james charles without autotune

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Jessica Ryan : He sounds like he’s drowning in the beginning

FANGIRL : Crush: I like girls who can sing. Me:

faith kniep : Omg he sounds so good!! We love shistar who can sing without Auto Tune😉 Edit: Omg guys this is a joke i know that its fake

kaya papaya : he sounds like one of those robot toys that learn and talk to you

Sandie Lee : *Antonio Garza left the group*

Helen Rae : I came I saw I wasn't disappointed

Xena B : I'm in love with your booOoOODY

i wish i was born in 80s : Where is my wig?!😟

Regular Asian. : i want this played at my funeral

BTS ARMY : We love a real voice singing shishtar

J Noel : *ear blood*

Val : *qUiERo ReSpIrAr Tu CuELLo DEsPaciTo*

Kim Taehyung’s wifey : This is so sad... “Siri! Play despacito”

Sw3ll : What are these vines playin in the middle? Had me deaddddd💀💀

josicless : *so pigmented*

Ms Creativity : That one friend that can't sing😥😂

TØP BLINK : Omg is this the garage band bubble effect?

ashley miller : am i the only one who thinks ur pfp is a tampon every time i see it

mood : *i feel offended*

wig g : *a shistar is shaking*

krazy khalise : *so pigmented*


D A I S Y : dRIpPiNg In fiNEssE

Mork Lee : bOoOOoOooODy

Rachel Stewart : That isn’t how he sounds I’ve met him in LA and he sang and he’s rlly good

J Noel : *I'm losing my mind just a little*

The potato committee Tomato : The high notes are so pigmented

Alondra Es extrañia : So natural

Haddie Laura : We love a no auto tune sister😩

ThisGirlisPanickingAtTheDisco 54321 : pre-order the new kidz bop

Dominic Ciccarelli : Don’t do this to me omg

Xyphelia : *haters will say it’s autotuned*

Cherry's funny : is it weird that i sound like this when i sing

Badgal Riri : These faces, when he ‘sing’ 😂 so annoyin’.

Imani Jones : James is a robot confirmed

avari : did u record me singing in the shower and post it ???!? thats so messed up!!!!!

1. Jo 2 : This is fake you can tell

Scittle The Builder : *famoose girls:* i mostly make friends with people who can sing.. Me:


Nina Marsh : this is what i sound like when i sing in front of my electric fan

Snapped : EXpoSeDD!!!!!#

crying noodles : Wig snatched

Djanysa's Gymnastics : This is with auto 😂😂

Jack Melton : Oh wow she really sang despacito....

EXPOSED QUEEN : When you think you can sing...


Hasti Fattah : we love a talented shistar

Katelyn Onwuka : He slick He lick But most importantly... HE THICC

Dahyun : Rory lee is *SHOOK*

Møøn Light : Is it normal because my ear is bleeding.