The First Snow 5

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Life of Boris : 10/10

BMR Studio : Don’t show this to Your doctor :))))) After this surgery.... dammmm! You are immortal:)

Random : Apetor, Poland loves you, greetings! Good health I wish you!

Bill : I was wondering; "Will Tor still make shirtless videos?" I was not disappointed with the answer.

Kiesa Kiesovic : seeing you happy makes me happy

Verdampft und zugevaped : Looks like this is after your surgery? Good to see that you can make the same cool stuff as always! Recover well Tor! Love from Germany!

Filips Andrejevs : Two videos in one day? Okay fine by me.

Morphy : This guy could probably enter a tornado and come back alive in one piece still sayin: "Ip Ip"

erhan turel : When life throws colostomy bags at apetor, apetor throws them right back at life.

James Whiteside : You’re like an alcoholic how to basic

Andrew Stepnenko : Tor we love you. I am stopping my work, when I see your new video. Don't give up, please, still be apetor. You are amazing actor/operator, I adore your videos. Each of them are different! Each of them has sence of humor, information(like latin names of flowers, mountains, lakes), action (diferent scenes, beautiful nature). Thank you a lot, I appreciate your work in a highest way. Wish you courage,endurance and success with all your diseases. Greetings from Ukraine! P.S. And my personal thanks, because of you I tryed to take cold shower 3 years ago, and swam in lakes during the winter. It is still one of my sens of life. The biggest thanks for motivation and help to save my self from depression after lost 4 of my fingers on a left hand.

Jim P : You're an inspiration to us all.

lol podaka : Żubrówka 🤣😂❤️🇵🇱

Tadeusz Drozda : Zajebiste

Darth vader : The Last real Viking.

wardkdouglas : This is freedom on a whole other level.

Riff Raff : АПЕТОР ЖИВИ!

WawrzyN : Zdrowie !


jason : two videos on one day, what a dream 😍

TheBurdMahn : Hell yea tor dont let life slow you down

Marek Romanek : Polmos Białystok Żubrówka.

Никандрий : Братан, не огорчай нас. Мы тебя любим

cali rose : Look in the dictionary under super bad-ass, it shows this guy!! You are awesome!


Nart Abdulkarim : World best Channel following you from sweden❤️

Hader Than Uthought : You deserve way more subscribers

IshiAza Ishev : I feel sorry for all the clueless bastards , that haven't found this channel yet ...

Kubek :D : Hello, Poland

Yanjaa84 Yanjaa : Ur like drunken mr.bean

Mauritz Ropp : He is Back <3

Squirrelified14 : 2 videos in 1 hour? Made my day!

Oba Sam : Best man on youtube

andrewCN : Как же это охуенно, ебанаврот блять.

разговорлив темерут : When I grow up I want to be as free as you

Kris Eggert : Same Apetor ive always enjoyed

DON AMCIX : Żubrówka! ❤️

The Elder Troll : I appreciate you a lot for still being you my dude! you are the realest content creator on youtube

Erik Blackboar : Bless you, you lovable lunatic! Glad you are doing good!

FEJDD23 : Żubrówka mmm... moje ulubione

Renzo Neira : yes, thank you apetor, Very cool!

Tyrone White : Finally snow!! The best vids of apetor comes from snow.... hmm..just keep it coming. Alla från Sverige hälsar!

King Sisyphus : Gonna have to move there someday.

Yellow Snow : I’m visiting Copenhagen from Scotland next week and have already ordered 3 bottles of vikingfjord just because of this channel! 😍

topi : Apetor, I was really sad after hearing of your cancer. Apparently you still can live the life how you want and it doesn't seem slow you down! I want to thank you for all of your videos and hopefully you can live happy life with no more health problems for many, many years to come!

p0werl0ve : YES !!!

ONE1 Gaming : Вот все думают, что он американский Саб-Зиро, но мы то знаем, что он родом из РОССИИ!!!

ibtaba : That tub needs to go in the national museum.

Nikita McShtemberg : Bror) Hei fra Russland på du. Jeg og andres mennesker vil som ville var sunt. Vi elske du. Skål!

Alex Tellin : Тор, поправляйся давай! Здоровья тебе, позитивный и добрый человек!