chris again
Kyle Mooney cracks me up

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fuck you 8=====D


Sunny : So much anxiety when he put that knife thing back in his pocket without putting down the blades.

Skove Stove : For the last three years, it's all been the same; Once I start one Kyle video I watch them all.

Chaz Fossey : This kind of humor is like a fine wine... it's an acquired taste. I love it

BenNJerrys2xaday : kinda scary too...piss me off...awwwwwaww

{1765} Join, or Ðie {2019} : "Lets have Nerf battles" lmao

Medina Isaa : "this is why the zombie apocalypse is gonna rule"

jimbeen1771 : This guy is the funniest person and best comedy actor ever. At thens when hes like kinda cold too...pisses me off, aarrgh.. Hahahahaha i was dying

nice bro : You like pills?.... Betch!

StanishStudios : It's like Jay and Silent Bob combined

molotov001 : My little brother, FOCK.

yitboy11 : As i go through these videos for what must be the 100th time, i have finally discovered the brilliance of the description section.

KOilithya : Is that a fidget spinner with knives?

Jonas Steinberg : so nuanced, so absolutely applicable. I hung with kids exaaaactly like this lol.

Milo Čestmír : This is what it feels like to go onto Facebook

Alex Hashaga : The pose he does when starting to talk to his lil bro at 0:56 . omg LOL

Half Gram Dabs : west palm beach florida kids

Buck Futter : Wow, there was a Chris in my high school who was just like this. Nice portrayal here, really accurate.

karly G : Kyle i love you marry me

s h a d ø w b a n n e d : ...let's have nerf battlez.

ObamaSaidHeLikesMe : 1:51 lol that last bit is so funny

unicornrocker7 : this guy is like a mixture of jesse pinkman and guys that go to my school

Benjamin Franklin : "i wann eet" lmao

Jaret Wood : I can't get enough of Kyles characters and Youtube character on the net, and Ive always loved SNL, hopefully they give him a bigger role

Irritable Jon Syndrome : If you don't know a Chris, you ARE a Chris.

Heather Jenkins : I have a newfound respect for Kyle ♡

James : jesus christ fold the blades back

Bolgernow : the Krull Glaive is awesome, nice work...

Will Cox : The caption..... ahahahahha

weetoddtv : he never inhaled once


Trevor Smith : Jesse Pinkman, era season 01

EverythingAtOnce : If he wore a fedora, the accuracy of this would have overwhelmed me

RickRothford1Fan4Lyf : I dunno he might have his big break sooner then you think it's been reported that he may be joining the new season of saturday night live.

MyNamesCody : lets have nerf battles

Andrew Jones : i wanna comment on how funny this guy is but my little boy brain wont let me explain it :/

Elibeth Gonzalez : FUCK

worldkho : so accurate how does he

StrappedGypsy : dude. WHERE IN THE FUCK IS THE ORIGINAL. You totally messed up a sweet convo I was about to get into but now I look stupid.

Quinn Culver : Kyle, I have some bad news for you: your comedy is too advanced and too sophisticated for the masses. Thus you'll probably go unnoticed.

Vekta : BITCH... AH FUCK, GOD DAMNIT. I replay that so much rofl.

Jerms : In some ways...we are all chris...he is a part of us.

Imabussuupson : everyone knows somebody like chris

iPenisHead : the description is hilarious

kevlaxer : I wonder how many people think this is real

werhow ehroi dno : who is alex

21Spocaj : Love this character! so funny!

JJ Keller : I dont like this Kyle/Chris whatever.

Nick Weaver : Pinkman in his teenage years.

AFByt128 : turns 9 years old, thinks hes a fuckin bad ass!?