After Spreading Malware, FlightSimLabs Threatens Lawsuits

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The Fumbler : How to treat potential future customers: Sue them.

Matthew Lee : I'm just waiting for them to e-mail you and want you to remove the video for 'libelous' commentaries.

Blazs120gl : Flightsimlabs can't do any legal actions as their efforts on combating pirate copies fall under the 'fruit of the poisonous tree' doctrine, evidence collected illegally (as illegal activity to combat illegal activity does not validate the former). Thus any attempt to make a defamatory lawsuit about people calling them out for said attempt to collect (illegal) evidence can at most damage their very own reputation (and they'll lose as well). They apprently live under a rock as such lawsuits happen every day these days and only the most arrogant/stupid devs try to pull this move, mostly ending in huge legal bills and epic fail. Someone at flightsimlabs should google out the Streisand-effect.

thegamecracks : Sure, the program that is "supposed" to be used for anti-piracy is seemingly not there when you purchase it legitimately.

Mjr. JakeKAF : The malware is bad I agree, but the real issue is that a single aircraft costs $100. You could buy 5 entire games with that.

CyrenArkade : FSL: We gonna steal all your accounts and personal info just in case you pirated our overpriced plane

Imbellis : ... And it got hacked...

Jacob Griffin : Stealing passwords is *NOT* a legal way to punish pirates anyway.

NumericChaff : Is this how low the game industry has fallen, people getting threatened with legal action over a flight simulator.

HighKings Ruin : ... What the actual heck is wrong with game Devs these days?

swagger897 : When a "PR" manager comes to reddit and starts off by saying "Let my be clear..." while not providing any citation for the claims they are proposing, you are asking for some serious poo-flinging to commence.

Daniel Cannata : The mods threw down the gauntlet BIG time on these slimeballs! Well done, lads!

Marky Mangle : Reading this headline at seven A.M. right after waking up I thought "How the hell do you build a plane for a hundred dollars? And how does it get malware?" I uh...gotta wake up. This game/company gets shadier everytime I hear about it.

VoltagesOverLoaded : Flightsim is getting heavily taken down, and the court is gonna support the pepole, not the company.

Harudath : "libel-ous", not "libellious"

SpaghetBoi : What happened to games and game devs... First Bluehole and Epic, Keen Software, KSP and this? What's wrong with devs these days? This is of course, my opinion.

Nisco Racing : Companies make up rules and forces them on to people. Company rules are not LAW, and in most cases are even illegal! Hope someone sues them and gets justice.

shoopnooop : If you go by the dictionary the 2nd one would also be malware or a virus also. Since it runs and can change data without admin approval.

NinjaRider777R : All game developers need to realize that the SOPA and PIPA bills never passed into law, so they have NO legal right to squash commentary about their products online.

SavVver : when i saw the thumbnail i was like:" wtf do you want from lufthansa?" xD

DaToNyOyO : How can you use information in legal battles, if that information was illegally obtained..?

Alduin the Anti-Dragonborn : Were you talking about DigitalHomicide at the end there?

Guernsey Aviation : It’s a shame one of the most popular develops for flight sim does this, as the Flight Simulation community is tiny compared to others and only runs on a few games (FSX/P3D, DCS World (game in the video), X-Plane....) Just stop FSLabs, STOP RUINING OUR SMALL COMMUNITY

Aj Meipalu : Never heard of you but very interesting video

Faelwolf : I think Flight Sim Labs is about to discover the Streisand effect.

Alexander Aghdaei : Thank you so much for this video, I had no idea about this and as a flight sim enthusiast it's nice to keep updated. Thank you for the variety of content, even if it means getting less views.

Michael Miller : Oh yeah. I know Digital homicide. Jim Sterling gave them a what for.

Joe N. : For your end bit, history does indeed tend to repeat itself but I thought you were going to say, “history is written by the victorious”, hence why we don’t really remember what company you’re talking about at the very end. Great video!

Sam : IDIOTS!!!!😡😡😡I never buy anything from them again! ...... O wait!...... I never did!😂

Montes Foreman : NICE RESPONSES BY THE REDDIT MODS!! Balls of steel XD

Allan Floyd : Even if what they claim is true, and they are only using the malware to fight piracy, it's still illegal to infect someone with malware, even if they are a pirate. If they ever sue anyone for piracy using this data tool, they will be liable for a HUGE counter-suit, and their own evidence would damn them.

Zaphod Beeblebrox : R.I.P Flight Sim Labs... Good luck selling anything now...

15firekid : how many people have tried the lible route when they're caught doing some shady shit.

immikeurnot : LOL, "burden of proof in a libel case rests on the defendant"? In what country? That's certainly not the case in the US.

gertjan van der meij : Another reason to go with X-Plane 11 ! Flight sim labs doesn't make addons for X-Plane 11 . X-Plane 11 = The Future !

swamponions : What so they are gonna sue people for pirating their game? That's absurd

John L : if you are taking some ones information WITHOUT given permission is ILLEGAL and should be sued... look at the law.

Whitepaw Rolls : I ran across this doing a little research as I was looking to purchase one of these planes for myself, but now there would be no way. Even if they do send out a new installer without the virus embedded in it the thought is still in the back of my mind. Whats to stop them from doing it again?

Zan. : LibeLL-ous not LibeLL-i-ous. LibeLL-ous not LibeLL-i-ous. LibeLL-ous not LibeLL-i-ous. LibeLL-ous not LibeLL-i-ous.

Matthew Wright : "Lie Belly Ous"…. not quite.

Gavin Earls : Your in depth information on the events had gained you a sub sir, I didn't even hear of this before I clicked the video through a random recommended

A Pink Poodle : The Streisand Effect brought this to my attention

WorldsWorstBoy : Lol I bet there's way to torrent these

Terabyte Games : This is pretty high-quality dude. Nice job!

Slippulter : They just pulled a SONY

majorPhysics : pretty sure if someone finds something that "might be malware" in your file that people purchase, you'd probably want to remove it as soon as possible to help reassure people. seems pretty incriminating to try to sue people for just expressing to the community that "hey, this might be malware"

Hoschi0913 : my question would be....... Who gave Flightsim Lab the authority, to "check" if the flightsim, for which they provide an add on ( flight model A320 in this case ), is a legally acquired ( bought and paid for ) program ? on a better note, at least now i know from whom NOT to buy ANYTHING !

neocomp92 : These past few years I am utterly convinced that game developers are thin-skinned adults that do not demonstrate maturity commensurate to their age when confronted with faults of their own making. Digital Homicide, Day One Garry's Incident, now FlightSim... Hey devs, either not make stupid mistakes like this, or grow a pair, admit fault and rectify it. Lawsuits are expensive and long-winded affairs, and companies/individuals that are in the right will call out your bluff.

Mkv889 : Youreeee gonnnnaaaa ggeeettt sueeeeeeddddd

Mattyh49 gaming : The plot thickens...