chris again

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Skove Stove : For the last three years, it's all been the same; Once I start one Kyle video I watch them all.

Zero The Hero : Perfect recreation of the late-90's nu metal douche.

Sunny : So much anxiety when he put that knife thing back in his pocket without putting down the blades.

iamtingley : that knife was perfect. only a Chris would buy that

Chaz Fossey : This kind of humor is like a fine wine... it's an acquired taste. I love it

BenNJerrys2xaday : kinda scary too...piss me off...awwwwwaww

{1765} Join, or Ðie : "Lets have Nerf battles" lmao

Medina Isaa : "this is why the zombie apocalypse is gonna rule"

StanishStudios : It's like Jay and Silent Bob combined

nice bro : You like pills?.... Betch!

unicornrocker7 : this guy is like a mixture of jesse pinkman and guys that go to my school

KOilithya : Is that a fidget spinner with knives?

yitboy11 : As i go through these videos for what must be the 100th time, i have finally discovered the brilliance of the description section.

Half Gram Dabs : west palm beach florida kids

jimbeen1771 : This guy is the funniest person and best comedy actor ever. At thens when hes like kinda cold too...pisses me off, aarrgh.. Hahahahaha i was dying

karly g : Kyle i love you marry me

Javier Spicer : Reminds me of Nate Diaz

Evan Gilchrist : Anyone who lives in Danbury, New Milford, New Fairfield or Bethel, CT

s h a d ø w b a n n e d : ...let's have nerf battlez.

Roy : Watching the Chris videos is like a terrible flashback of hanging with those shitty kids from junior high and high school. The knife was an amazing addition. I actually have a stupid knife that pretty similar that I keep because it’s just so ridiculous. It’s useless, it’ll clearly fall apart if I ever tried using it for anything productive. But it’s there...haunting me from my junk drawer.

Neurosis : Dylan Klebold again

Bobby Dhillon : lmao

Jaret Wood : I can't get enough of Kyles characters and Youtube character on the net, and Ive always loved SNL, hopefully they give him a bigger role

Will Cox : The caption..... ahahahahha

Bolgernow : the Krull Glaive is awesome, nice work...

charles nokes : So? I don't get it

Jonas Steinberg : so nuanced, so absolutely applicable. I hung with kids exaaaactly like this lol.

Alex Hashaga : The pose he does when starting to talk to his lil bro at 0:56 . omg LOL

kylesteinhauser : ::phone rings:: OH GOD DAMN IT

Leon G Brown : "I want... Something to eat...?"

Connor Bond : I really hope that they fed that guy

Chris Koo : I'm scared.

Tickles Maldonado : This character is the best thing ever.

Rat : Piss me off...

Milo !!! : This is what it feels like to go onto Facebook

Paul : The best part for me is when he says “it’s cold and kinda scary, piss me off..” part at the end. The acting is really good. Summarized the character well. Chris exposes a deep need for affection but all of it with tough talk.

Chad Fjerstad : I was this person in 1998 & 1999. It's 100% on point. It's so real.

James : jesus christ fold the blades back

M4 Media : Kyle must commune with the spirits of the dead because theres no way this isn't a real person.

JMagdalenaCLove Nname N : lol did u see that Chris. mastermind here

Sarah Mumbert : kyle you make me so happy :) never stop doing what you're doing!

GabeKVLT : "zombie apocalypse is gonna rule xDDDDD"

weezhum : the back of mazzottis.

Justin Lehman : zombie apocalypse for days!

Best Bass Boosted : A subaru drove by at the end!

Tripnotyst : where has the original chris video gone?

Fraser Killham : cosmo posch

moonaka2 : xdd

Yusuf Quraishi : Chris is my idol

DKT0785 : comedic genius !!!