Shackled siblings: What we know about their lives - BBC News

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Crazy World : Much longer the kids may hv killed them

Spag Hetti : Shackle the 'parents' to a bomb and drop it on ISIS.

Dbc Cbd : homeschool is screwing US up, in My country if a Child under the Age of 16een doesn't show up at School, Police have to check them up

fozia mahmood : The man is finding it so hard to reqd out the ordeal ..

Roger Tully : My heart breaks for them. If there is a legit GoFundMe for the kids, please link me. I hope those two animals suffer a long prison sentence.

NeedsMoreMoe : I still can't believe the neighbors never even notice...


Mythical Reid : There is no word in any language that suitability describes the hell that these children went through.

Shakil Ahmed : Oh man I can’t believe that really happened in my life time

7niam 0 : Public hanging for the parents !!!

Rebecca Paredes : They are going to 🔥 in hell and they will pay for what they did and those poor children you will get the help you need

fredo1070 : Meanwhile in Rotherham... silence from the BBC.

XzFIGUEROAzX : All it takes is 2 bullet to end all this and save alot of taxes.

***** : Americans are fckd up.

Vernon Ray : Jehovers witnesses I bet

Nilesh Patel : That is very sad..

Jason Thach : Cali must turn right.

US News : horor parents.

Anne Taylor : Homeschooling has NOTHING to do with abusers! Homeschooled children are usually better educated and taken care of, this was an isolated case!

sica h : Wow the spite and innuendo on this site is a disgrace. You ought to be ashamed. It does not matter who the parents voted for or what they believed what matters is those children and what happened to them and if they are going to recover. That is all that matters. In the 21st century that something like this happens and destroys the lives of 13 children is the problem people not who they voted for or their "fundamental " beliefs. I really hope those children are looked after and helped to live their lives in a healthy way and have some happiness after this.

Super Hans : The BBC has cut the part where he said they were Clinton voters

Amber Curnel : People like this don’t even deserve a trial. This disgusts me. I’m only 16 and can’t imagine what they went through. It makes me so sad.

Keep your slimy fingers off my bump stock Trump : I wonder if BBC will accuse the children of colluding with Russia?

Constance Skalecki : So they know how to write but dont know what a police officer is? Also, one of the girls called 911 from a cell phone. How would she know to dial 911 if they didnt know what a police officer is and if they are so cognitively impaired. Something feels off.

NipNip Nip : I hope the kids go on to have some fun. We should give no more attention to the parents. Let them stand trial and be evaluated psychologically and then locked away, they don't deserve any more attention.

Make Britain Free. No more Nanny State : Don't bring homeschooling or other eccentric methods of parenting into this. Parents can teach children whatever they want. Families with unusual lifestyles need to be left alone by the government. These children were seriously physically neglected and abused. That's all that is relevant and that's the only true crime committed. There is no way you can link homeschooling or even going to bed at 4am in with children who are treated with genuine cruelty.

MrRiggyRiggs : Movie coming soon?

A10 : So sadddd....

no name : Human trafficcing is the biggest problem in the world especially among the rich. California and flordia are the two largest American human traffic hubs.

Anne Taylor : Hey.... what's up with the thumbs down? Are you all abusers?

Tracey Lynn c Falconer : Omg that is very sad I hope these people are put in jail and never let back out God have mercy on they're soul

Blau Bayou : How could they keep a journal if they were uneducated? Dude said that they didn't know what meds or cop were

Fallopian tube Lover : Another distraction people between this the h&m shit and the shit hole comments they are setting the stage for a much bigger event, by now mist of us are insensitive to headlines ni matter how shocking but trust me these people have a surprise for us.

kuy 45 : 2

Chris Wheeler : #releasethememo #obamagate

RussiaNukesAmerica3 : What we know is that their parents r wicked, evil, Satanic...and, of course, ' white '.

wanda 1701 : treat the parents exactly like they treated those poor children. make the parents suffer and let them die

Huh What : Please open their "parents" fkin brains and see whats in there.

Black dragon Kalameet : Reckon they were probably liberals

Figga That : This has nothing to do with black or white this is just wrong period. What kind of parents do this to thier kids .smh I hate news like this

Nizamul H Bhuyan : Horrific people everywhere. Scares us. Mental illness is a serious issue.

Thomas Anderson : "chiston value" family

Kawan Salih : 😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖

JUSTACHIPN : The neighbors need to be held responsible too... for being deaf blind and dumb !!!

cary bary : It goes on all the time in Dubai. No bbc outcry

GGBABE : Sickening

Ahmad Kaled : I hope they make a Movie about this, so we could understand more about their situation.

Blazed and Confused : At least they didn't rape them like those grooming gangs you love to protect, aye, BBC,

Adventures With Wild Warrior Bill : Fake News... this is all Fake ... research it! Our One World Governments wants to stop people Home educating their Children, they need a reason to stop people home schooling their kids and this is their reason as well as highlighting the anti vaccination agenda

Natalia Shershukova : This horror would not have happened if the neighbors were attentive to each other.