Phone Relief Hands-Free Headset

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ED 718 : Was that a bowl of diarrhea wtf was that

Star Wars Universe : Here from daily dose

ED Creations : Daily dose of internet?

ɪʀɪs ʙᴇᴇ. † : What if my head falls off???

The Dark Knight : Daily dose of internet, brought me here.

Haiqeem : I wonder if anyone is still trying to use this in 2018?

Robotboot : i can not drop my phone into a bowl of chocolate milk that i am tiring again! I NEED THIS!!!

Emmi Manteau : Woah. Isn’t that Jessie Spanno (sp?) from Saved by the Bell at 0:34 ?

Nik : Anyone know the name of the first/ second person ? I bet she's a proper milf now !

horizonzgt : I came from the Future...

TMANTUS - : Where can I order one of these now?? Seriously need one as a novelty gift

Alvinsland2 : ddos

Pan Duck : Anyone From the Future

Ahmad Walker : wow new technology, where can i buy it? Is it available on Amazon?

Cruderisland554 : really useless now

John McClain : The 1990s just took a shit on my laptop

Edge of Reality : We had that back then, it didn't work. Would slide off backwards.

Patrick Bateman : One person didn’t order home relief

Thatfool Forlife : Lmfao. I thought this was fake

Pharos : Can i buy that

vijion2020 : Man I'd wish I seen this product pitched on Shark Tank...someone should spoof this



Saitama : that fire track tho

Kikai Shinobu : Wayy ahead of its time

Abdel Khatib : Daily dose brought me here.

Froop Loots : Hell yeah boii

Bennett Bonta : OG marketing masters.

Nilsber : DDOI

21Sagez 21Sagez : Who’s watching in 2018 when no one else uses these old phones be we all have iPhones

Donna Dixon : I use my IPhone all the time. I don’t have a landline anymore.

Fleeks Fleeksfleeks : I can't order it because my phone drops down everytime i try to phone them T.T

MetalGearRien : a Cinco product?

wurlybird9 : during what show did this air? i don't remember these but they'd go great with grandma goggles

centpushups : the 90's version of the blue tooth. bonne video