How to make Game of Thrones Dragon Heels Tutorial Ice Fire Elusive Rabbit Custom Shoes DIY Craft

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Thank you for watching! The items I used in the video are here: United Kingdom: United States: *Affiliate* This tutorial is designed for you to stop and pause the video if you need to. As it is a full text guide it'll give you the ability to go through each step at your own pace. If you liked what you saw then follow me and subscribe and hit the notification bell for more streams and tutorials! I make my own prism icicle spikes but subscribe and hit the bell for notifications as Ill be making a tutorial on how to make the spikes from scratch! if you dont want to make them they are available here: MAIN & LIVE STREAMS: Other: If you have an questions leave a comment and ill see you in the next video! #dragonheels #gameofthrones #DIYshoes


Paul H : Hi you are very talented fantastic work :)

NoDragonsPlz : Now we need storm dragons :)

Kayleigh Christensen : Wow these are something else!!! Xx