4. Disco-Mayers, Bell, Carvey, Tergesen-Y.M.C.A.-Wayne's World 2 1993

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nonnenja2281 : This is such a great scene! I love how the weird naked Indian that only Wayne can see completes their Village People lineup.

fiona marsh : Why do I find it so funny when Garth goes "Wayne, lets run away,"

KOBUN40 : There's something strange about this place... WAIT A MINUTE! This gay bar's got no fire exit!

john britton : How cool does Christopher Walken run?

Metal Michael : I grew up on the first two movies and being 38 now, contextually this is just so much funnier today. Just a perfectly executed comedic scene.

Nick Wilson : I was watching this movie with my brother and he said "my favorite is the guy with long hair" I was confused...

Oliver Hilton : I'll be honest, Wayne's world 2 was definitely not as good as 1, but it really stands up on its own, which is really uncommon in sequels like this

Brandon Scales : ahhhh this kills me every time, they HAVE to make a third waynes world I'll never have enough!

C.J. Torres : Wayne falling down and go boom and cracked the sidewalk, Kinda looks like that he was, You know, fat

Mel Adrianne Rubillos : sometimes, I wonder how could they stop at two movies, I really loved this movie, I wish they would make another.

rey garcia : when all else fails...dance away

Fuff Mcduffin : I like how the tool box is jam packed in the middle of the day.

jasminemyfirst : Best scene

Austin Morrison : Still hilarious. The setup, the punchline, everything is just perfect.

MonkeysMustDie777 : This is the most hilarious.

TheThisguy1983 : If you're sharp-eyed, at 3:05 the Navy guy is wearing the rating badge for Sonar Techncian, and he's an E-5. That's exactly what I was when I got out: Sonar Tech, Second class, with one service stripe, also the same as his uniform.

Rom916 : Mandela Effect... There is no military guy here!!!!!!!

marty baran : Dance bitches!

valar : Who thinks of amazing shit like this? "What if they were doing a stakeout and it turned into the Village People?"

Hockeytown/Broad Street Bullies #1 Fan : Make Wayne's World 3 happen.

Matthew Bown : An epic scene from start to finish,Party on

Best Anime Hero : Favorite part

Lamont Miller, Jr. : Classic Scene 😂🤣😅😆

Raymond D'Agostino : I saw this originally in the theatre and after all these years I still laugh myself silly!

Jacks0n : I was like two years old when this master piece came out. Lol

jasminemyfirst : Never gets old I love it lol

Jake Root : Non stop music! "Wipe Out", "Step it Up", and "YMCA" all within a minute.

Kevin Richards : Wayne's W🌎rld 2

Margot Cappello : Brilliant!!! Wurzo1968😎 ✌

Rio-Jorji [VGD] : This movie made me laugh

Kad0 : 4:01 floss mixed with where electro swing were made

Norman Haggett : I remember when this was taken off YOUTUBE. Love that its back!

rightyleftable : 1.08 busted lol

Tim Walker : I love how he cracks the sidewalk

Kevin Richards : Position 1 to Position 2. Do you copy? This is Position 2 in position. Position 3, what's your position? Position 3. I read you. Position 4, do you copy over? 4 copies. Back to Position 1 over.

Gerard Edwards : U got that rite andy

Conradical Wow : I can watch this 17 times in a row..

Zesty zest : I saw this for the first time earlier and i saw it coming

Kevin Richards : 0:01 Cup of Joe's☕.

Marc T : The 'Tool Box' is all well and good for a beginner although I prefer the 'Man Hole' in New Jersey..it has a better crowd. although 'The Ramrod' in fort lauderdale... so much fun in those bathrooms

Makypine : the first time i heard this music i thought it says Briaaan Tien

Conradical Wow : Maybe 18 x

Ethan Pender : I don't think this is the usual terminology The description says 'I don't own any copyright.' Normally it is I don't own the material or something similar, but I don't own any copyright sounds weird.

Matt D : Lmao the joke from the beginning is so obvious but the payoff is still funny😂

sarah jayne lee : MC:S

datchiman 09 : Number two was alright this is one of the gems but #1 was way better

Saintsfan 12 : The main reason why the Indian was in the movie. To execute this joke. Priceless!

DavidKimFX : Wayne @ 3:24 lol

Elliot Hurley : Ymca