What Is A Chav? | The U.K Epidemic

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Totally Pointless : The climactic follow up has arrived, be there, are be a gopnik... What Is GOPNIK?https://youtu.be/t2x8OI1Maco

Electric Jackie : Thing that i noticed about chavs is that they all are freakin skinny...

bish0p2004 : In america it would be rednecks and hoodrats

DJ knobhed : “Wear cheap clothing”wears Adidas and nike and expensive sports brands

Matt Andrews : Bogan*

h ch : a chavling lol

Valentin Martinez : We call them tweakers here in the us. I know some red neck and they are not like this.

Chris Anderson : This is the second time I've watched this and it was even more hilarious than the first. "Respect the bins"!

Tyler BB10 : Some chavs drifted on their bikes and almost hit my foot so I said sorry hard , and then they turned around and chased me 😢. 1 like = 1 new cast

Christopher Teasdale : Hate chavs

Tealwraith : If you could get the Germans to start another war, you could draft all the Chavs to the Army and clean up the UK. Sure some would come back to breed, but that would be a small problem compared to all the Chavs now walking around disrespecting garbage can.

L The Loser : In Scotland, we have neds

zac comp acadentel chanle Carmichael : Gun them down

Joseph Komarnicki : Dude at 2:30 watched green street hooligans a few too many times

Aero Drop : gypsies in Bulgaria

우유바나나 : Fuckin’ roadmans

Gold K : Is a Chav the same as a Traveller in Ireland?

Asteroid Arts : Bet that tramp on the train is a properly filthy shag.

Emre5 JDM : In Germany we say "Assi"

suma nolaff : you are a chav

Terrible Tanner : [Few] Chavs do actually contribute to British society; usually in the form of manual labour during a [very] temporary contract on a building site, while [allegedly] claiming multiple benefits. You won't see them [at least for long] working in any other role in society however; due to their absence of GCSEs and fundamental social skills, their professional lives consist of dole dossing, temporary labouring and perhaps the odd factory temp until they're chucked out for racism and/or skiving.

Twistedhippy : You missed the best bit of the kung fu guy, the chav crawls out of his garden and his mate respectfully closes the gate for kung fu guy 😂

Totally Pointless : Please be sure to leave a comment of what you think about Chavs and let me know if you have had any rough experiences with them in the past,also give the video a like and share or you're a chav.....

DAT GUY LIONCHAOS : Bloody bogan chavy redneck twats🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Aaron : First

allen noel : This is a thank you from America

Boom Lap : Absolutely brilliant

Conor 98 : 1:03 respect to that guy

Robert jan bolt : those kids are not smoking a cigaret i gues i think its a joint

Conor Waters : Indoobidably!

willieboy : I went to school in England my personal record is over a dozen that I knocked out! I dont play that game...mr garbage can. get aggressive with me and it is over I dont want to smell your rancid breath. I broke three fingers from a guy and two girls. put your hands on me. pinkie easy to get at, hard to defend...snap them and stop them!!!!! im not wasting 30 years of defense training...bleed on the concrete NOT on me. chavs are a failure of British society NOT family social groups. edit....i said over a dozen my next door neighbor was a chav it toke him three times (a broken nose) and two arrests to figure it out, dont screw with me any hour. before I graduated and went home I worked on his car twice so he could go to work, after all that. the next door neighbors which I still know and visit. The chav died of a drug over dose! even after that RIP.

dazza X : he forgot to give him few kicks on each side and in that s head of his to make him uber

thanoscar 11 : We call them hypebeasts and wiggers here

Roger Smith : Watch ‘Michael Huke senior manager at Lloyds Bank’ attack a 71 year old man because he’d parked outside his house, the incident was caught on CCTV, and the Police take no action. Several weeks later the old man is arrested and locked up as the video had been uploaded to YouTube which embarrassed the Banker at work. He was later released without charge.

Asteroid Arts : I love the way you describe the chav like some sort of mythical creature 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Asteroid Arts : It seems 35 Uber Chavs disliked this video.

eleastro : As a person who lives in the North West of England (where most of the chavs live). I can say that I see situations like this everyday.

Sam Cummings : Love how they think they're clothing is expensive, try a pair of Winfield brogues mate, or a tailored Macintosh, can't get them on the dole

Krzyzstof Polecat : North West English 'Chavs' are Scallies. And they are awful.

neatofication : Lol they all have herpes now!!!! Lolololol

Kerry Hendry : The chavs i see use the north face,kwd,aididas and nike

Oscar WHITE : Chavling chavler Uber chav

Brian McDougall : Frankie Boyle won't be pleased to see one of his bastards running around in an England shirt.

Korkel : Aushwitz on chavs please.

neatofication : Hello Mr. Chav, can I see your teeth? Lol

Big nut lover : Bogards is this what you just called them, it's bogan

Yusli Adnan : Bang!......and bang! Leave n go on the life with his girl..

therealCompa : Are you serious about the teeth thing.

UNARM3D 206 : "Cheese!"

warhawkjah : Jeremy Kyle must be the British Jerry Springer.