Boy's Epic Staredown Battle Goes Viral

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DLO BROWN : U know the sport is bad when it's more entertaining to see a kid stare at the camera then the actual game

John M : Wonderful. Now his parents have proof he'll grow up to be another Ted Bundy.

Vincent Choi : Milf

Simple Potato : i watched it!! happy youtube??

Some one : wait wait is he donal trump with his mom Lmaoooooo

MasterMan6 : spoooooooooooooooooooooooooooky

anup @@@ : Brock's son steels the show

Syed Zain-Ul-Abideen Abdus Sami Yusufi. : Why does the thumbnail remind me of TES IV: Oblivion?

jack frost : Hes mom is hot i think

IceCreamBee : When your mom forces you to watch a baseball game but you don’t want to but you still go so you try to make the fun out of it

DonorSticks : When u see your parents having sex

Yervand Minasyan : damn man, leave some pussy for us

Mohammed Farid : is that even a real human bean

Col. Angus : I'm in my forties and still don't have the sass and charm that kids got. FML

Ad Ec : They call him Sed. Short for seduction. I would've blinked a thousand times. Just playing - they don't call me the thousand yard stare guy for no reason. Creeperslivesmatter

Dommeqwep : He's like 'yeah I ain't blind unlike some people I see you spying on me'

MrSpooky Spare : When you find your perfect girl😂😂😂

Ralph Sison : If u mute the commentators, the boy looks like a future Serial killer.

golden guanyu : guys its not a staredown ,this boy is sick

Sam Abeja : You know something that i dont pal?

PJ : Is this little boy trying to seduce me?

Elite Mangudai : Some are born for memes

luke tyson13 : Such a shot sport even though it originates from Ireland and I'm Irish but still shit

Erol Bafto : This is the highlight within the past 30 years of baseball.

Heel Mad : He went on to become a Bully

Ynohta Anarillas : 0:40 when a gay man sees you


Saale dost ko thanks bolta hai : Legends say he is still staring at the camera

Lineage Revolution : not sure why but this vid is so refreshing hahahha

Cool Story Bro! : as you see baseball is fking boring man

Juhani Siitonen : Mixed bred Americanos doing what they do the best - nothing.

Vaddix 99 : This is actually pretty funny. Just a deadpan stare.

Louis Soprano : I'd give his mom the business though...

Avinash Jayakar : He is possed by fucking lesbian ghost !!!!

Losqualo Telli : the kid is more interesting than the game lol

Mr Man : this kid is savage level 1000 the legend that every body hear of but never have been seen

Akil henry : Legends says that kid is still staring at the camera

Obnoxious Anon : Funny as fck mum would get it hard too the slut

Colox : 0:01 when you boss walk in on you doing something other than working

Sylvester Chint : This kid invented the iPhone X face emoji!!!

Eddie Kaspbrak's Girl : I would totally do that

Venturas4k : He knows all your secrets.

Clarice Wankio : The mum reminds me of Stef from The Fosters.

Alf Pa : 0:01 that face when you can't get a boner when she's in bed with you

Yo Ma : He knows what you did

reality bites : baseball is so boring that they have to do bullshit with a cam during a match

Gumballshark : i like to anounce the new president of the united states

Ersen Asper : This man will be so dangerous :))

cool gamer : What is love ? Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me , come on

Md Abid : It's so funny😂😂