Early South Slavic History

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Kings and Generals : What a great video!

Bulgarian empire mapping : Your channel is simply amazing and very underrated

Конрад Дюселдорф : P.s The "Bulgars" weren't turkic, nomadic debatable. Also, they weren't all brothers, the ones you can be certain about are Asparuh, Bat bayan and Kotrag, the others were more likely separate warchiefs with their own war party. And Asparuh didn't exactly split or migrate to Bessarabia and the lower danube region. It is more likely that he was already in control of those regions and simply moved the political center from Phanagoria to them and then to Moesia.

Stefan Milo : Great video man. Really thorough! Your effort really shows.

DakuHonoo : now I want to play a map game, incorporating slovenia into a wendish empire ... i'm thinking eu4

DarkImplement : Haha great! I love this Serbo-Croatian history part :D

mm kk : As a Croat I don't believe Croats and Serbs were that before they came to this territories we were bunch of Slavic tribes from all over the place arriving here and settling among other people who lived here and the rulers who united us formed our identity

Kÿå Høń : Thank you for this video! It provides the context for some of the things you mentioned in your western slavic history video while explaining southern slavic settlement in a straightforward way. I look forward to your eastern slavs video!

Templar E-Z : Herodotus said that the Thracians were the second most numerous people after the indians.......

Canadian Syrup : The Balkans and around are like a family. Serbia and Croatia are the parents, Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Macedonia are children, while Bulgaria is a cousin. Serbia - A dad who was often drunk, and assaulted his kids and wife, while now he is normal, improves his wage and wants to improve relations with his family who hates him. Croatia - Very hot, married to Serbia, but was seen hooking up with Germany and other EU members while Serbia was drinking. Now she stays with the family, and goes often to work in the city(EU). Slovenia - The oldest child, he went young to the city (EU) and visits his family in the rural areas once in a week. Bosnia (Bosniaks) - While Serbia was drinking, he also hooked up others without noticing. He hooked up with Ottomans and made Bosnia. Now Bosnia wants kinda to move to Turkeys house but can't. Bosnia (Serbians and Croatians) - Serbia and Croatia adopted two more children - Republic of Srpska and Herzeg-Bosnia. Srpska wants to be like dad, and Herzeg-Bosnia like his mom. Montenegro - The lazy elderly son/daughter. Macedonia - Macedonia is the child who hated Bulgarians (its dad), so it went for adoption. It was adopted by the Yugoslavia family, but it kinda regrets it. Dome DNA tests show it is connected to Serbia and Albania too. Bulgaria - The cousin of Serbia (from Russia's line). They argue about land, argue about the Macedonia thing, but now don't care about anything. Kosovo - Serbia hooked up with Albania too. Both want it. Vojvodina - A child of Serbia, who has more than 3/4 Serbian genes, a bit of Hungarian genes, and others are just random. Albania - A stranger Serbia had sex with while drunk. Bad move. Greece - Serbia saw a person in church, and they started talking really much. Now they are best friends. Serbia visits Greece every summer, and helps a bit with money. Cyprus - Greece brother Romania - Just like Greece, the only thing is that Romania wants to join the family for some reason. Hungary - A stranger Austria - Is where Slovenia and Croatia work. Kinda a distant cousin with Croatia. Italy - They are related to Romania. They always wanted to steal Slovenia and possibly Croatia from the family. Moldova - Romania's sister Ukraine - Russia's little brother who hates his elder one so much. Turkey - A stranger, who wanted to kidnap all of the Balkans, but ended up having sex with Serbia, and had sex with Albania for a short period, before they went on their ways.

Havik15 : Im croatian nice

Zwackysa : Som časťou Srb takže toto bude zaujímavé pozerať :D

G-Rex Saurus : Would the Slavs have migrated without the Huns or the Germanic migration into the Roman empire?

goran gruev : what about the Pelopenesian Slavs and Slavs of Inner mainland Greece . ( for example the Melingoi )

martin vasilevki : Overall this is a GREAT video! But there are 3 main mistakes about Bulgaria! 1 we were NOT Turkic, 2 the "Macedonian brothers" are simply brain washed Bulgarians, aaaand i forgot the third one 😂.

Krunoslav Mrkoci : correction! not Germanic tribes, but Celtic in area of todays Slovenia. And you even didn't mention Pannonians, inhabitants of Pannonia (todays nothern Croatia and western Hungary). You can read about Pannonians and Dalmatians in "Historia Romana" by Roman historian and soldier (equites) Patercul.

K. Kajko : I really like your videos, everything is presented very clearly and reasonably. I can see the huge ammount of work you put into this. Keep up the great work. Pozdrowienia z Polski! :)

zmajooov : 15:54 A-HA! NOW WE FINALLY KNOW WHO STARTED THE WAR! -edit It's amazing how your video is unbiased, easiest sub ever, keep up the good work!

Snowmans CZ : It wasn´t Samo´s kingdom/ empire but more like Samo´s tribal federation. This is a common mistake and I really ejoy your content, continue with making more.

Proud Croat : Wow, great video! Very detailed and informative, thanks for your work, you earned yourself a new sub :)

Milush Karadimov : Amazing video!

Ted52 : That thumbnail though. poor Kosovo.

Matija Nikolin : Goood respect from Serbia(sout Slav)😎😄😄👍😀😎👍😀😎😄

Quark Samurai : Macedonians were of mixed serbian bulgarian heritage.While montenegrins were always regional Serbs.

warlord970 : Great video :) Thank you for mentioning the situation of us Slovenes and explaining it in a bigger detail.

Dragomir Yankov : Great Video...and really accurately presented the Bulgarian part

Michael Aleksovski : Honestly, that was the best video on this subject I have ever seen! Congratulations!

Made From Finnish Beans : Do you have any history information about Scandinavian, Nordic cultures & Finnish people? Besides Viking era of 800-1100.

Marcin Cieslikowski : Nice thx

Hell ArcheR : See? No bosniaks, no macedonians, no montenegrins. NO FAKE NATIONS.

Michael Aleksovski : Honestly, that was the best video on this subject I have ever seen! Congratulations!

KosovoReport : Most sources show that there was no Slavic settlement of the Balkans (south of the Danube) up until the 580s, however it is held that the first organized and large-scale settlement of the Slavs onto the Balkans was with the Serbs and Croats during the reign of Heraclius. (630s).

G-Rex Saurus : I had this question on another video about the extend of slavic settlement in the territory retained by the Byzantine, got anything on that? I know full well that the Slavs settles inland as far as peninsular Greece and the Peloponnesus, but both those were partially lost as well while a lot of inland territry in Thrace wasn't. In my opinion, I don't think Slavs ever became majority in the Byzantine directly controlled areas until Bulgar takeover, but I'd like to hear your opinion as well.

Krunoslav Mrkoci : The impact of Huns is over rated. They were warriors on horses which forced different tribes to cooperation. But, they were succesfully defeated by Roman general in Gallia (todays France). After that and the death of Attila, their Aliance disappeared. Migrations of Germanic tribes that followed, brought the Western Empire to its political end. But, actualy, the Roman Catholic Church preserved Latin language and literature and cultural traditions of late Roman Empire in the west. The border between Western and Eastern Empire, as emperor Theodosius established in the end of 4th cent., was runing approximatly in Balkans on Drina river, what is today the border between Bosna and Srbia.

Erik K. : Nice video. It is clear, that FYROM ("Macedonians) are Bulgarians and they have nothing to do with Greeks. It is also clear the culture of this regions from Zagreb to Skopje, being so long under influence of Turks, and nothing to do with western culture (just take into account their music).

Stramanor : Great video!

Bulgarian Gaming Batlefield BGB : I really like your videos because they are accurate and you talk about things we actually learn in school

Strider : North Macedonia? Really?

Slobodan Kunst : I'm very interested in your sources, this is not exactly how we studied early south Slavic history in Serbian schools?

Benymm Johanson : Then was Bohemia and Moravia

Jacke : Illyrian🇦🇱

Danilo : Nice

Wafflez-Man- : Im a Bosniak my family is from Montenegro. I know my people for sure we are Slavic and Illyrian. We balkan people really are related in a way..same foods , almost same styles of clothing and Culture kinda. Its too many years that people say they are 100% this or that but thats just total bullcrap. After realizing so much history idk why we dont all just get along and let whatever religion they wanna believe.

Coctail Frank : Here is a message to all of the dyslexic serbs in the comments. Croats are not catholic serbs. Here is a fact. Slavs were once all one people. We are not catholic serbs and serbs are not orthodox croats. We are the two halves of the same circle. There are major diffrences between our cultures. Even before the turkinization and maygarization.

Angel Petrov : this is wrong ! old bulgar -language didnt disapear for sure . Kiril and methodius made cirylic alphabet based on old bulgar words mixed with local dialect..S

Damjan Filipovski : Wow keep up the good work, great vid :)

Dimitar Taskov : ok look Bulgarians are not slavic we are indo european Great Bulgaria was alot bigger . So please stop calling us turkic or slavic we have some tribes of slavs but they all bend the knee to Asparuh but the main ppl of the country are indo european

DaN George : Are you going to do some videos related to Romania? P.S Great video

Envore D. : Great video

vohiii : Awesome video bro !