Mob vs Tetsuo

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HBruna : woah. that was a sick animation Unserious!

Not a Copyright name : When your custom character is in the cutscene

Da CookieGod : Marge is too op! Nerf her!

King Millennium : Tetsuo would have wrecked Mob if Marge hadn't interrupted

Top GM : Only eggs can sustain her.

Pikapetey Animations : your growth has been incredible. I need to re-evaluate what I'm doing.

4of92000 : One Punch Marge

Monstar RBLX [sycne] : I L L K R U M P W I T H Y O U S W E E T I E P I E

???? ???? : This hurted me :)

Seve Diago : Wait halfway through the video mob regained consciousness?!?!?the pupils

bocodamondo : i remember when i saw this the first time, half way through i thought "this is no way going to end without any sort of surprise meme" and lo and behold i was right haha

Mataric_GHT : So THIS is why you're called "TheUNseriousguy". Also great animation!

spultra2 : I wasn't ready for Marge Simpson.

Alejandro Bedoya : I dying how Marg comes out of no where and beats Mob

Neku Sakuraba : Plz Nerf Marge

Sam Green : Dude this was by YOU!? I'm not surprised, I just remember watching it - Someone's already GIF'd it lol... Amazing as always brother! <3

Aaron Landry : Tetsuo would easily destroy Mob in a real fight. They’re not even close to each other’s power

rulo : even though tetsuo couldnt beat akira he´s more powerful than mob (imo)


random comment : this was a great animation, you have serious skill.

H Hedgecock : AKIRA!!!!


Squigeon : Hey, it's funny because I watched this a few days ago, now I'm seeing it on a memes playlist. Small YouTube huh?

Manuel Del Toro : HEHEHE, but fr tho mob would have won

Internet stuffing kid : *Il kronk with ya sweety pie*

Joel Erazo : Épico. 😱😱😱😱

Master Splinter : This is it chief

The _Wanderer : Such a shame it was so cool but then it got memed

Nitro Rad : That was SICK dude


Nympphic Sleeper : I've.... been reborn

CINEMATION Animations : Marge is OP

charlie chimichangazz : it only shows that cartoons beat anime :V WTheck!! 😶😶😶

Dominique Khan Repvblik : Do mob vs Lucy

The Bad Guy : i was so invested in the fight, but when i heard the "hm hm" from marge, i screamed so fuckingnloud that my thraot hurts now, i didnt fucking expect this at all, rhis is amazing

one friendly boi : I'LL KRUMP WITH YOU SWEETIE

Mark Burns : Some fantastic animation this YouTuber could so be a professional

powerful being : "I'll crump with ya sweetie pie!"

Samuel James : A meme two anime and great animation....REPORTED FOR BREAKING THE LAWS OF ANTI LOGIC

DaNk MEmeS : Biggest plot twist ever

Shaved Cats : I haven’t watched the video yet, but tetsuo better win Edit: I’m satisfied. Because in the manga tetsuo crushes a dudes scull using his motercycle helmet. And destroys like 10 people in a hallway by pushing their bodies into the walls

Chreniafoka : Is there a Akira discord? im a huge fan of it

ArinsMind : I watch this 50 times a day and am probably going to use it as reference for my own stuff. Really fantastic sequences! And a hilarious twist ending. Seriously, keep up the stellar work!

Rex Art : How long did it take you to animate this?

Everyone's Fairy-Bangtan-Mother : so.. tetsuo was knocked out first, not to mention in one hit, right? *does that mean I can count this as mobs win?*

VTRcomics : Top 10 anime batt-- wait, that actually works for a full minute. Top 10 YouTube videos for absolute SURE though, actually top 3 it's just GORGEOUS

Comic Sans : Marge is OP AF XD

tomoe daichi : Marge vs Saitama....

Kaizo Z : games with mods in a nutshell

SERAPHINIA : Well that was unexpected. 😂😂😂