Early South Slavic History
Early South Slavic History

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"YouTube History Podcast" where I talk to various History Youtubers. (you can get it on soundcloud or any other podcast application)- https://soundcloud.com/youtubehistory... My Patreon- https://www.patreon.com/mlaser My Twitter- https://twitter.com/MnLaser You can also support through a PayPal donation- https://www.paypal.me/MnLaser Video scripts are available for free on Patreon. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ More Information 0:16 There where obviously more towns/cities then just shown on this map. 0:38 Even though the Greek culture and language spread, the Greeks mostly stayed below the line shown before. 1:09 Or any other farmers from the people groups mentioned before. 8:19 Along with some Germanic Farmers like Lombards, Ostrogoths and Franks. 8:47 Even though Carantania would later on become Germanic at this point it was mostly Slavic and there are even records of Slavic farmers staving off Germanic Settlers coming from the West. 10:05 This is not to say that the Huns where Indo-European, this was a pour choice of words on my part. However it is believed that the Huns did control Indo-European tribes whilst in Europe and some of these tribes got then assimilated in to the Bulgar tribes. 12:20 This is just a snapshot of the Bulgar Empire at it's largest expanse, however this doesn't reflect the borders of the Bulgar state throughout most of it's life which where much smaller. 14:37 The coastal city states shown here under Byzantine control had a very complex political structure and not all of them where under a complete control by the Byzantines but it was simpler to just show them this way on the map. 15:05 It is not completely known whether both where either vassals or part of the empire, but considering the events that followed, I went with the most plausible statement. 15:59 It is still debated if he killed Radoslav or his son Prosigoj. 16:36 With a brief disruption in the middle by the Domagojevic dynasty. 17:40 It is also debated that around the middle 9th century the Serbians may have been forced alias or even vassals of the Bulgars for a while. Music comes from this video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYA8XGxSHSM&t=2044s #History #SouthSlavic #Balkans


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Bulgarian empire mapping : Your channel is simply amazing and very underrated

Perun Bolesław Mściwy : Greetings to Slavic brothers from Slovenia Serbia and Croatia. Pozdrowiena dla braci Słowian Słoweńców Serbów i Chorwatów !!!!

K. Kajko : I really like your videos, everything is presented very clearly and reasonably. I can see the huge ammount of work you put into this. Keep up the great work. Pozdrowienia z Polski! :)

Kÿå Høń : Thank you for this video! It provides the context for some of the things you mentioned in your western slavic history video while explaining southern slavic settlement in a straightforward way. I look forward to your eastern slavs video!

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hari06 Bg : for an english speaking guy, you are very good at saying Bulgarian names. Normally our languange is hard.

Kurcoban : Fighting each other since 500s!

Mike Moriss : It is interesting that I found river Velka Morava in Northern Czechia close to Poland and (we all know) there is Velika Morava river in Serbia. Also, I had visited Lusatia Budyzisn (Bautzen) and Serbski Muzej - discovered that Sorbs (Serby) are very similar to Polish people, even watched some cultural presentation there figuring out they don't speak the Sorbian language at all or even if they speak that is limited and with a heavy German accent. I was really sad by the fact they are completely Germanized. The funny fact I discovered there is a legend about mysterious wizard Krabat in this area - and saw the special museum exhibition about this guy - basically Croation guy who came there to live among these Sorbs and became like a folk hero who was able to transform himself in blackbird by magic. Krabat was historical Janko Sajatovic from Zumberak. So even in this area, there are Croatians and Serbs - coming together like some twin brothers.

Zwackysa : Som časťou Srb takže toto bude zaujímavé pozerať :D

Paul Ferrer : Overall, an excellent video! However, I disagree with some aspects of the chronological coverage of the early Slavic migrations. The earliest Slavs to settle (still in small numbers) in the Balkans did so in the 580's, in the region of Moesia (modern northern Bulgaria). The second (much bigger wave) of Slavic invaders (Sclavinae and Antae) moved into Moesia, Thrace, and Macedonia, where most of them were destined to participate in the ethnogenesis of the modern Bulgarians, while others were assimilated by the Greeks. This happened between roughly 600 and 620. The third group of Slavic migrants moved into modern Slovenia during the 620's. The fourth wave of Slavs penetrated the western Balkans (to the west of the Morava River) between 640 and 660. They were the ancestors of the contemporary Croatians and Serbians. Thus, since the 600's, the border between the Serbo--Croatian group of Southern Slavs and the Bulgarian group of Southern Slavs has been the Morava River. Greetings from an American descendant of Bulgarian Slavs from the REGION of Macedonia!

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Bomfunk777 : History graduate here. :) According to all recent-years archaeological evidence and DNA analysis, the ancient Bulgarians (a.k.a. bulgars) are most probably of a Scytho-sarmatian (Indo-european) descend, distant "relatives" of the Persians. Graves and tombs from the early Bulgarian kingdom have been excavated and the bodies are Europoid (Caucasoid) and pretty tall (tsar Kaloyan for example - 1.90m). "Madara Rider" relief (UNESCO heritage site) has almost 1:1 analogue in ancient Persia, as well as the early pagan temples. Burial traditions, words, toponymes all have analogues in the Indo-iranian world. Early, unskilled historians in the 19-th century used some ambiguous and unclear Byzantine chronicles and a partially-broken, damaged stone-engraved text to mistakenly assume turkic origin of these people. Then they've put that in the text books and it stayed there during communism. During the years, however solid evidence and sources have been collected, suggesting that these ancient people are certainly of an indo-european origin. Early byzantine depictions and pictures of Bulgarian rulers (kings) also portrait them with European traits (google "khan Krum" and check the wiki page). History evolves over time, new evidences are collected and we can have a more clear vision over historical events and facts. :)

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