Supernatural Parody 2 by The Hillywood Show®
Supernatural Parody 2 from Hillywood

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Supernatural's, Sam and Dean Winchester are back in action, like never before, in The Hillywood Show®’s SUPERNATURAL PARODY 2! Armed with weaponized Proton Packs and plenty of salt, the Winchester brothers are just a call away. Ghost problems? Demon problems? If the answer is yes, don’t wait another minute! Pick up your phone now! The brothers are on call, 24 hours, to serve all of your supernatural elimination needs! Who ya gonna call? WINCHESTERS! Strap in SPN Family and prepare yourself for The Hillywood Show®’s biggest production yet! Filled with fan favorite moments from CW’s Supernatural and a star studded line up including Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins and more, this production is a #Supernatural spectacular! View in 720p, 1080p or full 4K HD for the full #SupernaturalParody2 experience! Enjoy and God bless. DO NOT DOWNLOAD VIDEO/AUDIO AND UPLOAD IT TO ANY OTHER PLATFORM TO POST, TRANSLATE, COMPARE OR EDIT. ALL FOOTAGE IS PRODUCED AND OWNED BY THE HILLYWOOD SHOW®. _____________________ BONUS FEATURES FROM SUPERNATURAL PARODY 2 🎬 • Behind The Scenes: • Dean’s Video Diary 2: • Lyrics to Supernatural Parody 2: Coming soon _____________________ DONATE TO HELP US CREATE MORE PARODIES ❤️ _____________________ FOLLOW THE HILLYWOOD SHOW® ⭐️ Subscribe: Website: Merchandise: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Tumblr: E-mail For Business/Press Inquiries: _____________________ FOLLOW HILLY ⭐️ Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Tumblr: Vine: @HillyHindi Snapchat: HillyHindi _____________________ FOLLOW HANNAH ⭐️ Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Tumblr: _____________________ STARRING CELEBRITY GUESTS ⭐️ Jared Padalecki: Jensen Ackles: Misha Collins: Osric Chau: Adam Fergus: Adam Rose: Alex Calvert: Alaina Huffman: Billy Moran: Briana Buckmaster: Chad Lindberg: Clif Kosterman: Curtis Armstrong: Jake Abel: Jason Manns: Jim Beaver: Julian Richings: Kim Rhodes: Lauren Tom: Mark Pellegrino: Michael Borja: Richard Speight, Jr.: Rob Benedict: Ruth Connell: Samantha Ferris: Stephen Norton: Tahmoh Penikett: Tyler Johnston: _____________________ MUSIC ♫ • Official Lyrics to Supernatural Parody 2: Coming soon • Vocals performed by: Matthew Riebe • Composed and Arranged by: John Hoge - ______________________ Visual Effects Artists • Opening Titles/Visual Effects: Robert Holtby - Ghost VFX: Patti Gannon - Bullet VFX: Ben McEwan - ______________________ DO NOT DOWNLOAD VIDEO/AUDIO AND UPLOAD IT TO ANY OTHER PLATFORM TO POST, TRANSLATE, COMPARE, OR EDIT. ALL FOOTAGE IS PRODUCED AND OWNED BY THE HILLYWOOD SHOW®.


Julia Butova : Who you gonna call??! THE WHOLE GODDAMN CAST APPARENTLY HOLY FUCJ

Joanna Grace : 1st parody: *a few of the actors cameo at the end* 2nd parody: *ALL THE ACTORS MAKE AN APPEARANCE*

TheCrustyNoodle : Good morning I’m T. Rickster! Me: *cough* *cough* Trickster


Sam : Other parodies: look we’re dressed as these characters Hillywood Show: look we’re dressed as these characters AND we have the actual cast here. BEAT THAT! Seriously tho. This is amazing

Matthew Park : It’s funny that this could be a real episode from the show. It could all be from Gabriel/Trickster.

Xx Asstiel xX : *get out of hell free card* .. .. *laughs through tears*

Trinity Grant : Jensen: now lets go kick some ass Jared: trying not to laugh

Abbie Eckert : 1:27 Misha screaming “WE GOT ONEEEEEEEEE” gets me every time😂😂 no one could’ve played this better than Misha😂😂

Cult O’ Blueberries : hUuH Death is the pizza man But who’s the babysitter??

Carliyah Johnson : Only spn would do a pardoy of their own show ... These guys

CAPTAINPRICE79 : *Sam!* *Dean!* *Sam!* *Dean!* Wow, who knew you could summarize Supernatural in the span of two seconds

The Pizza Man : The part where they gave Adam a get out of jail free card was too much *I'm crying*

Johanna Thariyan : I'm T rickster- Sure you are Gabe

Lianne Ilejay : ok but Supernatural Parody 3 has to be the show in summary right? like the ending??? since it's final season next year???

Ceilidh Rose : I love that the actors actually showed up in the parody. The Supernatural cast is the best cast and nothing can change that, even if the show is ending on its 15th season

Obliviated.Soul : The fact you were able to get so many SPN cast members for this still blows my mind, I freakin LOVE it.

nines or something : im sorry but misha as janine the secretary is killing me

Kuri Hana : Why the hell do I watch this only now '?!!! You really think of everything! "T... Rickster" XD "Carry on my wayward son" Pizza delivery guy is Death when Jodie opens ^^ Even Rowena! Gosh I miss Bobby ,thank you for résurrecting him XDDD

Ashlee B : Me during the whole video every time an actual cast member showed up: "Oh my god" "OOH my god" "Oh me god" "ohhhhhhhh my good" "oh my GOD" "oh god yes" Pure gold. THIS VIDEO is pure, absolute gold.

mEgA._. uWu : ALEX IM DED 😂😂 “if it’s a steady paycheck I’ll believe anything you say”😂😂

Richard Ball : There's NO EXCUSE for what you did to the Impala! 😂😂😂😂

Red Red : Hillywood deserve a cameo in the official TV show.

Johanna Thariyan : Cas: Do you believe in Wendigo's, vengeful spirits, warding sigils, EMF meters, shapeshifters, demon possession, telekinetic fairies, werewolves, vampires, Jefferson Starships or the four horsemen of the apocalypse? Me: Since Season 1, Cas.


Marissa Elliott : ive been fangirling over this for about 10minutes then I unpause it AND SEE MY BABY JACK AND PASS OUT

MrKhaosguy : You must make make a 3rd parody for the shows final season!


Lada xRHCP : Okay but I STILL can't get over the fact that Osric plays Sam like, how funny is that😂

Brandon Wallace : I almost died of laughter when I heard “Winchester’s” 😂😂😂

cert2b : I've seen this several times. I just now noticed this. Death's Hat says "Rest in Pizza"

Violin 15 : Misha, Osric, Jim, Ruthie, Richard, Mark P., Julian, Alexander, Jesen and Jared! I love this so much!

Supercxstiel : Everytime I saw an actor I recognised I screamed

Saggitariously Real : Video:the door is beating in Me:that'd be cool if Jensen and Jared come out Video:door opens and Jared and Jensen come out and say "Hillywood" Me:well...

Jennifer Hernandez : I love how the person who plays Gabriel in Supernatural in this is named T.Rickster witch in the show he I'd the trickster

Del Cee : Excellent! Who could down thumb this? So good. "Hunting makes me feel good, uh, carry on my wayward son"!

TheShortHarlequin : As someone who started binge watching Supernatural AGAIN, this Is amazing

Christina Richardson : When you understand all the references made in the video

Jerry Martinez : While watching this I was like WOW THEY HAVE EVERYONE EXCEPT FOR DEAN AND SAM then when they came at the end I was like ok

Jonathan Nali : I respect your work, dedication, spirit, heart, hard work, determination, confidence, humor, connections, passion, enthusiasm, vision, skills, greatness,.... somebody help me add more suitable adjectives.

ellen3131 : The fact the actual cast gets involved in this just shows how awesome they all are!! Just when you think you can't love them any more, they do something like this <3

A lonly Chicken : I feel like this is something that you would actually see in the show like wow

Shyanne Thomas : They deserve to be freaking major producers. They do a phenomenal job and need a Netflix series or something bigger and better then just YouTube.

Samantha Jane : Having Richard Speight as T. Rickster is honestly one of the best possible puns to ever be made

Antonio Castillo : Misha doing his secretary voice in the beginning sounds just like the voice he did for the empty haha

Roxanne DeWinters : Rewatching for the heck-if-I-know time and enjoying Misha at any moment. Misha is perfect.

Reece Selby : I would pay good money for those proton packs 😂

Wayward Sister : Next time: Hannah and Hilly being on an actual SPN episode, they deserve it and it would be soooo awesome 😆

Richard Ball : Who the HELL would give this a thumbs down?!?!?