Mob vs Tetsuo

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HBruna : woah. that was a sick animation Unserious!

Sam Green : Dude this was by YOU!? I'm not surprised, I just remember watching it - Someone's already GIF'd it lol... Amazing as always brother! <3

bocodamondo : i remember when i saw this the first time, half way through i thought "this is no way going to end without any sort of surprise meme" and lo and behold i was right haha

Nitro Rad : That was SICK dude

ArinsMind : I watch this 50 times a day and am probably going to use it as reference for my own stuff. Really fantastic sequences! And a hilarious twist ending. Seriously, keep up the stellar work!

Pikapetey Animations : your growth has been incredible. I need to re-evaluate what I'm doing.

Jordan Ang : Running in the Margies

TheGreatPayne : Of course Marge is O.P. How else does she deal with Homer.

tomoe daichi : Marge vs Saitama....

Hankyu : It's only a question of time before it gets viral.

KreativAce : Didn't see that ending coming

Not a Copyright name : When your custom character is in the cutscene

Akutox3 : That was awesome, good job man

powerful being : "I'll crump with ya sweetie pie!"

Icy Taff : Meme wins.

Joe Lawry : How the hell does this not have more views? Please share this everywhere you can, guys.

TheGeckoNinja : OneyNG would love that ending lol

Morgue Parfington : Little did we know that Teruki's stylistically influential mother would enter the scene and claim vengeance for what Mob did to her son...

LordLiquidBaconII : The animation in this looks really nice but the direction in this was hard for me to follow since the camera kept changing from Tetsuo and Mob with out giving perspective. I hope you don't take the criticism too harshly since you did mention it is rough animation and a meme so it could have been done just for fun to show off neat animation (and it is neat!). If you had more time maybe there could have been a background and this would have been even better!

Tapeside : oh my gog that waz the most amazing and then marge just why

???? ???? : This hurted me :)

jhon klan : 1:06 The best fucking twist ever 😂😂😂😂😂

Stephen A. : 0:49 I love the Fullmetal Alchemist callback in this shot.

Top GM : Only eggs can sustain her.

javier fernandez : wtf XD best anime fight in the universe

ThePurpleXeno : No matter how many times I watch this, it NEVER gets old XD

Da CookieGod : Marge is too op! Nerf her!

Seve Diago : Wait halfway through the video mob regained consciousness?!?!?the pupils

Seve Diago : I like dat nose tho

EndMinX 90 : this added years to my lifespan

Mr. Coffee : suddenly memes

charlie chimichangazz : it only shows that cartoons beat anime :V WTheck!! 😶😶😶

Creamy Chris : This video made my week! The animation was so smooth and the end genuinely made bust out laughing. I just got a drawing tablet and I hope I can make something this good

MutantManFish : Was that a remix of Déjà Vu using Marge grunts at the end there? I approve.

rulo : even though tetsuo couldnt beat akira he´s more powerful than mob (imo)

Amazin Larry : that good good

sonicblast3698 : So THIS is why you're called "TheUNseriousguy". Also great animation!

Alejandro Bedoya : I dying how Marg comes out of no where and beats Mob


vibrador schwaggins : BEST ANIMATION EVER


4of92000 : One Punch Marge

Endless Road : I knew Marge was evil.

Manuel Del Toro : HEHEHE, but fr tho mob would have won

JoshLevelledUp !!! : What song is that at the end?


Finn Mertens : Plz Nerf Marge

Eco419 : i cant stop smiling 😆

Sir Draws : I love the movement and the impact of all of the hits and charges up to attack etc, very well done, has a lotta depth

OMilly's Comic Dubs : Cool animation cool fight funny twist 10/10