Amazing!! Animal Saves Another Animal | Animal Heroes 2016 HD

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conspiracies are just great stories : The orangutan clip gets me every time. The massive size of orangutans makes them so scary looking. But when you see a massive creature use it's brain to grab a leaf to help a baby chick so it doesn't crush the chick is shocking. Gotta love animals

Kaif Hasan : *PIG* saves *GOAT* from *drowning* ... Human: **takes out camera** :)

Gary Oldman : I think only the orangutan demonstrated the cognitive thought necessary to actually "save" another animal. The rest were just a matter of circumstance or confusion on the part of the "rescuing" animal. The pig just swam at the goat, the bird played dead and so the bear lost interest, hippos are notorious for interrupting any disturbances in the water, the baboons were just getting the leopard out their territory and the lion was just doing what all cats do: playing with their prey (a lot of their prey escape because the lion/tiger isn't hungry).

xcynicalreasonsx : The leopard came back and was like "wtf mate?"

The OSCILIA Family : To the person that reads this, I ask the Lord to bless them and there family, to cure them of every sickness and pain, to fill there emptiness with love, joy and peace, to forgive their sins and to save them. To rebuke the enemy from there lives. FOR WE GIVE THANKS AND GLORY TO THE LORD. IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS CHRIST AMEN!

hope : I thought the deer was for sure dead omg

YaBoi Rob : That lioness didn't save crap. She was just saving her snack for later and didn't feel like sharing.

theevilpig36 : I’m waiting for shark saves fish from drowning

Daggz90 : Half of these were territorial fights and self-preserving instincts, not about saving another animal despite it might looking as if. Most step and savannah living creatures are very territorial, due to the lack of resources it's truly survival of the fittest.

Michael Garcia : Who else is watching this in 2018? Please lik cause nobody ever likes my like😢😢

LegitPwnz : That pig was so cute lol

Chewbacca : Gloria saves marti from crocodile

TedHatty : It's funny because I don't even think they mean it

DENVIOUS MARS : And what does the human do while animals are saving animals. Film it 🙄😐

Einstsquishy Espeleta : The pigeon was like "Wait.....did .. did you just save me??"

Nicole Coolbaugh : what i have learned from this is that hippos hate crocodiles

Tim Prather jr : Lion only saved a snack for later.....probably hoping that the cries from the calf would attract a larger meal....the mother.

Jesse : 4:19 How sad is that. It knows it's about to die and there's nothing it can do, so it just accepts it's fate and stays calm. Crying in the club right now...

galkanftw : most if not all of those were not rescues ,they were protecting their territory or meals.

soid drone slayer : You can't tell me after watching this that animals don't have compassion. They have feelings jus like humans do this is proof.

Jonathan De guzman : The rule of the wild: 1.Eat what you can eat. If you're re not hungry don't kill for fun. 2.curiosity might kill you. But sometimes that curiosity saves you or others. 3.don't trust human.

DoubleG S : The bear was on a veggie diet

Anjila Shakya : last one i dont think he was protecting that baby calf

Bill000 Jack : When the leopard left. Impala wakes up after a while and run. Me: NOT THAT WAY. GO THE OTHER WAY

Jewls Tagara : Wow so even animals have way more decency than humans today. . . .

Vixor : 3:57 Lol it didn't look like the hippo was saving the deer, he looked like he was about to beat the shit outta the deer too at the end

Woke : My gurl gloria did THAT!

BigBeerusSama Games : All i saw was 2 tigers fighting over still live food. At the last one

TheRed Fox : The last one didn't really get saved -._-.

Hugo Skucek : Why do the photographers or whomever puts these Wicked and cruel videos on here not help rescue some of the animals in great distress at the hands of other powerful animals. They are awful to watch and see the horrible pain these animals suffer.They should be banned from here. And people will say its the course of nature.So be it,et surely not to gloat over. That tiny Impala stood infront of the tiger or lion.Its heartbreaking

megami saiko : I love how the bear saved the crow's life, and simply doesn't care😂

Dyed Bliss : Hippo didn't save deer. It simply wanted it out of its territory. Hippos are super territorial.

BlackMen LoveAsian women : This why I became vegetarian!🙏

Dainty Minnie : Saving the other animal for a night SNACK😋.

Mich Ches : Well this video doesn't change my view of life I still think life's insane.

MaxiTaxi 72301 : They knew someone was recording, so they didn't wanna look bad.

Tresnokertas TV : I think that the last video of lions being fighting over the baby of horse, it was not saving. Like you won't sharing a chunky bar to your brothers, lol

Jacob Groves : Many of you said it is Deers. They not Deers as they are Impala as Antelopes. :) So you many made mistake or didn't realize. :) :) :)


Daniel Lima : 🙇🙏🙏🙏🙌😵 Boa tarde povo de Deus tenho 49 anos convive em São Paulo a 24 anos passei por duas cirurgia de hérnia uma tentativa de um câncer e chego na minha cidade retornando agora em 2016 vejo milhares de gente com a fé fraca e o Espírito fraco de fé Deus quando quer usar Deus usa cachorro gato usa qualquer coisa mas tem gente ainda que não acredita acreditando em pastores mas não acredita no deus do universo que pode fazer uma fé de cada um deles eu acredito e tudo que Deus pode fazer na vida de qualquer que for vivo na terra não importa quem seja

bryyt lol;p : hippo river protection squad to the rescue

MEXICAN GAMER : 6:01 tf my food at?

Mo,mon Sitlhou : This remind me of who saved my life from drowning in my swimming pool😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Kashaf Bhutto : SubhanAllah

Heloise Duke-Waters : This proves that all animals that kill their prey that in every one of these amazing animals has their own skills to help others!

notforsale today : The leopard was just giving it a hug...

Xendurr : On number two, that zebra won't be able to survive long in the wild unless it's captivated.

Isaac Orlich : I think only the orangutan counts as a savior. Oh! And the little pig. The rest are just territory acts, or keeping food alive.

Yaya Diallo : Formidable

Joseph Otwari : Helping is better selfishness