james charles without autotune

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J Noel : *I'm losing my mind just a little*


• Excuji me • : *Shishtar no*

faith kniep : Omg he sounds so good!! We love shistar who can sing without Auto Tune😉

FANGIRL : Crush: I like girls who can sing. Me:

J Noel : *ear blood*

winwin's missing lines : this is so cringy

ddyna : *I'm in love with yo bODYyYyYy* *in the miIiIdLE NoO nOoO*

akilah k. : i like this version better.

Ma vie en Arc en ciel : His voice is just so pigmented

Helen Rae : I came I saw I wasn't disappointed

Cotton And Candies : Is he gargling water??,😂

J Noel : I feel *relaxed*

Hermana Jeff : *added to my happiness playlist*

g l o o m y : SKINNY LEGEND

kait : this hurts my ears

i wish i was born in 80s : Where is my wig?!😟

Natalia Munoz : OMG me when I try to sing 'Despasito' and 'shape of you' haha 😂😂😂

Fabulous Dolan : I'm in love with your booOoOODY

Aurora Astecker : Is this real?because James sings much better!and in this he sounds like a robot!

Dominic Ciccarelli : Don’t do this to me omg

Golden Light : I CANT IM WEAKKK

kaya papaya : he sounds like one of those robot toys that learn and talk to you

Annie V. : I'm in love with your bOOooOOOoOdYYyY

grandma _ : T h e s t r u g g l e i s *R e a l*

Life with Lisey : *so pigmented*

darkestalleys : *someone call 911 this is pure child abuse*

Romy Morris : This is a fake video its a filter for the voice so *FAKER*

Egherghe G. : :O

TØP BLINK : Omg is this the garage band bubble effect?

Jessica Ryan : He sounds like he’s drowning in the beginning

Angie Vlogs : I hate James Charles(just my opinion) 😂

Anyssa Palacios : Autotune gone wrong

mood : *i feel offended*

josicless : *so pigmented*

wig g : *a shistar is shaking*

Matias Villalobos : why is this so true tho

BTS ARMY : We love a real voice singing shishtar

Ökay : *shishtar stop*

Ms Creativity : That one friend that can't sing😥😂

Missable coolness : Lol 😂 😂

Aimee King : Same.

Trinity : oh em gee!!1! his real voice is so good!! sHiStAR SHnaPPed

Hasti Fattah : we love a talented shistar

Snapped : EXpoSeDD!!!!!#

Djanysa's Gymnastics : This is with auto 😂😂

Blue Rose : This is my millionth time watching this

FF Justice : OHHHHH this hurts my ears

Addy Mann : oh nooooooo

finn_da_savage ayeee : *this is abuse*