Vintage 1970's Drag Racing - rare footage

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RICK : I snuck into the winter nationals at pomona back in 1970 when I was 15, and I had a hot young foxy chick with me. Fast forward to today and now I'm almost a geezer. Sucks!

Ashroyer86 : Racing was way cooler then, than it is now.

Melody Hintergardt : What a fantastic time to grow up!

"I'm Batman" : The most exciting time in drag racing history IMO

Kyle Wirth : Why are there thumbs down? What's not to like?

MrMegaFredZeppelin : I loved the 1970's. This is awesome. Thank you. ROCK ON!!!!!

CSXer : Thanx a bunch for posting this!!! Great memories...

Innes Muecke : 70's funny cars, sooo good!

John Hill : I remember watching a lot of these on the weekends when I was a kid When ABC's Wild World of Sports was king.  I also remember a lot of these same cars in my brothers "Hotrodding" magazines.

mr. phoenix : drag racing back then is better than today funny cars looked like heavily modified street cars. it was fun back then

Lawrence Mott : Thx for those runs down memory lane! with the likes of, 'Big Daddy Don Garletis, Don 'The Snake' Prudomme, Tv Tommy Ivo and Shirley 'Cha Cha' Muldowny were always fan favorites of mine

Max Speedster : I love the "Pro Stock" cars of this era...Legit 9 sec. cars that you could have damn near driven back home from the races (Need to add alternator, proper radiator and lighting, plus some kind of muffler).

Hot80s : I love the snap, crackle, pop of these old school engines.

Hazy Sativa : Ahh I am so happy to have come of age during this era.

7mgtesup1 : The scary thing is there are street cars running these times now.

dedreman man : the drag's used to be fun

Jeekinz : "'s got a Hemi."

Grayson McLeod : I really wish I had been born earlier to be a part of this

wyne crawford : still awesome today since i was a kid!!

kasun knl : OLD IS GOLD :)

Danny L : If this ole world is here for another hundred years, I wander how they’ll look back at this time. I’m just glad that I got to live thru the 60’s, 70’s

Craig Pennington : This is when Funny Cars had style. Nowadays they all look like the same bubble-today's drag racing is Super Boring!

dec5142 : Love the old mopars

TheAncientTones : Seen at 7:10 to 7:12, 7:24 to 7:26, and 7:33 to 7:34 is Rosie Everett, Shirl Greer's chief mechanic. I wonder where she is now.

Joe Nobles : Yep that's what we did Friday and Saturday nights going to the races never had problems like now days you can keep your high priced cars and gas

Ahmad Darwish : Back when drag racing was fun, and wasnt all about safety

Jer Szak : I was lucky, this is what my dad did for me growing up. Drag races and car shows. Good times. Now the world is being thoroughly destroyed by the jews. Wake up once proud European man!

Rich Lloyd : Loved the muscle cars of the 60s and early 70s. Raced my '68 440 Dodge Charger, my '70 Stage 1 Buick and won my class at the World Points final in "Yellow Fever" a '69 big block Corvette.  Great memories. Thanks to all of those contributing early film people.

lisa perzan deyerle : Nice ride. If it's a split front bumper then it's a 71 1/2 model year. HUGE CAMARO/CHEVELLE FAN!! Lisa Perzan Deyerle

blastman8888 : My first NHRA event was around 1980s winternationals Pomona California I remember Don Garlits and Shirley Muldowney. I wish I still had those picture first NHRA event went to with my dad. He actually did race in the 60's had a racing team. I know he had some sort of relationship with Chrysler I never spoke to him about it much I was born 10 years after he quit racing. He passed away in the early 90's you don't think about those days until your lot older then wish you saved pictures and stuff from those events.

Kenny DeMartini : Wow! Back in the good old days when anyone and everyone drag raced and you could easily identify the make and model of the cars. Now days there's about twenty teams across the country, and if you don't have the multi-million dollar contract from certain corporations, you don't race. The cars of today also suck. They look like someone took a ball of clay, threw it on the ground, and said there's your template, now build the body...

Oldbmwr100rs : Great racing when it was about the car,builders and driver. Now it's all about the sponsorship money. Used to hear the races all summer in Fremont,California at the raceway, You could hear the top fuel, jet and rocket cars all the way to the hills!

TONY Edwards EDWARDS : The cars looked much better back then.

jim jam : Mopar!

Darren Butler : awesome footage thanks for sharing it

Shawn Fox Firth : see the size of that low hanging oil pan on the Road Runner right at the start WoW . ..

50YearOldTeenager : I remember most of these cars from the few issues of Drag News that came into the UK. Cars go much much faster now but somehow the 1970s Funny Cars and Top Fuel racing seemed much more exciting.

David R : They where the day's of drag racing .............

Michael Proulx : Looked like rockingham dragway in those last clips , I remember all these cars , nice video !

Scooter George : 1/8 mile...just not the same....

Allan Douglass : This is one great video. Geeeez I hope they never take this clip down....

Ronnie Haley : Omg this is amazing , absolutely amazing

Travis Bickle : RIP Broadway Bob, nicest owner in the biz... Great Lakes Dragaway, Union Grove, Wisconsin

jkrych26 : What motors where they running?

Scott H : Thanks for the great video upload guys Happy new year guys 2019

John Newkirk : lol notice how when the car crashed nothing really broke lol. (compared to todays cars)

Ballenxj : I'm in love with this era of Drag Racing. It was great! Thumbs way up for this video!

Keegan_390 : Danm those wheelies were good!

CAR GUY : This video was cool.but real think is,Street cars are running these times now.Just imegine how cars will be fast in 50 years.

keith crozier : Back when Funny Cars actually looked like the street version. Front engine dragsters. Scary.