There's no alcoholics in Ireland!

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Comments from Youtube

James Maloy : Ireland doesn't have an alcohol problem.....alcohol has an Ireland problem

Triumphrider : No, no problem drinkers; they're professionals, not amateur alcoholics.

razgneven : She has one of the most gentle and pleasant voices ive heard.


Jaaay J : He's a devil for the drink ha ha ha ha

jaymon99 : Alcohol problem? the hell is everyone talking about we have plenty of alcohol over here

Aran Smeallie : "They get nOOOtions-"

Steven Nguyen : I love the way he says no at the end

Prez. Cookie : No alchoholics there because that implies you drink too much, which can't happen in Ireland.

V K : I can't tell if this is acted or not.

fracture : Pretty much Ireland 50 years ago around 1916 oh wait

Amir : Dude, Irish invented alcoholism I mean they see dwarfs at the end of the rainbow, wtf

Brian Clarke : He's a divil for the drink 😂😂😂

merilanewell : No alcoholics in Ireland. Watched this so many times and nearly spat my tea 😂

Christine Agnew : "Oh jeez I believe that!"

Myles Scott : Dropping a bottle. That is alcohol abuse.

Pat Carpendale : Absolutely priceless. Sure everyone knows there are no Alcos in Ireland Only lads fond of a drink Write.

MrLastlived : "Not an alcoholic, just fond for a pint"

Nicole St. Louis : This reminds me of my hubby...he puts on an Irish accent and calls himself Shamish and talks about needing cobblestone. Drives me nuts.😭

joe Recto : I'm a Character...and a Devil for the Drink...I'm fond of a Pint!

Mike Britton : I'm crying right now this is so funny.

Mr.Apple : its funny if ur not irish it's hilarious if you REAL irish

fridgemagnett : I can't place his accent..... Anyone?

Snake_XIX : Found of a pint... Or two... Three... Four, five, six, seven... Or a couple of more

irish1 : If Wemon got drink the wouldn't do the dishes LMAO

Christian .Ferrer : Nice shirt, what's the brand?

Syprene : You should say "Michael, I have to admit. I'm an alcoholic and very lesbian."

Sanele Dlamini : He's a devil for the drink 😂😂

Jack R Cotter : he sounds and looks like pewdiepie has his balls slammed in a car door

Vintendo : 1st law of comedy: When all else fails, throw in a character with a Scottish accent. 2nd law of comedy: If a Scottish accent fails, throw in someone Irish!

bansheemania : I need 2 remember this for AA...Im Fond Of a Pint..and a Devil for the drink And a😂😂😂😂😂

odallard : It’s only a problem when the pub runs out of drinks to serve.

Daniel Othieno : I'm African but I can see how how messed up the subtitles are. 😂😂😂

SPARTAN11265/CAROLINAKILLAZ : Hes a devil for the drink but not a alcoholic, he likes a pint or two.

Andrew Galioto : It's only a drinking problem when you run out!

Pipe Duster : This guy cracks me up. Do yall live in your car?

Slit518 : Michael must be an Irish half-elf. His ears are slightly pointed. And he's secretly McGregor's cousin, I know it!

Phoenix Morrison : Thats a true irishman, not knowing how drunk everyone is 😂

Nicole St. Louis : Ha! My family is Scottish and denial (not just about alcohol) is an olympic sport.

Glitchy Glitch : They're not alcoholics, they're frequently occasionally drinkers.

APM : Jerry’s a devil for the drink but he’s not an alcoholic!!! Lol

Trash Man : by far one of my favourites!!

Dayofthedaleks 152 : “There is no alcoholics in Ireland” Press X to Doubt

Stephen Casey : Love the way he blurts out "NO"

Sumner Waite : "They get notions" too damn funny

Norbert Nagy : I ain't no alcoholic! I'm a devil for the drink. That's my new motto :)

metapodz : he's kinda like an irish H3 with that last "NO!!!!"

Kermit the Toad : They're just drinking lads, Kathleen!

Daniel Mcgoldrick : Jaysus!! I'm fond of a pint myself.