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KillerPhantomYT : 2nd

Martin Garrix 4 Life : Don't forget to make the skittles ice cream rolls I requested

Sleepÿ : Why?.... just why?

rid one : Make ovalitine ice cream rolls

Slender - Agar : do marshmallows ice cream rolls

URI SAME SAME MAJJI? : The real question is... Did it taste good?

Tahreem Aslam : After adding milk it kinda looks like chewing gum But still looks tasty :p

BenMajor : You should make eggnog ice cream rolls!!!

rid one : Make skitelles or m&ms ice cream rolls

DiZzyxB3AsT : Do a lollipop one

Nguyen Ngoc Doan : You are a god

doćmo : Do shamoshas ice cream rolls

INTERNATIONAL YOUTUBERS : Do hide and seek rolls

hamidi : do milo ice cream roll

Carlitos : Do takis

JustArandom Guy : do some cheetos chip ice cream :D

I'mNotMario : What's next? Meat ice cream rolls?

Titanium Ninja : Its cool how many things you can into ice cream

Fekri Rmiz : Je tem♡♡♡

فــوفــايه ٩٩ F.R.H : I hate this

Mokshada Nathoo : So you like eating salty ice creams Yew😝

Janeth Rhenals : Make juice of aplee

Ines Hayman : I’m not gonna lie it looks soooooo goodddddd

Neetu Rai : The ice cream of chips it is so hillarious

rid one : Make MARS ice cream rolls that would be cool and good

Umer malik : Yakh😥😥

rid one : How do you make heavy cream? Andthe mixture.

rid one : Make milky way ice cream rolls

rid one : Make donate ice cream rolls

Suman Jaglan : whats ur country

Daniel Trotman : Wouldn't it be so much easier to pick the pringles out of the can with your hand?

Rahima Shaikh : Hey awosome bro say na where r u from bro????

ELITE CLASHING : Sprinkle ice cream rolls

Dwight K. Shrute Assistant To the Regional Manager : I've seen other people make pringles ice cream rolls and why is this a thing?

Ashley Burkes : Plz do takis ice cream roll ❤️

Snake king : Make ice cream rolls whit pizza

Max Herrell : Well these were a lot more satisfying than the Fanta.

Alex Esparza : Can you do soju ice cream rolls please?♡♡

Justin Lozano : are you filipino

Afreen Chunara : Jio the

Nishant Patel28 : Make Mango Frooti Ice cream roll ❤😎

Connor Livingstone : Sick

Alana Jay : Stop referring to everyone as "bro" PLEASE!!!!😂😂😂

Rares Și Restul : Do fanta&pringles oce cream roll.

iSplashOnYew : First good video