Early South Slavic History

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Kings and Generals : What a great video!

Kÿå Høń : Thank you for this video! It provides the context for some of the things you mentioned in your western slavic history video while explaining southern slavic settlement in a straightforward way. I look forward to your eastern slavs video!

CRO Folk Tales TV : WOW great work man ,SLAVA all my Slavic brothers!

Stefan Milo : Great video man. Really thorough! Your effort really shows.

Havik15 : Im croatian nice

K. Kajko : I really like your videos, everything is presented very clearly and reasonably. I can see the huge ammount of work you put into this. Keep up the great work. Pozdrowienia z Polski! :)

Milush Karadimov : Amazing video!

DakuHonoo : now I want to play a map game, incorporating slovenia into a wendish empire ... i'm thinking eu4

G-Rex Saurus : Would the Slavs have migrated without the Huns or the Germanic migration into the Roman empire?

Dragomir Yankov : Great Video...and really accurately presented the Bulgarian part

marianmgm : Liked and subscribed. Even if I have a few disagreements, I very much appreciate the effort you put in. One more thing at that point Serbia was split into two states Rashka and Bosnia. And you drew Serbia/Raska a lot bigger then it actually was, it only started expanding into the northern and eastern parts in the late 13th century.

Stramanor : Great video!

Marcin Cieslikowski : Nice thx

Danilo : Nice

Damjan Filipovski : Wow keep up the good work, great vid :)

DaN George : Are you going to do some videos related to Romania? P.S Great video

Snowmans CZ : It wasn´t Samo´s kingdom/ empire but more like Samo´s tribal federation. This is a common mistake and I really ejoy your content, continue with making more.

read more assume less : Do you have any history information about Scandinavian, Nordic cultures & Finnish people? Besides Viking era of 800-1100.

Envore D. : Great video

Slobodan Kunst : I'm very interested in your sources, this is not exactly how we studied early south Slavic history in Serbian schools?

Ted52 : That thumbnail though. poor Kosovo.

goran gruev : what about the Pelopenesian Slavs and Slavs of Inner mainland Greece . ( for example the Melingoi )

vohiii : Awesome video bro !

G-Rex Saurus : I had this question on another video about the extend of slavic settlement in the territory retained by the Byzantine, got anything on that? I know full well that the Slavs settles inland as far as peninsular Greece and the Peloponnesus, but both those were partially lost as well while a lot of inland territry in Thrace wasn't. In my opinion, I don't think Slavs ever became majority in the Byzantine directly controlled areas until Bulgar takeover, but I'd like to hear your opinion as well.

Dimitar Taskov : ok look Bulgarians are not slavic we are indo european Great Bulgaria was alot bigger . So please stop calling us turkic or slavic we have some tribes of slavs but they all bend the knee to Asparuh but the main ppl of the country are indo european

Offizier Schinkler : As an Bulgarian i can only agree with you! Croats, Serbs and Mazedonians are fake slavs. Only Bulgarians and Slowenians are true South Slavic Nations 🤗👏🏻

Champagne Dance : Very good video

Roko Matijević : Very nice video,Ty!

Bulgarian empire mapping : Your channel is simply amazing and very underrated

Old Nerm : Im a Bosniak my family is from Montenegro. I know my people for sure we are Slavic and Illyrian. We balkan people really are related in a way..same foods , almost same styles of clothing and Culture kinda. Its too many years that people say they are 100% this or that but thats just total bullcrap. After realizing so much history idk why we dont all just get along and let whatever religion they wanna believe.

Omri Ravid : A video about the avars would be great. Really liked this video

Triglav : Are we sure White Croatia and White Serbia are foundation myths,please if you can reply,this is a huge thing here and it is a shame if we don't adress this.

Triglav : I heard Ljudemisil was a cousin to Ljudevit.

Proud Croat : Wow, great video! Very detailed and informative, thanks for your work, you earned yourself a new sub :)

Stefán Atli Þorvaldsson : great video

Eos Prodromos : IM CROATIAN...or am I?

Quark Samurai : Nice video.Also there are records about Dervans Serbia in east germany

tommy14 : Looks great! Look forward to the last of the series. are you going to make them a play list? Suggestion - why not do the origins of the norse-germanic, ie the Goths and Vandals and Gepids ending with the Lombards - an show how they moved in the migration period? You might even intertwine the Wends with them.

David Smith : You have to get to 5,000 subs before becoming eligible for monetization under the new youtube rules made a few months ago. It sucks, but keep with it you will get there your content is good.

Quark Samurai : Macedonians were of mixed serbian bulgarian heritage.While montenegrins were always regional Serbs.