Drew Durnil and Alex the Rambler Karaoke Full Length

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Alex The Rambler! : *I figured id make this public so everyone could enjoy the full cringe, enjoy!*

Aldrahill : I feel privileged and honoured to have my crappily shot video on the channel.

AwesomeMangoes : There is a mod for this

Ken Kotivuori : Oh no..

JaviEspartano : New HOI4 DLC

Hîrțan Adrian : At 250k karaoke with ISP and his waifu pillow.

Enrico Peci : When you expect drew to be the crazier as he’s usually the one but then you realize drunk Alex is wayyy more fun

Jerome Yu : new gaming sound track for HOI 4

Tryggvi Best : Never knew of a better alternative for porn.

SevenDeadlySquids : Doctor: You only have six minutes and twenty eight seconds to live. *Watches this video twice*

TacticalBurger0 : I like how rimmy just jumps out

Garrett Baum : At 250k do a full church choir with isp, bo, fisk, and rimmy

Dylan Laugharne : What HOI mod is this?

Ønex : Whats this anime called?

Normak roSLECSPAs : Someone make this replace the main menu music

Marc1234fem : So much for "What happens when you're drunk, stays when you're drunk."

go home : put it on spotify pls

Lanester_central : I love thw new HOI4 soundtrack for the latest dlc

Alexvvv SSR : I download the video, if you delete it.

icaricc : #Drewbler

Cammy 101 : Paint brush Alex best anime couple of 2018

matej gregor : still better than justin biber

riyvk : we need a that hoi4 mod right now

Nick Draws stuff I guess // NDSIG : This cured my depression

Van Pelt : I came 20 times while watching this

PeterButchens : 1:41 was that you Rimmy?

Raff Ffar : Omg, ... no words to describe ...

Michał Multarzyński : Is this way they sing in haven?

DestinyFucker9000 : Youtube sends notification 4 days later ffs....

anti brony master race : This was uploaded 12 hours ago but the comments are 5 days old...

Dale L24 : There's a HOI4 mod for this.

Fruity Recruity : *I'M CALLING ISP*

Logan Walsh : Ultra nut

I I M U S P : Oh shit... what evil is this???

Bloody Boy : Nothing can break the strength of this love and Passion. Greatest Love Story

Jimmy Johnson : Pure Eargasm

ATH3GR8 : make this a youtube red series

David Rife : This is someone’s fan fiction made into reality

Raccoon 205 : Everyone needs to get in here and like now

Josh : 3:03 somehow rimmy manages to be the cringiest part of the video

Jeff : Best bromance ever

Dovla : ahhhhhh the cringn't

Raccoon 205 : I love it

Linton Halen : Everyone loves this

Leonardo Oliveira França : 3:07

Furax94 : Are you considering moving in together?

SteamedBunGaming : Alex obviously drank so much more...

Stevio Gaming : Pure talent, thats it. The best singers ever

AG-Discord : Despacito 2 confirmed

CoolConGaming : I SHIP IT