Phone Relief Hands-Free Headset

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ED 718 : Was that a bowl of diarrhea wtf was that

Ytel : Daily dose of internet?

Star Wars Universe : Here from daily dose

ɪʀɪs ʙᴇᴇ. † : What if my head falls off???

The Dark Knight : Daily dose of internet, brought me here.

Haiqeem : I wonder if anyone is still trying to use this in 2018?

Robotboot : i can not drop my phone into a bowl of chocolate milk that i am tiring again! I NEED THIS!!!

Emmi Manteau : Woah. Isn’t that Jessie Spanno (sp?) from Saved by the Bell at 0:34 ?

TMANTUS - : Where can I order one of these now?? Seriously need one as a novelty gift

horizonzgt : I came from the Future...

Saitama : that fire track tho

Edge of Reality : We had that back then, it didn't work. Would slide off backwards.

Alvinsland2 : ddos

Nik : Anyone know the name of the first/ second person ? I bet she's a proper milf now !

Pan Duck : Anyone From the Future

Ahmad Walker : wow new technology, where can i buy it? Is it available on Amazon?

Cruderisland554 : really useless now

Pavel Vokáč : Jackspedicey brought me here.

Differentdalek : This video made me age 40 years

Okami Jubei : Phone relief might look silly but still it also shows us how far we were with cheaper handsfree phone then. And now phone relief is obsolete due with Bluetooth tech and smartwatches. And also no phone cords to limit our range, movement and to distract us.

Sideswipe : this is actually a great idea. i’d use this if i was them at that time.

vijion2020 : Man I'd wish I seen this product pitched on Shark Tank...someone should spoof this

Rylan Sir : 2019 anyone?

David Miramontes : Why is this in my recommened

SR Brant : By Cinco.

Bennett Bonta : OG marketing masters.

John McClain : The 1990s just took a shit on my laptop

Patrick Bateman : One person didn’t order home relief


Abdel Khatib : Daily dose brought me here.

Froop Loots : Hell yeah boii

Kikai Shinobu : Wayy ahead of its time


Storytelling01 : It’s a headset in 1993


Nilsber : DDOI

Thatfool Forlife : Lmfao. I thought this was fake

21Sagez 21Sagez : Who’s watching in 2018 when no one else uses these old phones be we all have iPhones

Donna Dixon : I use my IPhone all the time. I don’t have a landline anymore.

Fleeks Fleeksfleeks : I can't order it because my phone drops down everytime i try to phone them T.T

MetalGearRien : a Cinco product?

wurlybird9 : during what show did this air? i don't remember these but they'd go great with grandma goggles

centpushups : the 90's version of the blue tooth. bonne video