A Chair at the Beach

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TedWillingham : wow this really captures what it's like to be a guy who comes across a chair on the beach

Tommy Callaway : I really liked the part with the chair at the beach

A Chair : Sup I was there

Carnerd101 : This perfectly captures what it's like for people who are too much into their heads and overthink everything.

C Clarky : I want another version of this video where we can't hear the dude's thoughts

Scrummer : “I don’t care what other people think of me but at the same time I kind of do” is quite possibly the most relatable sentence ever uttered.

FoxCross : Hi I work at IKEA and I can tell you that this JOKKMOKK chair is not made for two adult males to sit on simultaneously. Please do not forget to tighten the screws after abusing your JOKKMOKK chair in such ways.

Casey379 : 1:53 look at his face....like a puppetmaster pulling the strings. He thinks we dont know what he has orchestrated. He put the chair there and is watching it like a a hunter watches his bait traps. Waiting. For what,,,that is the question.

Etiainen Abaddon : *_I feel like there is a metaphor here that I am too stupid to realize._*

Dustin Hahn : I need to call my dad.

Your Friend Bloggers Joy : Very funny video on a unique idea. I really like it.

Shae : lol make a sequel but from the guy reading the book perspective

Gabriel Lynch : Gotta be honest. This really resonated with me

Alfons Hedström : two guys chilling 5 ft apart because they're not gay

Urensoft : im so glad they decided to chare it

Michael Woodworth : How does this video get into my head so well. Should I include that thought in the comments? It'd probably just get disliked. Ahh, whatever I'll share it anyway.

goodsirknight : Pretty emphatic "Hey"

Eric Vega : This is a fantastic piece of art right here, bravo.

Vyrian : You are straight up a comedic genius.

scott williams : I don’t understand how he has so little followers!

CanadianApostasy : HIS NEEDS HER NEEDS

Ron Wright : I feel like the conclusion was kind of half assed for both parties involved.

Robert Shenton : This should be called "Closed Shoes at the Beach". I mean, what's wrong with you guys?

Amo Rise : *Thanks Bridge Stuart, I understand it now...* There is a big life, ahead.Hard times are waves. You have one chair to live, however you don't have to live it alone, therefore you don't have to watch waves and fight against them alone. No, the meaning you are looking for is not in the waves, but in the person you share your chair with.Because you are a part of something bigger. But of course, you will always overthink about sharing, after all, you are a human being with errors.However, you will understand more, when you find out that the reason which made you find that chair at the first place, is because of 2 people decided to share a chair long ago.

Travis Clark : I'm crying. OMIGOSH. Perfect.

RegularCars : OMG this RULES!

Holy_ShushCabin : Man, what's up with YouTube's search engine? Well, good thing reddit covers that.

Jonathan Crooks : That other guy sounds like John Snow from GOT.

The Awesomer : Hah. Loved it. Sharing on The Awesomer.

AirShark95 : A true demonstration of the human spirit. Despite the hostility that may have arisen from the will and desire of one man conflicting with another, they both called on the inner good man, the moral guidance they posses. To not harm one another, but to show camaraderie and to act in the best interests of both of themselves. But they forgot to say No Homo when they sat down together. Now they both have The Big GAY. F

danteelite : This guys mind would explode if he saw a bed on a beach...

Steve Joseph : love this channel

Jon Eremus : Not my chair not my problem

Kerriann Farrell : I am your biggest fan!!! <3 <3 <3

Grant Yaffee : beautiful bridge

Great Morning Productions : When I was a boy last year I dreamed of making a movie called The Chair Movie.

Smelly Francis : That's why I never go to the beach.

tonydotkaze : I can't explain it but this is amazing... For some reason

Dpa SFT : This reminds me of what youtube use to be

Itamar Erez : its for chairyty

Daniel 325 : Beta males in their natural habitat

DesertWind : This was amazing!

David Bartels : I like this video. I don't know exactly why I like it as much as I do, but I like it...

this one : That was so gay!

Dallas Downing : I half expected him to pull out a gun and shoot the other guy

Mikko Haavisto : original

Kojisan1 : I'd be the guy reading the book.

Christian Police : I do this but with nukes

P Vesp : The history of the first thresome.

Elitedejaguar : Beautiful stuff, better than most movies coming out of hollywood