Can You Survive An Elevator Fall By Jumping? Debunked

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James W : So basically in a nutshell dying in an elevator is like winning the lottery. ;)

Magic Man : with those odds i think ill just stay home i don't want to take that 0.00000015% chance

Striker Gaming and More : Doesn't work in rainbow six siege...

Debunked : As an aside note, the building that is due to supersede the Burj Khalifa in 2020 called Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia will stand at 1km tall and have the world tallest elevator at 660 meters! It will also boast new technologies like 'Ultrarope' - composed of carbon-fibre covered in a friction-proof coating instead of steel cables. Steel cables limit the height of single elevators to 500meters due to the shear weight of the cables, but Ultrarope can be used for elevators up to 1km! Source:BBC Please Support Debunked and sign up for free with our sponsor '' a maths and science problem solving App and Site Thanks for your support!

sWiiFTz : *”Son, the elevator is falling! We’re gonna die!”* *”No, Mom. I got this. Well, gravity will be exerting a force of 9.81 newtons per kilogram which converts to an acceleration of 9.81 meters per second, every second. When you take into accou- MOM?! MOM! NOOOOOOO I WAS EXPLAINI- *dead** You spent 12 minutes to tell us we’re going to die. Thank you.

The Pynkachu : Instead of complaining about how long it is, think about how much effort the creators of the video put into it. They explained everything that you generally needed to know.

Michael Williams : How’s the elevator business? It’s up and down...

Sam Es : Can you just give me a yes or no answer next time

vincenzo van den broek : I was in an elevator and then the cables broke. I didn't know what to do so I watched this video. It didn't work.....

RealFlawNebu : These people would rather die than watch a 12 minute vid

Kermit The Frog : This is literally the video that sums up my 8th grade science

Max From London : I am sorry but can you please do research before making video's.... IF you researched this you would know that elevators fall upwards, this is because the counter-wait, which is heaver than the elevator would force the elevator to go upwards instead of falling downwards... On the rare times were elevators have fallen downwards a safety device called a "Govner Automatically detects over speed and apply the emergency breaks. The only time an elevator has fallen all the way was during 9/11 and one lady was killed. - Elevator technician..


Omar Assla : i watched a 12min video just to hear you say "most of the elevators are safe so don't worry" ???????

Nexus _Ny : Sorry guys but Chuck Norris Has already Debunked This Before he was Born

AVEX GAMING : How do you know when the elevator is about to hit the ground if your inside

Dominick Copani : Welp, I’m never riding an elevator again

Martijn de Graaf : Short answers here! Do you survive when you are trapped inside a falling elevator? No. Are there any options when trapped inside one? No. Is it likely that you will be trapped inside a falling elevator? No, because of safety measures. I saved you 11 minutes of watching captain obvious, your welcome!

James The Second : umm how tf would you know how close u are to the ground?

chris leggett : why is everyone complaining? If the video simply said "lay down flat" then everyone would be like "why why why why why"...So to answer all those "why" questions they included the actual physics as to well, why we should lay flat instead of jumping. I used to think jumping during a falling elevator would work too but now that I've seen this video I'll definitely lay flat.

Mo n : I wish you guys were around when I had high school physics 🙃

Cholloway01 : I was in an elevator that dropped two floors in a superstore once, nobody got injured...

Giel Kassenaar : But.. if the elevator does fall and the shock obsolver at the bottom isnt there then the elevator will just crunch togheter so if you were standing up the ceiling of the elevator will crush you. Wouldnt it?

BIRDEE : Your still falling at the same speed of the elevator! HOW IS THIS CONFUSING

tom westall : Even though it was a long video, it was informative but as it probably will never happen to me I still don’t know why I watched it 😂

Dylan Watersnake : More than 27 people die every year from falling down stairs???

Israel Ridley : Wouldnt the whole elevator be crushed when it hits the ground? If so, wouldnt you simply get crushed as well?

hon za : 9:25 there is the the suff you need to know to survive... 4seconds useful, 11min 36s useless stuff, dislike

Enclosed Letter : Basically, it's almost near impossible to jump at the exact time needed. Elevators have breaks that will never allow this to happen as said at the end of the video. You're welcome. Just saved you 12min.

Arrow to The Knee : I'm watching this while on falling elevator

marzouk115 : With my luck, the whole building will collapse!!

moshe191 : I really enjoy your videos, they are perfect in almost every aspect I look for.

NKSz YT : Burg is a arabic word it means Tower

Kangaroo Kru : 1st of all how would u know when its going to hit the ground

Mr Wam : Just duck and you are safe.

RogueLemon : Can we requests myths? If we can, could you see if staying to close to a tv screen would actually affect your eyes like everyone says it does? Thanks! :)

Tanmay thakur : Its like a DeLorean hitting u. Get it 144 kmph .

The BrickShooter : All elevators have a final failsafe: hooks that grab in the wall when the elevator goes too fast, so this situation is VERY unlikely.

Galactic Wolf : 7:05 Forget about the elevator what about those broken ankles?

force311999 : The air resistance will not work if multiple elevators share a common shaft way as the air will go around the car as it falls by

Mudbox : Who the hell actually thinks that jumping in an elevator would help at all? Is this honestly a common misconception?

Cetrix : I was in the elevator while it was falling, but the video was so long that I am a ghost writing this now

Carlos Pinzon Campillo : Este vidioclip es inuutil, pero trankilo tu lo k azes es borrarlo, haces otro de 3 segundos diciendo no te subas a un asccensor gritando

Christian Patton : 8:28 Alltime Conspriacies!!

Ekitchi Hoshi : Nice video. Just one small correction. If the elevator reaches terminal velocity before the impact as you mentioned it would, then jumping up doesn't suffer from the acceleration and you benefit from the full 2.45 m/s speed reduction. It doesn't change the conclusion though since it's still way too small to reduce significantly the >40 m/s speed at impact.

.infernofx : So.. you have the same chance of dying in an elevetor and getting an AWP Dragon Lore in csgo?

Scary Larry : Nice dude

MaxMations : a simple yes or no would have been nice

Денис Веркель : 10:28 You should have started with that