Spider-Man: Deleted Scenes
Spider Man Deleted Scenes

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I do not own any of this, these are a deleted & alternate scenes from "Spider-Man", these shots that were seen on the trailers, TV spots, HBO specials, DVD featurettes & bloopers that never actually appeared in the movie.


dimitris theodosel : the may delete the scene with the helicopter because of the twin towers

mr clown : This was a waste of time

SuperMomo_01 Jr. : Who disliked this?!

K R : The helicopter scene was deleted because it was filmed around the same time as 9/11 and it has twin towers in the background.

Sauce Uchihahahahahahahaha : 0:38 G O T T A G O F A S T

Swiss Cheese : 2:17 I felt so sad because it's 9/11 today

Joey Style : You can clearly tell he broke the lamp on purpose

Pink Lotus : the helicopter scene was cool

Some random person : 0:11 wtf 😂😂

John Wilson : 0:44 Wait, so originally he was gonna chase down his uncle's killer in his actual suit, instead of wrestler suit? Interesting. I wonder if at this point the wrestler suit was not even considered at all, yet, or if he didn't catch the killer immediately and started to hunt him down again once he had his full suit ready.

Kieran Holmes : That's so cool! He didn't originally have his wrestling suit!

Jason Jayawardena : if only the bank robbery was still there and 9/11 never hapened

BLAZINGwaffle56 : I don't know why this pissed me off so much... but it did.

SuperMomo_01 Jr. : Nice job.

Gage Bard : Well I see why they got rid of the bank robbery scene.


SuperMomo_01 Edits : hey you got really good material, I might do deleted scenes for spiderman 1 too...

Carlos Abano : Why so many dislikes?

Captainsting : I need more of those alternate wrestling costume scenes

Dominic Calzolari : 2:53 and 3:10 made me really uncomfortable

Spider-Man 2 Trailers, Commercials & More : So how you think KillerPunkSuperMario, I'm the New One

TBills 3000 : The memories😭

Slb Mendes : 0:37 insert a chase scene music here

Jerry Duarte : I found a deleted scene from trailer

tom's studio : cool

FAZE wolf : 0:30 did you see his web shooter apear and disapear watch his right hand closely

vicente castillo : there is one deleted scene (the scene with web shooters)

Петър Йорданов : What did i just watch

OwnageGaming : Lol funny thing is Eddie Brock was originally a character in the movie they cut all of the guys scenes lol

S.C. 2017 : so he originally made web shooters

Patrick Turvey : Where did you get these snippets?

Ese Tipo : Can I have my time back?

LeonX : 0:43 if people that understand this one he s wearing the normal suit instead of the wrestilng suit in the parts that when he tries to catch uncle ben

Sock Puppet : Why did they delete the web shooter? It looked more awesome than organic web shooting

Heldentum Official : sip

Deborah Jones : This is a stupidazz video & plus no real deleted scenes.

Cosmic-Scorpion X : Deleted Stan Lee cameo !!!!!!!

Eze Benci : Wow

SLiNK : Why are there so mant dislikes?

DEADPOOL wrestler : Why dislikes people?

SELO : The scene with the bank is good why they deleted it spiderman has so many deleted scenes why all the scenes was good!?Raimi is an idiom!😒

Genes Cajes : Why this video then who make edit of computer? Other some lie and use edit with computer! Last movie observe check rigth done👍 actor nice spiderman movie. Actor fit nice spiderman.

Jesus Alvarez : No entendi ni mierdas

Lil Smokey : U got Bad Editing

Alex Lopez : These scenes we're never deleted oml some of them are edited from other movies