Amazing!! Animal Saves Another Animal | Animal Heroes 2016 HD

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conspiracies are just great stories : The orangutan clip gets me every time. The massive size of orangutans makes them so scary looking. But when you see a massive creature use it's brain to grab a leaf to help a baby chick so it doesn't crush the chick is shocking. Gotta love animals

xFozz Dam : That lioness saved the baby calf. So she can eat him alone and not share to others.

Peterthespidy : When animals teach you lesson

Gabi Koonings : The hippo is just so big, it doesn't really have to fear from the crocodile, but the babboons, the leopard can kill baboons pretty well, one good bite, but it's not tough, but still. They had some balls, clearly :P That is one lucky impala.

Suplex Satish : But that deer was a paid actor

hope : I thought the deer was for sure dead omg

Allen Rivera : Pig be like this is how you swim fatso!

100% Honest : That bird was like " play dead maybe he won't eat me" *Plays Dead* *10 seconds later* " So your not gone eat me bro"

AmaaN : I think the lion was just saving his dinner 😆

cr7isboss : I actually feel bad for the leopard because it’s really difficult for them to catch such big prey and the baboon just took that big chance away from the leopard to have a meal

LegitPwnz : That pig was so cute lol

Allen Rivera : That bear be like c'mon get up outta there fool

Chris : 6:02 when your crush tells you to meet her somewhere but she’s not there

mattbane4life : The last one was one competing for food not saving anything

Manav Ramful : The hippo was actually trying to eat the deer instead of saving it from the crocodile. But the deer succeeded to run away...

SupremeProductions : man, hippos are really great at defending animals from crocodiles

1000 Videos with ZERO subscribers : They're all paid actors

Fortnite Dubzz : Is it just me or did it look like the hippo was trying to kill the dear after the crocodile

Maddox Ruehl : 1: Kid saves fish from drowning

P Lemon : "Protected" and "saved" sure did get thrown around a lot in this video.. You mean "saved" as in, it "saved it for later"...

Vixor : 3:57 Lol it didn't look like the hippo was saving the deer, he looked like he was about to beat the shit outta the deer too at the end

YouTube YouTube : 8:28 the other lion's reaction like "Wtf wrong with this dude!"

Khalil Henderson : 7:13 that moment when the zebra returns to the hood and confronts his "homies" who said they'd ride or die. 😅

Loren : Gloria saving Marty lmao

Dave Yanacad : I doubt the lioness protected the baby calf

megami saiko : I love how the bear saved the crow's life, and simply doesn't care😂

multiannette12 : Most of these animals does not save the nother animal - there protect their territory or likely - except for the pig that really help the goat.

ABISHEK VARUN : Animals became humans, human became animal

moh abu : The nathan for you clip 😂😂

JustGabThings : That ain't no hippo. That's a tank.

Danzo Shimura : 4:22 he was kiss her 6:02 Now he's single again

crimp creep : When the Dems and Repubs Agree on something....

French : That calf was not saved

Ashish Gautam : When someone called you pig and you found this video 🤗😊😂

Clash Smchitcle : Lmao lions eat bison, it was protecting its food you idiot

Jonathan De guzman : The rule of the wild: 1.Eat what you can eat. If you're re not hungry don't kill for fun. 2.curiosity might kill you. But sometimes that curiosity saves you or others. 3.don't trust human.

skoborochichi : Hippos are like Mamas to the Crocs Hippos: did I teach you that?!

HaKi - Game Dan Animasi : Animal Help Animal Animal Help Us We Hurt Animal We Destroyed Their Habitat When Can We Learn This Things From Them...

Tony Watts : That female lion is enormous to that little fawn. What happened to the bird? Did it have oil on it? Did it ever turn over? Did someone help it? Thank God for that bear. Those baboons remind me of the lion king. With rafiki taunting simba after mufasas death asanti sana squash banana. Thank God for hippos. They be saving alot of animals. Poor zebra it sounds cruel but it was better off dying now it is just dead weight.

Adolf Hitler : 4:18 virgins trying to kiss be like

Akanksh shetty : Hippos are like those good bullies in school,who bully the bad bullies😂😂😂...!!!

Sanjay Jay : The animals are teaching for us

Euphoria Malia : 8:00 He protec, He attac, But most importantly, He save da baby calf.

Sanjay Jay : Who all are save animals we or themselves

Raheeema Quaderi : Such a great video

bryyt lol;p : hippo river protection squad to the rescue

Alan Cogan : I once saw a hamster save a pigeon from drowning in a lake. It inflated its cheek pouches and swam across to the pigeon and pushed it to the bank. The pigeon was so stunned it forgot to drown on the way across. The hamster then hung around until the pigeon got itself together and flew away...🤗

nature lover : Animals are love ❤️

Bg Ganteng : Orangutan from Indonesia

Bertrand_Sushibar_Russell : Amezing! Idioti whiti mutanti savi anotheri idioti whiti mutanti