internal interest to be a player in any new markets.

Just Science : Hell yeah new video!!!

Brad Baker : He's amazing! Smoked pot on TV, made his share price drop then buys up his own shares!

Mr. Perfect ! : *T E S L A I S L I F E*

lazer tag : what elon did was amazing, the car and esp space industry is the hardest industries to ever get into.. yet he dominated both

Stephen Mann : Exactly, if you compare Tesla's numbers to other car companies it looks overvalued, but Tesla is so much further ahead technology wise that it will crush the other car makers. And a correction: Tesla didn't make $13 billion from its stock going up, Tesla gets nothing from having a high stock price unless they issue new shares, which they wont. And shareholders get nothing from the price increase unless they sell their shares. I think most people are long Tesla and just holding, while the day traders are making the stock price fluctuate. I think a better title and approach to the video would be to tell the story of how Tesla is winning the battle with the short sellers FUD.

Tag Makers Pet Tags : One of the most intelligent analyses of the "Tesla Story" I have ever watched. Superb video, thought-provoking and brilliantly presented in just a few short minutes. Great stuff - and thanks for sharing your brilliant insights.

John Michael : Tesla did not 'make' 13 billion. That was an increase in the value of the companies shares. The recent rise is largely a readjustment after the crash resulting from the SEC issue. This resulted in its shares being seriously undervalued when the negative view of the shortens gained some sway. The fact is that, apart from Chinese manufacturers meeting their own market, Tesla is the primary electric car manufacturer in the west, and has the capability of maintains that if it can ramp up production and set up secondary manufacturing plants in China ( in hand) and Europe. The pressure to show a profit, rather than develop greater capacity will hamper this growth.

Thezebraherd : Tesla didn't actually make that much money it is just a volatile stock

Baptiste Bauer : "A random video on Tesla and its recent updates" Well, it is also an excellent analysis on what happened to Tesla. The fact of analyzing what build the company and what they are investing into is a great way of explaining what happened to them. Great stuff Lei, you're a smart buddy :)

Sumanth Siddartha : The Tesla stock price was in 300's few months back... Due to the stupid twitter tweet it got down to 260.

Little Cripple : Even after buying Tesla shares i was so dubious about them. I felt it was a dice roll. However i am quite pleased now and glad i got in "early". And ive never bought Amazon and, although i understand why people have bought them, i still wouldnt touch them. For me Tesla is another Amazon, except its proven itself and Amazon hasnt.

Rowland : Great stuff lei!!!

Trygve Evensen : 0:15 "Elon Musk, the founder of *_Tæsla"_*

Paras Arya : Tesla Market capital 60.35B

Mikhel Brown : Elon Musk deserves every penny or growth to his Tesla stock's value. This man literally bled this year. Try to build all these Tesla Cars on time and also fend off all those Shorts on Tesla's Stocks. 🚀

Rok Adamlje : Tesla didnt make 13 billion, they recovered from the low. Tgey were at 380 at some point.

Mufti Hossain : Tesla is intentionally producing the higher margin model 3's first, as they build up to faster sustained production rates. Their profit margins on lower priced m3's will be lower, but much higher in volume. They're building the expensive ones first so that they actually survive long enough to deliver the promised 35k model 3

nice meme : dope smoking with joe rogan dont slow motion my pace man

Pauldanne Lachica : keep adding awesome video man

Go Fig : A little naïve I would say. Think about the propaganda supported by big oil. Also consider the affect of advertisement revenue. Tesla does not use oil and does not advertise. It shouldn't be hard to imagine the so called experts whos publications are supported by ad dollars predicting they will fail and trying to help out short sellers. Big oil and the auto industry help support the media and they get something out of that which is not straight forward as someone buying their product. I can't remember ever buying a product because it was advertised. I see ads for Boeing and not sure I could afford one even if the commercial was effective.

BioTech Basics : Great analysis! I like how you emphasised the difference of financial analysts and share price focusing on the short-term whereas Tesla should also be judged on their long term strategy in the energy and automotive industry!

Marcelo Rondan : 0:06 I am the only one that checked if the graph was real?

Joe Swanson : ‘Tech companies bet on the future’ Looking at you, Apple.

parashuram parshu : Super boss.. Awesome explanation....loved the video

Nate Kwezi : Been watching your videos since the beginning of this year, your vidoes just keep on getting better, keep it up👌

KillerTH : German cars will be my favourite ones for ever ❤️

Baggie195 LGN_ : Hey could you do a video on the rr trent 1000 and trent 7000 vs GE usual engines plz

Joel B : very great video👍 short, great fotos/videos/diagrams while talking and you have a pleasent voice to listen at

David Smith : Yes, it's always best to ignore cold hard financial data that clearly shows a company is outrageously overvalued. Good luck with that.

khryzbr : Hey, I just discovered your channel. Your way to present content is quite clean and concise, congratz. Subbed!

Noah Noah : Keep up the good work, mate. Quality analysis, commentary, delivery, length, engagement, the whole works.

Yashwanth CB : Nice video!!

A B : It is funny how these traditional automakers with so much money and resources find it so hard to catch up and compete with Tesla. It is like iphone vs nokia and blackberry all over again.

Simon Dalling : The drop in the price just before earnings was a gift, there was no reason for this just the reaction to irrational negative views ‘FUD’. Once I found out Tesla was making deliveries to Canada, that was my buy flag. It told me they had reached 200,000 production. So buy on the dips and load up. Where do we go from here? We are at the $350 level to date and several bear attacks have been fought off, yesterdays resistance becomes tomorrow support. The rise was not significantly steeper due to bears covering, they are still holding on hoping this rise is not sustained. But The institutes will buy on the dips, Moody’s downgrade on credit rating will be reversed giving a lift to the stock. Tesla’s cash flow will further improve as they will be selling finished product and getting the cash before they pay for parts. Then we have the 4th quarter production volumes, setting the stage for ER. Expecting ER to further stamp confidence on the stock. Then we will see the squeeze into the first half of 2019. As the bears cover we should see $500 by the middle of 2019.

Scriptminer : This was really interesting! Love your videos!

TheLdoubleE : Apple iCar, it drives well, but every comfort accessory will be sold separately. Base model 59.999$. Genius.

Captain R. WITTEREL : Honda just made a futuristic electric car to hit the market next year.

BaneSIlvermoon : "Elon Musk made $X". That's not at all how stocks work, but okay.

Bellini22 : takes a sip,,,takes a puff, "love is the answer" and bang!!! looolll

jason vick : Gonna be honest, kind of got triggered a bit when you said Elon was the founder of Tesla.