We're Not Aiming For The Truck (Original Video)

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UberFlippy : 9/11 wasn't an inside job because the planes hit from the outside, checkmate conspiratards


Danny C. : Today is 11 lol, i feel bad

Thomas Owens : Internet

Alternative Gamer : I actually surprised it didn't get more dislikes

Destny : Watching this on 9/11. How pleasuring.

King1303 : Dark humour is just the best type of humour

Edgy Box : Buzz: "Where not aiming for the truck!" That was the moment Woody knew HE FUCKED UP

Existential Liv : * laughs really hard for an hour * * shows friends and family * * gets an intervention the next day *

HoodieGthing : Gotta watch it every year on this special holiday

Rainbow Runner : Watching this on 9/11/2017

Zambo 564 : 9/11 jokes arent funny, they're just _plane_ insensitive! They create a _tower_ of guilt in you! They make your soul feel _jet_ black!


NIRIS : Can’t believe people would make jokes about 9/11...... It’s just plane wrong

Angus Down : How it feels to chew 5 gum

Shit Nukes : So, how's it going? (Looks at today's date, 9/11)

studboy1114 : oof

hanahimes : i should be asleep but this playlist is more important

Azeban : Tradition

SOPHIE Kainth : why are they making jokes about 9//11 it's just not funny

The Lewinator : Please god dont send me to hell for this

Snipe EC : Top 10 building demolitions gone wrong

Lol No : 9 out of 11 viewers will be offended


Ollie Perron : dark humor is like a child with cancer, it never gets old

Epic Ed : 16 years later holy shit

J Gattone : how could you guys laugh at that!! thats September 11th!! It's not a joke!! thousands of people died that day!!

Kane Rises : Me: Man, I've be depressed today Person: Why? Me: Today is my dad's birthday, he was killed in 9/11 Person: Oh Shit, That's Terrible. Me: He called me from the plane just before it hit, I'll never forget his final words. Person: What were they? If you don't mind me asking? Me: Allahu Akbar

Retard org : C'mon, this is not funny

SuperMarionetteJosh : That's just wrong

Epic Antos : Not funny

Philipp Mendler : who else stopped to see if the plane crashing was edited lol

ANGRY KHMER : Ahhh today is the day

Daniel Mex : ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Cayden Hubbard : I watched this on 9/11

Chief Jihad : 9/11 memes are the best on 9/11

CringleyCasspir : this isn't explainable It's like 23 seconds and I need an hour to recover from the fact I just shit my pants

xyz : we're not aiming for the icecream van

No Face : Happy anniversary

Coconut Head : Today is a perfect day

dreaminginnoother : oh man. that one got me good.

sMuGaming : 9/11 jokes are just plane wrong

Raihanimnations : god help me, should i laugh or cry...?

TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsMagoo : Happy 9/11 folks #NeverForget

Canaan B : We are all going to hell for laughing at this.

The Timurid Horde : what were the last pizza orders at the twin towers? two large plains

no name : 9/11 jokes are just plane wrong...

Blue 556 : the first unfunny video in this playlist

JW : g8 content m8

Snappy Dragon : Is it wrong of me to correctly predict the punchline?