What Is A Chav? (The U.Ks Greatest Shame)

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Totally Pointless : Part 2 is out now, watch it or I’ll bash your head in! The Return Of The Chav https://youtu.be/2nZ_95ny9N8

Electric Jackie : Thing that i noticed about chavs is that they all are freakin skinny...

Christopher Teasdale : Hate chavs

Asteroid Arts : I love the way you describe the chav like some sort of mythical creature 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

zectra desmondo2002 Carmichael : Gun them down

Knobhed : “Wear cheap clothing”wears Adidas and nike and expensive sports brands

Valentin Martinez : We call them tweakers here in the us. I know some red neck and they are not like this.

Scout TheWolf117 : In Scotland, we have neds

Matt Andrews : Bogan*

Tyler BB10 : Some chavs drifted on their bikes and almost hit my foot so I said sorry hard , and then they turned around and chased me 😢. 1 like = 1 new cast

h ch : a chavling lol

Tealwraith : If you could get the Germans to start another war, you could draft all the Chavs to the Army and clean up the UK. Sure some would come back to breed, but that would be a small problem compared to all the Chavs now walking around disrespecting garbage can.

oyinbo peppe : All Chavs should be steralized.

Chris Anderson : This is the second time I've watched this and it was even more hilarious than the first. "Respect the bins"!

Sir tophat : You could just say they are people from the Jeremy kyle show

PieFace : Chavs on council estates

Gold K : Is a Chav the same as a Traveller in Ireland?

Allpsychicsarefrauds FACT! : ALL chavs should be put to death, they are worthless parasites! Anyone who supports them should be made to have them as neighbours!

Emre5 JDM : In Germany we say "Assi"

allen noel : This is a thank you from America

Xan Exe : They are also 30 year old people in a 01 Corsa 1.2 driving like nonces

Aero Drop : gypsies in Bulgaria

Nikhil Yadav : In india we call these type of people "tapori/vella"

Blake Purkiss : I have no sympathy for chavs whatsoever, regardless of what they go through or why they do it. they would not hesitate to harass you just for walking past them

Joseph Komarnicki : Dude at 2:30 watched green street hooligans a few too many times

time lord : A group of 6 chavs or more is known as a chavalanche

Ben Timpson : I had I fight with one of them once.

IRisHMaiDEn : 1:03 respect to that guy

Korkel : Aushwitz on chavs please.

Enimsaj Namaes : Unfortunately I live in a town surrounded by many chavy towns so I see shit like this far too often

Boom Lap : Absolutely brilliant

Kerry Hendry : The chavs i see use the north face,kwd,aididas and nike

Punk Rock100 : But we're I live adidas Nike ellese and 11 degrees and the north face clothes are expensive😞so I'm not cheap cuz I shop I JD sports

neatofication : Hello Mr. Chav, can I see your teeth? Lol

Your YouTube Channel : There are Chavs near my house and whenever I go outside to get something from the shop, they keep being racist to me. I don't know what to say back, do you have any ideas?

Terrible Tanner : [Few] Chavs do actually contribute to British society; usually in the form of manual labour during a [very] temporary contract on a building site, while [allegedly] claiming multiple benefits. You won't see them [at least for long] working in any other role in society however; due to their absence of GCSEs and fundamental social skills, their professional lives consist of dole dossing, temporary labouring and perhaps the odd factory temp until they're chucked out for racism and/or skiving.

Aaron : First

Mohammed Alqhtine : in saudi Arabia they called terrorists.

Twistedhippy : You missed the best bit of the kung fu guy, the chav crawls out of his garden and his mate respectfully closes the gate for kung fu guy 😂

DAT GUY LIONCHAOS : Bloody bogan chavy redneck twats🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

우유바나나 : Fuckin’ roadmans

suma nolaff : you are a chav

Robert jan bolt : those kids are not smoking a cigaret i gues i think its a joint

Bilal Bilal : 8:39 he wanted to say pigs but then thought naaahh

Stranger X9 : chavs should be rounded up and gassed

BlueWolfYT : Chavs sre trouble causing smokers speak ugly they do wear them crappy half coats

Babbleplay : 12 Chavs vs 12 Southern US hillbilly rednecks. One island. Lots of weapons stashed around. Pay Per View this Hunger Games.

avalectra1 : I think "trailer trash" is closer than red neck. In USA, every trailer trash is a redneck, but not every red neck is trailer trash.

Christopher Geldart : Scum

Despacito Spider : Amazing.