The State Of Chavs In The U.K. *Warning Violent*

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Totally Pointless : Please be sure to leave a comment of what you think about Chavs and let me know if you have had any rough experiences with them in the past,also give the video a like and share or you're a chav.....

Matt Andrews : Bogan*

Aaron : First

Chris Anderson : This is the second time I've watched this and it was even more hilarious than the first. "Respect the bins"!

bish0p2004 : In america it would be rednecks and hoodrats

allen noel : This is a thank you from America

Conor Waters : Indoobidably!

Electric Jackie : Thing that i noticed about chavs is that they all are freakin skinny...

Conor 98 : 1:03 respect to that guy

Robert jan bolt : those kids are not smoking a cigaret i gues i think its a joint

Jason Bleau : In America, there are white trash types, who are most like these chavs, rednecks, who are farmers and truckers, etc., who actually contribute to society, and hillbillies, who live in the Appalachian mountains.

Meme Vault : Your mums a boiler