Mob vs Tetsuo

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HBruna : woah. that was a sick animation Unserious!

Da CookieGod : Marge is too op! Nerf her!

???? ???? : This hurted me :)

Not a Copyright name : When your custom character is in the cutscene

Top GM : Only eggs can sustain her.

Pikapetey Animations : your growth has been incredible. I need to re-evaluate what I'm doing.

4of92000 : One Punch Marge

Seve Diago : Wait halfway through the video mob regained consciousness?!?!?the pupils

Q-10 : Mob would completely beat his ass😂💀

Seve Diago : I like dat nose tho

bocodamondo : i remember when i saw this the first time, half way through i thought "this is no way going to end without any sort of surprise meme" and lo and behold i was right haha


MutantManFish : Was that a remix of Déjà Vu using Marge grunts at the end there? I approve.

sonicblast3698 : So THIS is why you're called "TheUNseriousguy". Also great animation!


Sam Green : Dude this was by YOU!? I'm not surprised, I just remember watching it - Someone's already GIF'd it lol... Amazing as always brother! <3

charlie chimichangazz : it only shows that cartoons beat anime :V WTheck!! 😶😶😶

Alejandro Bedoya : I dying how Marg comes out of no where and beats Mob

rulo : even though tetsuo couldnt beat akira he´s more powerful than mob (imo)

Captain Pip : Plz Nerf Marge

Nitro Rad : That was SICK dude

Manuel Del Toro : HEHEHE, but fr tho mob would have won

Tobulance : can you please make a remake of "fight of the ronald mcdonalds" from flipnote, thanks

JoshLevelledUp !!! : What song is that at the end?


ArinsMind : I watch this 50 times a day and am probably going to use it as reference for my own stuff. Really fantastic sequences! And a hilarious twist ending. Seriously, keep up the stellar work!

Joel Erazo : Épico. 😱😱😱😱

JETSTORMINUS Productions : Marge is OP

Nympphic Sleeper : I've.... been reborn

spatscat : "I'll krump with ya sweetiepie" D E A D

Jordan Ang : Running in the Margies

Eco419 : i cant stop smiling 😆

Sir Draws : I love the movement and the impact of all of the hits and charges up to attack etc, very well done, has a lotta depth

OMilly's Comic Dubs : Cool animation cool fight funny twist 10/10

AI Alex : I'm not even mad...

Rex Art : How long did it take you to animate this?

AnimeWhisperer18 : lol! that was so well done! but what does this have to do with the simsons?! dying laughing

Shaved Cats : I haven’t watched the video yet, but tetsuo better win Edit: I’m satisfied. Because in the manga tetsuo crushes a dudes scull using his motercycle helmet. And destroys like 10 people in a hallway by pushing their bodies into the walls

elenderman man : Mob vs saitama

Mark Burns : Some fantastic animation this YouTuber could so be a professional

Devon Graham : i did not expect that ending.

sprightlyoaf : Holy shit you call this rough? The animation is smoother and more dynamic than most actual anime

Martin Louann : Hey, Tetsuo can SPLASH your head just by looking at your eyes. But I still apreciate the animation

Mr. Coffee : suddenly memes

Markel Carter : woah animation was 👌

VTRcomics : Top 10 anime batt-- wait, that actually works for a full minute. Top 10 YouTube videos for absolute SURE though, actually top 3 it's just GORGEOUS

DPritzDragonGamer : Can you make a YouTube Series for me????????? PLEASE??????? If you have skype reply to me there... PLEASE??????????????????

Serated Boy : i have never almost passed out from laughing so hard

Vade Pierce : 😂👌

Marco Martinez : why he look like one of trolls from the trolls movie tho