Mob vs Tetsuo

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My Christmas gift to you all, a shitty meme. Sorry I haven't uploaded in like a year, and now that i do its rough animation. I'll make an update soon on everything I've been up to, because when it comes to animation I've actually been more busy than ever before. Huge thanks to Ryan Storm For the amazing sound in this! Music used from the mob psycho 100 soundtrack and the Akira sound track oh and also this

Comments from Youtube

Da CookieGod : Marge is too op! Nerf her!

Monstar Advanced : I L L K R U M P W I T H Y O U S W E E T I E P I E

4of92000 : One Punch Marge

HBruna : woah. that was a sick animation Unserious!

spultra2 : I wasn't ready for Marge Simpson.

???? ???? : This hurted me :)

Mataric_GHT : So THIS is why you're called "TheUNseriousguy". Also great animation!

King Meda Millennium : Tetsuo would have wrecked Mob if Marge hadn't interrupted

Neku Sakuraba : Plz Nerf Marge

Seve Diago : Wait halfway through the video mob regained consciousness?!?!?the pupils


Alejandro Bedoya : I dying how Marg comes out of no where and beats Mob

Pikapetey Animations : your growth has been incredible. I need to re-evaluate what I'm doing.

Tommy Keane : *_i'll crump with you sweetie pie_*

VTRcomics : Top 10 anime batt-- wait, that actually works for a full minute. Top 10 YouTube videos for absolute SURE though, actually top 3 it's just GORGEOUS


random comment : this was a great animation, you have serious skill.

powerful being : "I'll crump with ya sweetie pie!"


ApoxGisli : BRO I NEED MORE OF THIS- saludos desde panama

Aaron Landry : Tetsuo would easily destroy Mob in a real fight. They’re not even close to each other’s power

Brianna MacArthur brown : Marvel: Avengers: Infinty war is the most ambitious crossover event in history. Me:

OtakulunZ : deeeem! This simple Animation is so Sugoii!!

Mauricio Montano Espinoza : XD, como es que no tiene millones de visitas esta obra de arte!!!!

Sir Draws : I love the movement and the impact of all of the hits and charges up to attack etc, very well done, has a lotta depth

Douglas von Sohsten : uhauhUAHUAHuHAuHA That's insanely good... "insane" being a very important part of "insane"ly good.

TheGreatPayne : Of course Marge is O.P. How else does she deal with Homer.

Cameron S : NEVER IN MY LIFE HAVE I LAUGHED SO HARD edit; this animation is fucking AMAZING.

Mini tomate : Marge only have used 1% of she's true power.

qua da cherry suicide kid : That Ending Was One Of The All Time Unexpected In A Anime

Weetaku : The best clickbait video ever!!

bocodamondo : i remember when i saw this the first time, half way through i thought "this is no way going to end without any sort of surprise meme" and lo and behold i was right haha

Sasuke Uchiha : Marge vs thanos,darkside,dr manhattan,zeno sama,ywach,kaguya and galactus

FulanoConPsicosis : We need more Mob vs Tetsuo!!!, do a part 3

CINEMATION Animations : Marge is OP

Chreniafoka : Is there a Akira discord? im a huge fan of it

Top GM : Only eggs can sustain her.

New3DSLUIGI364 : WOW!!! ???% Mob is kicking Tetsuo's Butt!!!

SERAPHINIA : Well that was unexpected. 😂😂😂

Mark Burns : Some fantastic animation this YouTuber could so be a professional

Barry Bend : In the words of Saitama: OK.

Artual Pseu : Bro.....i was like oh shit this is good. Then I saw Marge. It turned to gold

VaultBoyWhoUses4chan : *I‘ L L K R U M P W I T H Y A S W E E T I E P I E*

Mauve Dragon Tiddies : Wait ... you were the guy that made those two Starbomb animations? You've improved a lot since Regretroid ... And I like your channel banner ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Green A.J. Production : It was good until Marge came in but great animation

tomoe daichi : Marge vs Saitama....

Weetaku : IT WAS SO EPIC but then this happened ;-; BUT THE VIDEO WAS EPIC!

Roy Phoenix : This is good to watch once per year. I still bust a gut enjoying Marge in BTFO mode. Capcom needs to use her in somehow.

Joel Erazo : Épico. 😱😱😱😱