Can You Survive An Elevator Fall By Jumping? Debunked

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Striker : Doesn't work in rainbow six siege...



Kangaroo Kru : 1st of all how would u know when its going to hit the ground

sWiiFTz : *”Son, the elevator is falling! We’re gonna die!”* *”No, Mom. I got this. Well, gravity will be exerting a force of 9.81 newtons per kilogram which converts to an acceleration of 9.81 meters per second, every second. When you take into accou- MOM?! MOM! NOOOOOOO I WAS EXPLAINI- *dead** You spent 12 minutes to tell us we’re going to die. Thank you.

Techsploration : with those odds i think ill just stay home i don't want to take that 0.00000015% chance

Dat Offer : I can’t be the only one yelling “ok get on with it!” The whole time.

Sam Es : Can you just give me a yes or no answer next time

Max L : a simple yes or no would have been nice

Will The Real SJW Please Stand Up : This is a science channel, they’re going to explain why everything happens. Just saying “no you wouldn’t survive” doesn’t follow through with what they’re trying to do. They are trying to educate people on scientific matters and why things happen. They not only explained that you wouldn’t survive, they explained why. If you can’t be bothered to watch the whole video, just skip to the end for fs sake. Common sense, people.

James W : So basically in a nutshell dying in an elevator is like winning the lottery. ;)

Nexus _Ny : Sorry guys but Chuck Norris Has already Debunked This Before he was Born

MSDLF : What if you jump 40 times?

2Extra Taylor : 6:23 am i the only one who jumped after this

The Elite Falcon : Mythbusters...

Debunked : As an aside note, the building that is due to supersede the Burj Khalifa in 2020 called Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia will stand at 1km tall and have the world tallest elevator at 660 meters! It will also boast new technologies like 'Ultrarope' - composed of carbon-fibre covered in a friction-proof coating instead of steel cables. Steel cables limit the height of single elevators to 500meters due to the shear weight of the cables, but Ultrarope can be used for elevators up to 1km! Source:BBC Please Support Debunked and sign up for free with our sponsor '' a maths and science problem solving App and Site Thanks for your support!

marzouk115 : With my luck, the whole building will collapse!!

Hacked : Holy fuck this is a good video

Israel Ridley : Wouldnt the whole elevator be crushed when it hits the ground? If so, wouldnt you simply get crushed as well?

hon za : 9:25 there is the the suff you need to know to survive... 4seconds useful, 11min 36s useless stuff, dislike

RealFlawNebu : These people would rather die than watch a 12 minute vid

Enclosed Letter : Basically, it's almost near impossible to jump at the exact time needed. Elevators have breaks that will never allow this to happen as said at the end of the video. You're welcome. Just saved you 12min.

Drummerboy Productions : I have an elevator phobiea. I am EXTREMELY terrifyed of elevators, even the thought of being in one gives me chills...

MLG Melon : Nice video and all, but there's still a roof over your head that will crush you on impact ._.

Zachary Peterson : It's pretty much impossible for this scenario to happen though

jimmy alferd : this video could have been 2 minutes long without excluding any of the ideas..

Beastryan Ap : That 0.00000015% chance is more safer than stairs .

Carlos Pinzon Campillo : Este vidioclip es inuutil, pero trankilo tu lo k azes es borrarlo, haces otro de 3 segundos diciendo no te subas a un asccensor gritando

I Zpademilio I : What if you do a parkour roll at impact xD

Go NaXz : So I wasted 11 minutes just to get the answer of no.

Shrub Plays : I'm not much of a fan of learning when it comes to school, but I love watching things like this. Everybody who is complaining about you teaching us what's going on are just impatient or they don't like learning.

RogueLemon : Can we requests myths? If we can, could you see if staying to close to a tv screen would actually affect your eyes like everyone says it does? Thanks! :)

Insanegamenrd : Uh I just want a yes or no

Continual Improvement : Already tried it and it works.

TOUSEEF GUJJAR : Plzz be my physics teacher....😭😭😭😭

Ilan Pfammatter : would it help if there was a rod at the top of the elevator, so you could hold onto it and only the bones in your hand might break because of the impact?

Everett Burgin : how could u know when the elevator was gonna hit?

Samarth Srivastava : I would be dead before I think all this.........

vincenzo van den broek : I was in an elevator and then the cables broke. I didn't know what to do so I watched this video. It didn't work.....

Haas'na Haas : 27 deaths per year happens in China.

John Leonard Fernandez : how about in a collapsing building? I really think that would work if your on rooftop then wait for the last floor to be as low it can be then jump

Maja Berglind : I'll just take the stairs

Guts Puck : Why was there EVER a debate? with that same logic jump off a plain with a chair and jump from it before you land :P

Nick Chase : Elevator have automatic brakes that will stop him from falling so elevator will never crash on ground floor. I work with elevators I know this stuff

Bin Laggin : I learned this in physics so it was interesting watching

The BrickShooter : All elevators have a final failsafe: hooks that grab in the wall when the elevator goes too fast, so this situation is VERY unlikely.

Tha_Monsta88 : Heres how you fix this problem. Put a thick copper slab at the bottom and some on the sides towards the bottom. Use a magnetic slab under the elevator that sends eletric poles when it come close to copper causing the elevator to slow down dramatically thus landing 70% safer.

Austin R4L : i wonder what would happen if you had bars on the roof of the elevator to hold on to that kept your body above the ground

Skyena : Omg, I am the exact 240,100th Subscriber! So lucky!