Can You Survive An Elevator Fall By Jumping? Debunked

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Broodjekaas ! : So short answer: you will break your legs but you might live.

Rj the great : Currently falling while watching this thanks many seconds did u say I haiwoekekemisiekemsmsjsnsbshsebusueieosmzjzopwmsnsu

Bony the doge : If you ever survive this situation you should really consider getting a lottery ticket...

Jack Attack : More like 0.00000015% to win the lottery 😂😂


Shart12373 : If only newton didn't invent those damm laws

MLG Melon : Nice video and all, but there's still a roof over your head that will crush you on impact ._.

Kuroashinji END : Easy, you need double jump

gpat 175 : Am I the only one who doesn't know the height of every building he enters ?

気根 : so in conclusion, take the stairs

Keksdee : Wouldn't you be stuck on the ceiling of the elevator and when the elevator hit you would be slammed against the floor and die.

Owen Cunningham : Elevator cables are actually extremely strong, and the chanced of them breaking are very slim. Plus there are breaks, which activate if the cables were to fail. Ypu are actually about as safe in an elevator as you are anywhere else in the building.

Greenmetalbender : Instructions unclear, i hit my head on the top of the elevator by jumping and i died

N.J.R : These people would rather die than watch a 12 minute vid

Elizabeth Brown : Great. Now i got a fear of elevators

Ena : Lucky me, i don't get out my bed, so there's less chance of me dying in an elevator. :D


Txlilstar63 Monster : I die just watching this 12-minute video

Bunny Dog : 27 deaths a year??? When you think about it that’s a lot....u could be one of those people..

Checken Betch : imma take the stairs

Broodjekaas ! : Anyone else was thinking of lift escape pc web game? No? Okeh

Stephen Troup : All my life people have said jumping off the bottom of a falling elevator makes no difference. Thank you for proving what I've always intuitively thought, it does make a difference, just not enough to save your life. Thank you for this video!

James W : So basically in a nutshell dying in an elevator is like winning the lottery. ;)

Steve : The thing is, how would you know when it's time to jump?

Guts Puck : Why was there EVER a debate? with that same logic jump off a plain with a chair and jump from it before you land :P

ChewyWolf : What if you just hold yourself above the ground using the walls..? 🤔

Llama with a Shotgun : The cables could never break just one cable alone can hold the weight of a hippo.

1k Subs With No Videos? : Doesn't work in rainbow six siege...

Los_ Phoenix : I don’t think jumping in a falling elevator because once the elevator hits the ground and you jump, you could be badly injured from your head.

Shira Godsi : Basically it was just no

[REDACTED USER] : I am currently falling and I came across this video and it was too long. Plea

Harry Henwood : I’ve just done my physics GCSE and literally everything in this video I had to learn for my exam. So I basically just made myself sit and revise for the exam I’ve already sat by watching this

bunny nigel : with those odds i think ill just stay home i don't want to take that 0.00000015% chance

Can We get 1,000 subs For no reason? : Why is this video so long¿?

eli Russell : Elevators don’t free fall downwards they fall up wards and smash the ceiling because the counter weight is heavier than the lift

Peshuga de posho : I hate this answer, cuz on 3rd world countries like mine, where buildings, structures and elevators dont get their proper maintenance or updating, this is an actual concern. So no, my dude.

xVezki : But how do you know when to jump?

MightyTV : How you know when the elevator bout to hit the ground?

Jenna Triorik : There’s literally no chance of new elevators doing free fall. Even the cable gets snapped, there is still a brake on the car, and only one cable can even hold the car itself, the others cables are just for something goes wrong, elevator is the safest machine that brings you up in the building, trust me. And if you die, no worry, your family will be paid.

Hi how Are ya : I’m using the stairs from now on Edit: actually I’m not going in any multiple story building

argsgsgs gnngndg : Guys, it's simple math: speed of the elevator minus speed you reach when you jump, it's like +100 km/h minus less than 20, you're still too fast.

Banfue : Actually IF you lay you have the maximum amount of procent when it comes to survival

PolakDu1210 : No. Just saved u 11m on ur life

Annah Sutherland : Long story short jumping doesn’t help maybe try bending your legs or laying on the ground

Puzzlebox 101 : I am currently in physics 1 and it’s really nice to be able to understand this somewhat, and even be able to predict what your reasoning is. Also this video made me feel so, so much better about elevators.

Booga04 Minecraft : But how will you know when you are about to hit the ground?

Pokemon GO : Video was too long. I tried watching this in a falling elevator to find out if i could live. Was still watching when the elevator hit the ground. Writing this as a ghost now.

Ali_Army107 : Jardoeraaeioriarion maroonian is afraid of the happening.

Gurosama Bltch : i knew everything in this video aahaaaaggahaa im so smart 😎😎😎