Marble Race: MarbleLympics 2019 Qualifiers

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The qualification of the 2019 MarbleLympics (marble olympics)! 20 teams with 5 marbles each will battle for 12 qualification spots in 4 disciplines (events). Comments may contain SPOILERS! Please hide spoilers by using at least 7 line breaks (enters) NOTES: - In the Underwater Race, the top finish cam was working, but the footage was corrupted after rendering this video and I haven't a backup of it. However, I still managed to get the results. - SPOILER: In the final standings at 16:25, there's an error in the score of Team Primary, they have 7 points. Credits: Commentary: Greg Woods Music: Minos Fylaktos Logo design: Useful Links: PATREON: (Will be updated soon) More marble news: Facebook: Twitter: Wiki: Webshop: Coming soon! FAN REQUEST: - Please share and mention this video to (social) media websites, blogs and other Youtube creators © Jelle's Marble Runs 2019: Please do NOT copy and reupload this video without my permission!

Comments from Youtube

Daniel Kingston : Came for the wtf factor, stayed for the production value.

not that serious : "look at the impatience of the marbles that have already finished" 2:20 I died...

Donkey Booty : Idk how this ended in my suggestions but I'm not gonna lie I enjoyed this more than the actual Olympics. Whoever made this video with the editing etc. Job Well Done!

Samuel shaffer : I get recommended something wacky.. 1 min in I'm asking myself why am I watching this at 3:20AM? This isn't anything like Marble Madness back in the day? 5 mins later I'm saying the limers got robbed and I'm LOVING THIS!!!

Reuben Overton : -2020 Tokyo Olympics- *2019 MarbleLympics*

Dick Burns : Idk why this was in my suggestions but I’m glad it was.

Matthew Russell : I can't believe how entertaining this is! Well done!

olimakiella : 2:20 "Just showboating at this point. Look at the impatience from the marbles that have already finished. Come on, we get it." Love this commentator. Absolute gold.

Bobby Zvitkovitz : This is the kind of weird youtube video I want to find at 4AM.

Last Baratheon : I have to sit back and wonder where did my life go if I'm enjoying Marble Olympics on YouTube? 😂😂 Seriously though the level of detail is amazing with actual commentary, Cheering and Marble stewards, Marble fan fights..F*cking Marble Fan Fights 😂😂💀 .. I love it 👍

John-Paul White : What kind of rabbit hole have I fallen down this time?

FreshPrinceofBelAir : Not gonna lie, the way the rojo roller just passed everybody else in the last cm of the underwater race was quite impressive 😂 Wow thank you guys for the likes! 😍

sithjohn80 : Videos like this are why I love YouTube.

Sergej Todorović : Exam due in 3 days and what am i doing? Watching MARBLE OLYMPICS And i'm not ashamed at all. This is great

kyx : "You into sports?" "hell yeah" "like what? football? baseball?" " *even better* "

TheLostSkeleton : What stuns me the most is how professional this feels, the overlays, the stats, the set up is all so well done.

Blind N Wicked : dude im so hyped now for the main event WOOGOO go jungle jumpers

Magnolia Street TV : Haha, not only did you all do an amazing job with this and made it feel like a real sporting event, you even wrote in a race interruption caused by the "fans" at 10:30 lol excellent job honestly. EDIT: Okay...there is also a full-blown fan brawl at 11:30. I subscribed lol.

PaperiLiidokki : 2 minutes in and this is the most entertaining time i have ever had while watching sport, well done good sir well done! Subscribtion earned

Darth Vaper : These damn rabbit holes get me Everytime lol wtf did I just watch

Veron Kaileigh : Who else is watching this instead of the super bowl

rich ridgway : Man Mellow Yellow got robbed in that last Heat 4. Had the Rollers by a hair. Smh, another corrupt athletic league.

Steph H : I have no idea how long this channel has been around or why it was made but this is simply amazing.

SomeFortniteGuy : Youtube knows I'm baked. What kind of trickery is this in my suggestions?

Thiago Quintanilha : I hate the green ducks bandwagonners... #ooooooooooooo'rangers!

Jonathan Atkins : This announcer's performance should be preserved as a national treasure. He started talking, and suddenly I cared about colored balls rolling around.

Brotherhood SA : Crazy Cats Eyes for the win!

Code More : Somehow, I don't doubt all 5.6 million of us ended up here by accident.

Alex Bird : It's a hard life being a Team Momo fan, they've just not been the same since Momomo's injury and the curfuffle during the 2018 winter MarbeLympics certainly didn't help. Was actually starting to like Primary too. :( Who am I meant to root for in April dammnit!?

Thiago Quintanilha : Wew... mellow yellow almost didn't qualify... hope that they get rid of yellah so we can perform better in ML

Dude Man : Why is this more entertaining than the Super Bowl Edit: holy shit this comment blew up

Noah Wyatt : Thank you YouTube algorithm for this quality 🔥🔥🔥

brofessorbrolaf : Yup came for wtf, stayed for the announcer and production value.

Strenght Braser : 6:48 it's like they have 2 little eyes lmao 6:54

Vicarious : small brain: watches real sports average brain: watches esports enlightened brain: watches marblelympics

Ghost : This was literally more exciting than the Super Bowl

Steve Groves : I can`t believe that I have just spent 17 mins of my life watching that! Absolutely brilliant! Kudos guys.

adam conard : wow just a great vid, thanks. brilliancy prize 2019 front runner

guyin redglasses : Would honestly love to see this channel post a “making of the MarbleLympics tracks/events” video

Elrika Koppeschaar : I don't know how i got here but i'm so happy...

Tacet the Terror : The amount of production quality in this random recommended video is waaaaay higher than I was expecting for a bunch of marbles. XD

ShriLL KiLLs : Wtf am I doing with my life.. 🤦🏼‍♂️

Jesse L : Somebody give this man a job as a commentator with the Olympic

Simon Forsting : I don’t know why I am here, or why this was in my recommended, But this is pretty cool

AcidUsagi : I just found this. Why is it so addicting?

Syaiful Rizki : At first i was like wtf is this. Then 5 minutes later : GO LIMERS!!!

Boom Cherry : This video is just made for fun right? This is totally a rediculous joke I mean WTF is... GOOO ROJO ROLLERS WHAT ARE U DOING GET HIM!!!!

Duncan Lakin-Hall : #PinkyPower Go Pinkies Edit: love the placards

_Flames_ _ : This Is A MasterPiece!!! Or I Mean MarblePiece!!!!! 🏆😄🥇⭐😀