Amazing!! Animal Saves Another Animal | Animal Heroes 2016 HD

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KL Cassidy : I saw sharks teaching humans how to swim faster


MCrayold .L : The last clip is just a lion protecting its food lol 😂

BERSERK : *1st Bird: I'm still alive?!*

lil oof : The lion saved the dear so it will grow up to be a bigger meal some day, a worthy investment

conspiracies are just great stories : The orangutan clip gets me every time. The massive size of orangutans makes them so scary looking. But when you see a massive creature use it's brain to grab a leaf to help a baby chick so it doesn't crush the chick is shocking. Gotta love animals

matt8863 : 3:25 Hippo's don't "save" any creature...They're the crankiest and most territorial beasts on planet earth, and wanted everyone tf away from them ASAP.

2011yourlife : To the person that reads this, I ask the Lord to bless them and their family, to cure them of every sickness and pain, to fill there emptiness with love joy and peace, to forgive there sins and to save them. To rebuke the enemy from there lives. FOR WE GIVE THANKS AND GLORY TO THE LORD. IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS CHRIST AMEN!

Yashwanth : When animals save a fish from drowning. People are angry. (damm double standards)

The Walking Thrones : #1 Saving lunch not animal lol. 🦁

hope : I thought the deer was for sure dead omg

scobby doo : My vegetarian lioness

BesteKanaal1 : so the cheetah gets scared from a monkey? 😂

Manan Choudhary : It seemed some of these animals were just protecting their meals from others

ResidentEvil302cuba rican215 : The orangutans was the best 1

Danzo Shimura : 4:22 he was kiss her 6:02 Now he's single again

Purple Sunflower : Hippos pretty cool they obviously don't like violence ! or crocs !

OsKBLaZe : The number one spot goes against the title of this whole video.. that lion is preserving its dinner. It’s probably full and has a ready meal it’s protecting.. the only saving there is, is for later 😂😂😂

Revelation of LIfe : Lioness was defending her kill meal for later not protecting the deer...........typical woman.

Amanda Nardiello : I love animals like if you agree

LegitPwnz : That pig was so cute lol

Ryan Dunn : So the dear is saved from the lion by some monkeys... However the lion worked for it's meal. The only thing keeping it alive. The very way nature is 😂

Shannan Collins : I thought that impala was dead

Marie Tawfig : God is great

Meliodas Assault Mode : My favorite clip was the tiger saves the baby calf

Jonathan De guzman : The rule of the wild: 1.Eat what you can eat. If you're re not hungry don't kill for fun. 2.curiosity might kill you. But sometimes that curiosity saves you or others. 3.don't trust human.

Aamir Siddiqui : Gloria saved Marty!

The Greek Pianist : Aww why didn’t the baby calf run away at the end? 😭

Alan Cogan : I once saw a hamster save a pigeon from drowning in a lake. It inflated its cheek pouches and swam across to the pigeon and pushed it to the bank. The pigeon was so stunned it forgot to drown on the way across. The hamster then hung around until the pigeon got itself together and flew away...🤗

Lillo Lombrico : "secondo me è sadico prima lo fa gioca' e poi se lo magna" cit

Vixor : 3:57 Lol it didn't look like the hippo was saving the deer, he looked like he was about to beat the shit outta the deer too at the end

Hemant Tiwari : 4:26 OMG It's a lip lock

Storm Rider : SubhanAllah

kirat kirat : Crocodile missed a glorious opportunity. Good defending by Hyppo. But he's missing a chance too. Let's call it a draw

that shit you stepped in : The hippo was about to eat the deer

Maibigbutt : That'll do pig. That'll do.

Пётр Петров : Животные лучше многих людей !!!

Ashy : 2019??

HeadBash : In the first clip, did the bear bite the crows wing off, then knowing it couldn't get away just leave it for later?

kanchan jha : Hippo is very kind animal

theevilpig36 : I’m waiting for shark saves fish from drowning

Stefania X : "e poi se lo magna" 😂


CLOWN CRASH : The animals do not save other animals ... they simply keep the dessert for later

PaniniPomPoms : People are just watching? Instead saving? Wow animals got more brains than us.

Peterthespidy : When animals teach you lesson

All in 1 : Love the last one

Mira Vihtamäki : 😍!🤗

ady nails : The last 2 had their days numbered. Zebra wouldn't have survived with that break. The lioness had the mothering instinct, but the calf would die a slow death without milk. Sorry to be down on this but they are not saved. They'd die slow deaths.

janele mceachern : Omg the hippos saved the deer!!!