Every Stellaris run in a Nutshell
Every Stellaris run in a Nutshell

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I've always wanted to use this song for something. And Paradox gave me the chance! Always happy to plug one of my favorite genres of music, filk. Soundtrack is "Xenophobia" By Bill Sutton, which I found on this channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0WQOGVLLGw&list=PL2036F1BA9A5428FD&index=41 Bill Sutton's website, where you can find and purchase his music, is here: https://billbrendasutton.bandcamp.com/ Xenophobia (or, A Considered Opinion On the Attitude Which Should Be Possessed By Terran Star Fleet), music and lyrics ©1984 by Bill Sutton. Originally published on "Past Due", Off Centaur, 1986.


Pr00ch : Alien genocide isn't scifi, it's sciFUN

I am M.A.D : Human race to human race : -YO GUYS WE FOUND OTHER LIFE FORMS -and? -That means we don’t have to hate and kill each other anymore, let’s just kill them instead! -YAEH

DasIrrlicht : I just noticed... The original got took down for 'Hatespeech'... Can we not longer complain about non-human-liveforms? If I say I hate dolphines, will this comment be flagged?

TheOtakuComrade : *_Deus Imperator Vult_*

samwich : i’m that one stellaris player who makes joke nations. i made owl nazis (the owlyan race) and chose one of the human name generators *sees planet in home system* oh. new jerusalem. that’s ironic *scrolls over planet. sees it’s a gas giant* OH NO WHAT HAVE I DONE

Random nothingness : *Didn't put a double headed eagle on flag* AND YOU CALL YOURSELF HUMAN

MarcusFenix89 : While the enemies of the Emperor still draw breath there can be no peace.

dakota neumann : lol the original music was removed for "Hate Speech". We need an exterminatus

Arkell : I tried using the link to the source video. "Removed due to violations of youtube's hate speech policy" *what?*

Polaczek Biedaczek : The "Xenophobia" song was removed for hatespeech XDDD. Youtube are filthy xeno lovers.

terrrario 101 : 'Serve them up a Genocide they never will forget.' I don't think they will remember it at all.

Akiraspin : "Let's learn to love our neighbor, like the Christians learned in Rome." Hehehehe.... I see what you did there. Christians who lived in Rome were mass-persecuted and crucified despite being completely benign and harmless during the period of rulership during and after Emperor Nero. A few (reasonably untrustworthy) sources from within the imperial palace said that Nero lit his palace gardens at night with the corpses of burning crucified Christians. Of course there is also evidence to suggest there was a massive internal smear campaign against Nero, but most evidence suggests that he was a pretty tyrannical douche. After a mass fire broke out which destroyed much of Romes middle class economically, Nero (who was suspected of being the one to actually caused the fire so he could make a new amphitheater, though once again this is debatable) blamed the fire *on the Christians who lived in those same areas* as a result, the Christians were rounded up in droves and pretty much genocided. Don't you love it when songs reference historical events? *WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW MORE?* (starship troopers theme plays in the distance)

40kanon : Let's celebrate what unites us all together, *xenophobia.*

The Game Archiver : Beware the mutant, the alien, the heretic.

Mr. Karl McYoda : Song: Xenophobic towards beings we don't even know if exist Youtube: tHaT's HaTe SpEeCh, TaKe ThE vIdEo DoWn!

Leslie Cat : This actually got me started with Stellaris

Tathem Relag : The original video you linked in your description has been removed by Youtube for "hate speech"... _slams face into desk repeatedly_

nick11crafter : It bothers me that the video linked in the description is removed as hate speech, It isnt even about humans or anything on earth... Is humor this far gone already?

TechnocraticDreadnought : A phobia is an irrational fear of something; If an xenomorph hive-mind is trying to snuff humanity from existence, then the animosity you feels against these xenomorphs is NOT an irrational fear. A hive mind would, most likely, be very incompatible with humanity, and a great threat to our survival; F vetting...EXTERMINATUS!

Shaftoe : I solemnly swear, To dedicate my life and abilities, In the defense of the United Nations of Earth, To defend the constitution of Man and to further the rights of all sentient lif~... LET'S BE XENOPHOBIC! IT'S REALLY IN THIS YEAR!!!...

SnowFlame : This is the first time I've heard about Stellaris. *SOLD*

Bar Rag : Glory be to Mankind, the God Emporer protects!

Sunquad : Me: Lets enslave sum aliens Friend: N-No we need to be egalitarian xenophile Me:

Your Neighbour : Suffer not the alien and furry to live. An open mind is like a fortress unbarred and unguarded.

Xyphos : and the original song is kill for hate speech :/

Lucas Lagos : Nobody expected the human inquisition.

Red Tag : 10/10, would purge again.

415 k1ub : "If you were given the choice, why do you still want to be the good guy" "Because being evil makes me feel bad" Stellaris players: Awkwardly looks away while causing a mass genocide on an entire species

Ben Gellert : Soldier: Sir, 20,000 Xeno ships approaching! What should we do? Commander: ... Fix Bayonets.

Roman Laws : Playing as a Egalitarian Xenophile Materialist empire right now and I just needed to remind myself how garbage it is

Corsair Carl : Warhammer 40k: The Musical

Sérgio Vieira : The God-Emperor and The Ordo Xenos aproves of this, Citizen.

Bob Good : Original song got deleted for hate speech *slams F button*

SDRGamer04 : Anyone else come back to watch this in 2019?

The Dawg : I want to be a pacifist, I really do... But the God Emperor of Man has taught me better than that.

Cory Fice : When are we going to get human invasion movies? It's such an untapped market.

Nod Gamer : lets celebrate the thing that unites us all; Xenophobia

Old One Cthulhu : 671 aliens disliked this

BigMaxPorter : The original song linked got removed for hatespeech lol

Patata : Those 800 dislikes are aliens who are jealous of us, the mankind.

Eisvisage : The song just fits perfectly for the game. Or rather, the game fits perfectly for the song, because the song is much much older.

EwokMaster : I can't believe that song got flagged for hate speech

Iron Hands Terminator : This deeply warms both my hearts.

King Brennus : Filthy xenos, a cosmic mistake surely. Nothing a purge can't fix. :)

Brent Hm : For the God-emperor of mankind

Hanger : Let's learn about our neighbors like cristians learned in Rome That's how I now learn about my neighbors

Harrison Williams : Oh planet tiles...the good times we had together

Pépito🍇 : I mean I'm vegan but eating the xenos is like, fine, they're like veggies and they don't eVEN COME FROM EARTH

Młody Gimnazjalista : That song made me want to take a heavy bolter or flamer and go to purge some xenos