WHAT ARE THOUGHTS/THOTS? (Mental Break Down Explained)

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lechatnocturne : It's good to have money

Ola Hilleren : fronk love thots. is fronk really a thot himself?

DronZizzle : i wonder how long between meeting these girls and getting them to partake in his weird shit is he finally addressed the harem arc


Pablo Escoba : The broscience of the mind. Mr Frank Yang

projectpowers : You was the thot all along.

Rob Weissman : I feel like I just watched someone else's dream.

JackTheDaniels : Okay Frank we get it...you're doing VR P*rn now

TheModernMonkey : This makes me miss Vivian

CanYouFindTheWay : You are truly a fascinating specimen Frank Yang

Red Stone : what

chudd : I am now enlightened

vizard dota : i like this video. I also want to unsee it

MrNorth : Best editing skills from the multiverse.

Myrdred Deceiver : 8:44 checkmate flatearthers

Justin Milner : Frank's videos always provoke some emotion in me, but I don't understand the meaning or moral of any of them

Ben with an N : “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. ...We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. ...In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons...who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.” ― Edward Bernays, Propaganda

The Clearly Superior Specimen : Love Franks work. Its funny to see everyones different "thots" on his messages. Personally I think he has no messages. He just dumps as much raw stimulation in as he can, ranging from violent, jerking, and turbulent... all the way to sexy, aesthetic, soothing, and everything in between, just to ram your fucking neurons as hard as he can and then he just lets the chips fall where they may and the viewer can decide what they make of it.

izzi122 : well tempered clavier can even make a jeff seid video look enlightened

NabilBreda : There is a thin line between madness and genius

RiverSLV : Very autistic, I love it

H!DDEN!NTHERA!N/雨の中に隠され : and who is the one saying that there is no one behind the thoughts ? man this is all a endless mindfuck... another thought of a thought of thoughts ? how do you even live with questioning every thought all the time ... why do you even do certain things ? how can you have goals and everything ? idk this stuff made me suicidal along time and costed alot of energy and sanity...

Dylan Q : Frank has had one to many lsd tabs.

Pink Freud : <3 thanks for another masterpiece, frank! <3

Johnny J : The Indian woman is the best frank u should not choose the blond one

Wackaroni : gona be honest i just totally hate parts like 4:31

Jürgen Braun : clickbait, this video didn't explain your mental breakdown at all :\

Pablo Escoba : She is a thot

neoda91 : im not even high but im too high for this

Brenden Renn : What does @frankyang do for a living?

KAS470 : I'm way too high for this

50er Bizeps : You need help

PolarDarkness : One question, I've always wondered, how da fuq does he have money to travel always? How does he make his money?

CH H : british accent.. but says "what in tarnation i'm holding glass boy?" LOLLL??

Brothel inc. : Thank you for the motivation and enlightenment Frank, allows me to meditate and focus when I listen to someone who is not conformed by society in a way where they are molded by the “norms” of this world. Your visuals and images and words allow me to open my mind and relate with nature how it was intended. Thank you 🙏 hope to see more from you in the future.

John McCue : Phenomena occurring...

Seaneria237 : Dude something about these videos makes me so much less stressed about shit in my life and its unexplainable on why it does this. Its like its trying to not have meaning behind it so much that in a weird way there is. Subjective to say the least I suppose?

Michael Ko : 6:38 truly creeps me out

leonard0104 : I need to watch this when I'm on a "trip" lull

Jacob Sweet : how much acid is he on???

leonard0104 : LUL LET'S GO DUDE!!!!

Jan : Have you deleted the "waking up from the roles Ive been playing" video? can't find it anywhere

H!DDEN!NTHERA!N/雨の中に隠され : Frank I know you rarely answer comments and stuff... but IDK i feel like i could take advice from you in my situation... I try to make it short... Got heart broken a year ago it traumatised me to this day... i developed some bad thoughts , i think human beings are pathetic beings and its all about survival its weird to me that i am a copy of something that lived thousands of years ago and the only goal still is to reproduce till you finally reached the point of where there will be no suffering and no death anymore.. like transhumanism etc... if thats the best thing the universe could come up with than idk... I watch all of your Vids since a long long time but i still have not found something that gives me the push out of my misery its like im liking it even tho i lost my mind and i will probably get sick if i continue to live like this... i tried to kill my self many times or well 3 times , im terrified of diseases on daily bases and stroke etc.. i maybe left my room 10 times over the last year and went oustide my depression level is on maximum , im greatly depersonalised i dont wanna live but i dont wanna kill my self , i experienced scizophrenic episodes and still do sometimes.. yea im terrified by death.. i know alot about conciousness and i read many books of other human mental cum but idk i cant get out of this bs.. cause everything seems pointless and meaningless especially i get this feeling of that this universe idk are humans the best thing it could come up with ? if so than the universe is a fucked up place.. i get this terryfing thoughts out of no where and it makes me sucidal asf i dont rly know what to do , i cant go outside i dont wanna see a doctor or go to therapie , maybe im weak but idk i kinda know that what ever i will do it will surve the purpose of life / survival to potentially reproduce thats the only thing realy that this life wants from me but I dont even wanna fuck anymore or interact with another girl my relationship fucked me up a bit to much... im defently not this edgy young guy since i do nothing but thinnking for years and I came up with alot of your preachngs by myself and stuff but everything is disturbing to me especially death.. my mind cant handle it and i probably lost some health and years already cause of my bullshit but idk man , is there anything i can do in this situation ? i feel like i have dementia or some bullshit which is possible btw with 23.. my whole body and mind went complety against me and i cant controll it since thoughts arise from no where and they weigh on me the only thing i can try is to tell my self dont let them affect you but some things just spiral me in this whole of suicide and this feeling of i dont matter which is a ego problem i know but i cant shut it off that easily since its a part of my brain , death is a terryfing thought too that is in my mind on daily bases.. music art nothing is touching me anymore i cant relax idk man maybe im already ill since its noto good to osit in a room all day and get no sunlight at all and sleep all day and shit.. but the worst feeling is that i have to experience this bullshit cause i am alive.. and i dont see a way out of it.. this thoughts will always pull me down once they arrise this whole universe will die one day .. so why should i even bother to try to create or live a good life when it ends anywys.. i dont even see how conciousness is something good if you are uffering... cause you all feel it and your conciouss about it and it seems like death is the most terryfing thing for this organism and my mind cant find a solution so its racing all the time.. oh and the brain is also a scary thing to be honest idk man.. would be nice if you could give me a answer , otherwhise i gonan end this shit sooner or later when i finally got some balls

lil adidas : I had to do a fourier transform just to understand this vid

Demosthenes Palamidas : Here i go once again..GET OVER THE FISHEYE

Internet God : *no.*

MAYHEM MIKE : Fronk yong is on a different level of consciousness

SteeM : People don't have ideas, ideas have people.

AnonymousPopper : Wtf is going on???

Vainth : this was a master piece, keep up good work fronk