The First Snow 5

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Filmed October 30, 2018. Filmed with Canon Legria HF G25 with external microphone (Canon DM 100), GoPro Hero2 and iPhone7(one scene). Edited in iMovie.

Comments from Youtube

Nate Arundel : Hypothermia: _Am I a joke to you?_

erhan turel : When life throws colostomy bags at apetor, apetor throws them right back at life.

nelson mandela : I think that the only thing that can kill this guy is temperatures above 0

wardkdouglas : This is freedom on a whole other level.

Random : Apetor, Poland loves you, greetings! Good health I wish you!

Check out my channel banner : This man is a certified Viking

Yanjaa84 Yanjaa : Ur like drunken mr.bean

lol podaka : Żubrówka 🤣😂❤️🇵🇱

Dunder Mifflin : LEGEND

James Whiteside : You’re like an alcoholic how to basic

Mauritz Ropp : He is Back <3

Faintrush585 : You are such a pleasantly strange little man and love love watching your videos.

bbwin1 : I'm freezing watching this video.

shpana : I love this after Vodka sound

Kiesa Kiesovic : seeing you happy makes me happy

Marek Romanek : Polmos Białystok Żubrówka.


Tsunauticus III : I have Youtube Premium. I don’t see ads. So... I hope that you run ads now. Make some money!

Alex Tellin : Тор, поправляйся давай! Здоровья тебе, позитивный и добрый человек!

Bill : I was wondering; "Will Tor still make shirtless videos?" I was not disappointed with the answer.

Ulvekongen Epic : take a bath in vodka!!!!!!!

kebuK : Hello, Poland

ToyotaMan1992 : Respect from Serbia!!! 🇷🇸🇷🇸👍👍

Carlos A Hidalgo V : Regards from Santiago de Chile

BMR Studio : Don’t show this to Your doctor :))))) After this surgery.... dammmm! You are immortal:)

XDI : 0:59 Why did you waste your time reading more?

Debaser Deducer : Damn that some good ASMR 🤗

Viktor : This year is such a pleasant one ! The first snow was yesterday in Bulgaria and normally in my hometown snow comes after December! I love the winter

Matthew Mayhem : I'm heading to northern Washington, USA, tomorrow morning and plan on picking up a bottle of Vikingfjord.

Pancakeshouse85 : Never let anything stop you, bud. Keep living your best life.

Maska Gazowa : 1:02 szanuje za zubrowke POLAND WÓDKA Xd

niall ef : This man is an insperation

Luca Sc. : Love and respect for you Apetor. From Italy 🔥❤🇮🇹

BrunoPlayYT : This is like a beach for the haha, on top of it the vodka keeps it warm.

Pinochet : The HowToBasic of Winter

lil dan : i thought that was a trap in the thumbnail but i’m not disappointed

Brian Bakkevik : Du er og blir en legende. Godt å se at en kjedelig sykdom ikke stopper deg.

MorphyDorphy : This guy could probably enter a tornado and come back alive in one piece still sayin: "Ip Ip"

Egor Vasilievv_[sub bota] : you are the best man on Youtube, Greetings from Russia!

Ethan Bradberry : There is a strange Cohen brothers like beauty to his shots and editing. Coupled with his child like antics and the gourgous rural Danish settings creates an odd yet beautiful experience of sounds and sights. Although he is admittedly a very odd fellow, I can't help but look at him a some kind of artistically talented savant

Oexks Lauvij : This video makes me so thirsty every time I watch it...

Артем Измайлов : Thank you very much , man. I really appreciate that. Good luck from Russia

Verdampft und zugevaped : Looks like this is after your surgery? Good to see that you can make the same cool stuff as always! Recover well Tor! Love from Germany!

ale jazda : Żubrówka! ❤️

Nekibe Mustafa : 10/10

Зейнур Турсынбаев : VOlvo VOdka Is everything which begins by "VO" is apetor's atribute?

Dan KC Um : glad to see you doing well, my friend. look forward to hearing from you soon. ciao.

Filips Andrejevs : Two videos in one day? Okay fine by me.

Warrrio The berserker : I flinch whenever my shower is a little bit cold, this man just jumps into a bathtub full of ice and water while outdoors naked.