LP | Cowbell's Greatest Hits with Chad Smith

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Oisin McPhillips : Chad randomly screaming the words make this the Internets greatest video

Matthew Paluch : Hey Chad, you forgot acouple of others bro! "Were not gonna take it" -Twisted Sister "Rock of Ages" "Foolin'/Photograph" - Def Leppard "Pigs" - Pink Floyd "Hear about it later" - Van Halen "The Trees/Xanadu" -Rush "Low Rider" -War

A Percussion Life : MORE COWBELL! 🎵🎶

Flo Ryan : That snare tho

DiscoCat1019 : This is the greatest promotional video for gear that I have ever seen.

Chables : Red Hot Bell Peppers

Seb B. : Totally underrated drummer. Seeing the ease he handled some of these songs, especially Good Times Bad Times, is impressive. I get he doesn’t do a ton of crazy stuff for the Chilly Peppers, but it’s not because he can’t!

Paulson : Nothin' beats Mississippi Queen

András Börzsönyi : That One Cowbell Hit in Black Sabbath's "The Wizard"

Fin Roe : Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie

Kasey Gaither : Even through all his goofiness and sloppily played licks, he nailed the shit out that Led Zeppelin opening lick. Dude definitely respects his elders. You can tell where his influence comes from.

Alex : He once gave me his hi hats after a clinic, they werent in the giveaway at the end, he just dismantled the kit and threw pieces to the 150+ drummers who were there. He actually frisbee'd the ride to a guy. Great guy. P.s. More cowbell

turcitox : I love Will Farrell

William Weber : I was watching this waiting for “don’t fear the reaper” and I am now very sad

Victor Valcarcel : That Zep fill was delicious!

Victor Neckar : Cowbell = rockin

Joshua Bolin : I've got a fever

Gage Fraw : Can we just acknowledge that he’s playing his Sticks upside down

fuckingslayer skateboarding : Needs more cowbell

stickswinger2006 : I can "name that tune" in 4 cowbell hits. Ha

NoName DrumGuy : No Twisted Sister??

David Curtis : I LOVE COWBELLS!! DC

Thom Bakker : Wow he knows eddie is from holland. Awesome

cato : So weird. I thought that was Will Ferrell.

Bawon Kurniawan : i need more cowbell

grrizo : Wait, is this the drummer or the actor?

VnatiX : Feeling This - Blink-182 was definitely missing

Scott S : Chad seems like he’d be cool to hang out with.

Kemal Delic : C'MON dude where is the little sister by qotsa? The best song played on cowbell ever!!!!

Joe Green : Why isn't Chad using his PDP signature snare?

Neebin Makwah : Chambers brothers...."Time has come today"....goes back to the late sixties.....first cowbell dominated song I can remember!

James Chung : Impressive opening drum solo in the intro

Brandon Shairrick : I was waiting for the Mississippi Queen, I knew you'd do it! But what about AJ Pero and Twisted Sister, "We're not gonna take it!" 😎 love my LP cowbell!

lwoodt1 : GO CHAD GO. Always solid in the groove.

RedHotSlap : You can't forget Killing in the Name

치Mphckr : Chad's the bomb

rabooey : Hahah this rocks. Here's one; Blood, Sweat & Tears - Spinning Wheel

thanosyo1 : he is so damn cool.

WNxNokturnal : I have a Chad Smith snare from like 15 years ago

buzztrucker : I've been doing it all wrong! Better start learning Lowrider cowbell groove to start giggin'. Thanks Chad!

Bryce Thibodeaux : how could anyone hate this man...his energy is amazing...

Adam Mickiewicz : STILL MOT ENOUGH!

Tobydog Loser : Chad's foot has gotten WAY better (not just from this video) Also the DW's sound great. When did he leave Pearl?

tinnturps : Damn he covered every song I was waiting for him to leave out so I could bitch about it Well played sir

Burt Purvis : You are such a great drummer to listen to and to hear playing.

Igerrogog : How much I love to see this guy playing his instrument!

Ryan Harris : 5:37 is everything.

bloocheez3 : Every single one of the RHCP guys is an absolute master of their craft. It's easy to see how they've maintained relevance for so long.

Buck August : Love this!

SeanStephensen : Feeling thing this by blink 182?